Why Online Dating Sucks

She came straight to my apartment. I walked downstairs to find her making small talk with my doorman. I should have turned around then. One glimpse was all I needed. Sometimes online dating sucks. The cocked camera angles and sly stomach vacuums had done her good.

Well, more than good. Online she looked solid. I was thrilled she was coming straight over. Cute face, well-placed features, and seemingly – thin. In person, she was not exactly cute, all of her so-called features seemed out of place, and thin was not exactly a word I’d used to describe her.

Snip20160212_5Wasn’t even close to this bad…

I begrudgingly continued my stroll to meet her. Pleasantries were made, and I thanked the doorman for keeping her company before we walked upstairs. Luckily, she knew her place. We had drunk a half glass of wine on my bed before I found myself passing the boner test with flying colors.

Clothes flew off, and twenty minutes later they went right back on. I walked her back downstairs. It wasn’t thirty minutes I wish I could have back, but it wasn’t my best moment, either. She was glowing as I walked her out. Self-loathing filled my mind.

Why Online Dating Sucks

Personally, I found online dating to be incredibly useful. You meet a ton of chicks. Some are hot. Some are not. You have a connection with a few of them. Others suck the soul right out of you. Sex happens on occasion. Other times you want to get away from her before the date even actually begins. That’s just how the online dating game goes. You have to churn a lot of numbers and dates.

not a secret internet fattySome guys never get to that point and immediately dismiss online dating. I’m sure online dating sucks if you’re only meeting “5’s” using Plenty of Fish in Butt Fuck Egypt or the middle of America. There are other men who live in fantastic cities that feature great nightlife. Think New York City or LA. These men have been picking up hot chicks in bars for years, and then lament they cannot get the same quality they find at night. Of course not. You didn’t put in the effort to learn how to like you did approaching chicks at bars.

With that said – I wouldn’t be doing much online dating if I had cash and access to NYC level nightlife all the time, either. I wouldn’t want to spend time swiping on Tinder all day when I could be party 3-4 nights a week with cuties looking to get hook up. So I get why these guys say online dating sucks. For most guys, online dating sucks because they suck at it. I’m not trying to be a hater. Just stating an opinion.

For most guys, online dating isn’t fun because they suck at it. I’m not attempting to be a hater. Just stating an opinion. There are a few other reasons:


Online dating sucks if you use it as the only way to meet girls. If you can’t meet girls at the bar, club, or coffee shop – then you’re just masking your social inadequacies with an app or site. Online dating shouldn’t be a crutch. It should be a supplement to the other ways you meet chicks.

Fat Chicks

Just because she’s big doesn’t mean she’s stupid. Fat girls know more about working that camera angle for a selfie than giving over-hyped blowjobs. And that’s saying something. Some fat girl should start a business. Free advice for heffers here. Start a business teaching other, healthy looking individuals how to take better selfies and online dating photos. She’d make so much money that she could eat as many smoother chimichangas as her heart (and potentially clogged arteries) desired. But yeah. You’ll find online dating sites filled with “cute” chicks that are actually fat.

Not Fun

Going out on the town with your friends. Getting wasted. Meeting girls. Having sex with said girls in drunken euphoria. Most find that more enjoyable than continually spamming online dating sites and setting up date after date. And I’d have to agree. Online dating is more of a process than anything else. You spam. You message. You get numbers. You spam the numbers to get dates. It can get exhausting, and it’s not all that fun until you actually meet the chick.

Crazy Chicks

sexy redheadOnce upon a time, the common school of thought was all chicks using online dating were batshit crazy. I could seem how some guys would draw such conclusions. However, times have been a changing. You’ll find normal chicks online now, especially on sites like Tinder or Match.com. Sure, you can still find the dregs of society online, but you have a better shot of meeting normal girls in the modern era. Crazy chicks isn’t a reason online dating sucks now.

Time Consuming

Not only is online dating a bit boring, but it takes time. Swiping. Spamming. Messaging. Numbers. Texting. Dates. More dates. Online dating isn’t efficient until you get good at it. You be spending more time online than you ever imagined until you figure “it” out.

No Success

The main issue is most guys never actually figure “it” out when it comes to online dating. A guy new to the game will spend a month or three attempting to meet chicks online. Then he’ll say that online dating blows and he’ll never touch another site or app again. And I get it. Online dating would blow if you spent hours upon hours setting up a profile, sending emails to girls, and then you continually get ignored.

The Good News About Online Dating

Sometimes online dating sucks – but it doesn’t have to. Once you develop an online dating system that works for you – you’ll save time and money on dating. You’ll get more dates than you’d ever imagined. You’ll have a stable full of girls willing to come over at your beckon call for a little sexy time. Then you’ll still have a chance to head out on the weekends and party with the fellas. You still have time to creep around during the day and chat a few chicks at the coffee shop. You won’t have any need to spend hours on hours messaging girls because you figured “it” out when it comes to online dating.

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