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Will there be a Second Date? Second Date Advice

second date

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Will there be a Second Date? Second Date Advice

Eager bachelors, you must know that the dating world is 90% jungle, and 10% haven. You have to be ready for a Second Date. You’ll come face-to-face with carnivores (strong, highly independent and opinionated women), horde queens (fussy and very picky with guys), scavengers (extremely nice ladies but kind of clingy and desperate), and a whole variety of personalities.

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In a plethora of dating statistics garnered by Statistic Brain, the seemingly most glaring one is the estimated time window to make a good account of yourself to a woman (roughly 1 hour). This is a big part of getting to the second date.

Really? An hour? Will that be enough for your punchlines, exciting stories, manly gestures, beaming smiles, and muscle flexes? Well, it depends on your introduction template. You need to be on the ball to ensure a second date.

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second date

After you’ve exchanged pleasantries and paid that steep bill amount on your first date, here are two questions that come into play: Will there be a second date? How far will that introduction take you?

 Don’t get me wrong: nothing’s easier than asking the gal for the second date, but you don’t want to be too straightforward right? Below are some telltale signs increasing that chance.

#1: Yes, if she shows flashes of her real self to you, a second date looks promising

We don’t always show our real selves on the first encounter. We first survey the person to assess if he/she’s worth unraveling ourselves to. The same goes for romance.

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If a woman tends to be louder than your first date, that’s a good sign for a second date. This means she’s more confident in exposing her personal experiences to you, because you’re a good confidant, or listener. Sharing deep secrets is indeed a huge bonus too.

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second date

                                                                                                         Afraid cause she’s only sharing the negatives or always in a bad mood? Maybe she’s letting go of that fake “happy woman” façade, so you’ll be informed or her short-fused tendencies.

Be the initiator of conversations. Always smile. Have that approachable vibe. These are few actions that softens a woman’s protective hide. This is a great way to ensure a second date.

#2: Yes, if the first date wasn’t short-lived, that's a good sign of a second date

Back when I was still a dating greenhorn, I’ve been into dates that lasted less than an hour. You can just imagine hope quickly vanishing from my face in those moments. Majority of them were on time-sensitive schedules, and had important things to do right after our encounter.

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But remember that a considerate woman will let you know in advance if she has things to do after. Just be nice and go with it. This is the best way to lead to a second date

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If you feel that the first date is in grave danger of ending early because of those awkward long pauses, invite her to a coffee shop few blocks away or other nearby spots. This’ll buy you time to replenish your witty and exciting conversation ideas on the walk, while saving the date from its premature end. This will build the opportunity for the second date

second date

                                                                                                            An ideal first date is long and extensive. It allows you and the gal to establish that ‘good feel,’ which can make her decide to go with you on the next one.

 Be lively as much as possible, and always devise ways to extend it.

Also, if the girl still texts you about how she’s still laughing at your joke, or how good the food really was, you know you made a lasting impression. Boring and extremely short dates are seldom remembered. This is a great time to ask for the second date.

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#3: Yes, if you felt a connection, ask for the second date

Did you immediately feel that sense of association when you first said your hellos? Were you able to look eye-to-eye genuinely? Was she helping the conversation thrive and flourish, or did you have to do all the heavy lifting? Did she display interest in making the date longer? Did she do things to make you feel less anxious? These are good signs for a second date.

If all’s in the affirmative, having a second date is almost a no-brainer. However, if she seemed disengage for the most parts, as if that 2-hour dinner was a complete drag for her, then your chances goes from very slim to none.

You really have to pick it up on chatting and calling her, if you hope to see her again.

#4: An absolute yes, if she strongly second date

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You know you hit the lottery when you drove her home and she said, “See you again!” Or if she replies with this elating message: “That was fun, I had a good time.”

Not all women are this direct though. Be strong and go for the second date.

#5: No, if her heart wasn’t on the first date, low chance for a second date

If all she did was browse through her phone while you’re talking, how’d you expect she won’t do it on the next one? If there’s indeed a next one

You don’t need rocket science to know if a woman’s not spiritually and mentally into your first date. It’s even an act of mocking your efforts – a clear sign to raise the white flag.

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#6: No, if her body language made a second date unfeasible

Did she laugh or smile at least once in your date? Did she lean in when you spoke? Of course, a lot of it has to do with the preference and attitude of the girl you went out with. These all can be strong signals for a second date.

But if she didn’t put the littlest of effort to look nice, smell good, or take out that thing in her teeth, then she’s just really not into it.

As a wrap-up, the above mentioned signs are termed so for a reason. It’s because they only suggest the probability of something happening – not an absolute event happening. Things may not have gone well on your first date, but it maybe that she’s wanting you to put more effort or know you deeper. There could still be a chance for a second date.

At the end of the day, it’s your resolve and confidence with yourself that will really make a huge difference.

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