You Should Use OkCupid in Latin America

P.S: Tinder also works well in Latin America. Check out my first eBook “The Tinder Template in PDF and Kindle formats. You can read more about the book here.  Depending on the foreign country you choose to visit or live, you will use different online dating sites in each location. I usually use Latin American Cupid. One online dating site may be great in one country, but you head to a neighboring country and a completely different site is needed. Online Dating Sites Vary With each new country you enter the dating marketplace will vary. Some places will be great for online dating. Other places you may not be able to even grab a number. This will vary in each location for each and every man. One man may be a hot commodity in Latin America, but struggle in Poland. While one man may have a look custom tailored to attract Asian girls, but can’t land a date in Brazil. You Won’t Know Until You Go Until you step foot in a new country and begin to date, you will not have much of a clue about the dating culture. You can read forums online and pipeline, but until you are face to face with a woman it’s all pure speculation. Pipelining and researching your destination is good, but be prepared for things to surprise you. It’s rare that anything in life goes according to plan. This is especially true if you base your plan on an online message board… When I first arrived in Latin America, I assumed a number of the girls I would meet would be through using online dating. I had set up and optimized my profiles on a few different sites including OkCupid. OkCupid in Latin America I didn’t expect OkCupid in Latin America to net many results. I had been using the site to contact girls while pipelining and was able to message all the attract girls using the site in one night, all 15 of them. I grabbed four numbers pretty quickly and continued pipelining via other sites. The other sites I was using had far more options available to me so I assumed I would far better on the other sites…

I was wrong!

OkCupid in Latin America can be a small goldmine for the budding player. See, if a girl is using OkCupid in Latin America then she is a certified “Gringo hunter” and thirsty. *For those unsure what a “Gringo hunter” is, according to Urban Dictionary it’s “A woman from Central or South America who is on the prowl for an American or European boyfriend.” While you may not find a crazy amount of women wanting to meet you using OkCupid in Latin America, the ones who do are more than interested in getting naked quickly. Quick Tips for OkCupid in Latin America Most American men and some European men who date online will already have their OkCupid profiles set up and optimized. You will not need to change much of how you operate when you head to Latin America. Here are a few tips to use on OkCupid in Latin America:

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  • State that you are living in the Country/City you are visiting even if this is a lie.
  • Put something about looking for someone to help you practice your Spanish. This helps with the Latin woman’s hamster.
  • Open girls who write their profiles in English with English.
  • Open girls who write their profiles in Spanish with Spanish.
  • If opening in Spanish, “Como estas?” tends to work well. (S/O: Robert)
  • If you are pipelining then send these girls a What’s App voice message or two. This will keep them warm until you arrive.

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