What To Do When The Thrill Is Gone?

For the first time in my adult life, I’ve suffered from a bit of dopamine burnout. My energy levels have been drained. I find little pleasure in activities that used to bring me great joy. The masculine energy that has driven me to enjoy life seems to be running on empty.

Spamming girls on Tinder annoys me these days. Flirting with girls no longer excites me. My penis doesn’t move when a “booty” text arrives 1:30 am on a Friday night. Hell, even a nude photo from a beautiful girl I once enjoyed the company of brought along no emotion or penal movement.

It’s been weird…

Just a week ago I was relentlessly pursuing women like it was a job. Gym in morning. Work during the day. Spamming women online before I went out at night on a date or to the club. I was enjoying life. Then my energy crashed and my morning wood floundered. I didn’t feel like doing anything, much less pursuing pointless interactions with women – women with whom I simply wanted to penetrate for hedonistic pleasure.

Bound To Happen

If you live a lifestyle full of hedonistic pleasures long enough, you’re bound to run into some of the same problems I have. In essence, we are all just junkies. Everyone has his or her drug of choice. Each time you take a “hit” of your so-called drug, you up the ante. A similar dose will continue to give you a similar high, but each time you feel less pleasure from the act.

Meeting a cute chick at the bar before taking her back to your place for a quick one-night stand is fun. The first time you do so you’ll feel an incredible endorphin rush. You probably walk around the next day with an extra bit of swagger in each and every step you take. You’re head will be held high. It doesn’t matter how hot she was, as long as she was cute and passed the boner test – you’ll be feeling great.

However, after you’ve had your 30th one-night stand – the rush is nowhere near the same. Instead, you begin to question how hot the chick actually was. If she was only a cute girl, you may begin to question yourself. Why didn’t you just grab the number of the hot chick you talked with for 15 minutes? No, instead you pursued fast sex with a cute, but only marginally attractive girl. You feel slight disappointment, but only so much – as your balls are still emptied.

Junkies Need Breaks Too

The “hit” that used to get you “high” no longer fuels you and the crash is never fun. You half-heartedly fuck one of your regulars. While you finish, you derive no real pleasure in the act. You leave her place with a sense of disappointment, an emptiness led on by confusion. Orgasms used to be fun. Now I’m bored with them.

You head to the bar in hopes of lifting your spirit, energy and hopefully boner to old heights. Two half-hearted attempts to talk with cuties later and you realize mustering coherent sentences without motivation is a futile at best. Hitting on girls with low sexual intent is like jerking off using ice cubes as lotion. It doesn’t make sense, nor does it work.

You wake the next day around one in the afternoon and go to the bathroom. You stare at your penis. You look for signs of pending problems. No rash. No discharge. Just a limp and shriveled penis with little signs of life. A shoulder shrug precedes a confused look as you tuck him away and go back to bed.

What’s Wrong With Me?

At first, I thought I might be depressed. I wasn’t sad. I wasn’t down. I just had no energy or vibe. I considered my testosterone levels could have dropped significantly. However, my body had no signs of change. I still was at the same body fat. My desire to workout had not changed. I was still hitting the gym with vigor. I was still getting results. The problem was not my body or health – the problem was my mind.

I was suffering from a slight case of dopamine burnout due to the overworking of my sexual organ and connecting receptors in my brains. My mind simply had no interest in sexual encounters with women due to receiving such little endorphins boosts after each act of coitus. I found myself preferring to stay in and watch Netflix over all else. Something had to be done and fast. The lack of energy and intent was being to depress me.

How To Effectively Manage Dopamine Burnout

If you run into a similar situation and think you may be suffering from a bit of dopamine burnout, I have a few quick suggestions for you.

Take A Break: Give yourself a minimum week or two break to allow your mind and body to recover. Dopamine burnout is not something to mess with. Completely remove yourself from the situation causing your burnout and lethargy. Focus on relaxation and find other hobbies to enjoy, preferably ones you have rejected for awhile.

Sleep More: Rest your body and mind as much as possible. Don’t feel guilty allowing your mind a few extra hours of sleep on the weekends. However, there is a fine line with extra sleep. Don’t allow yourself to get into the habit of being a bum all day, every day. Once you do get out of bed, you still need to find ways to be productive with your time.

Fish Oil: I’m not going to get into the science of why fish oil is great for nearly every aspect of your being. However, I will tell you that I notice a difference in my mood and attitude when I take 2-4 of these every day.

Avoid Stimulants: Avoid caffeine, alcohol, drugs – any type of stimulant. You want your brain and body to have a chance to adapt and re-wire without outside help.

Continue Exercising: Lastly, you must continue to exercise unless your dopamine burnout was a result of too much working out. Exercise is incredible for the brain and body. You’ll be able to lift your spirits at least a little bit by getting a good workout in 3-5 times a week, as you recover from your dopamine burnout.

If you’ve suffered from dopamine burnout or something similar in the past – sound off in the comments on what you did to start feeling like yourself again. 

3 Replies to “What To Do When The Thrill Is Gone?”

  1. Great point about spending time in nature to re-charge.

    While I’ve haven’t visited many national parks, my favorite way to enjoy nature is in the ocean. Certainly not relaxing at times (waves), but still I find swimming and surfing quite therapeutic.

  2. Great post. When you run multiple women every week for a few months, it does get overwhelming. Can feel robotic, almost like a second job (once the thrill wears off).

    Hard to find a lot of people who are actually able to achieve this type of burnout, so this was a refreshing. read

    1. The point about being a player becoming almost a second job is so true. I’ve found when you’re trying to get 2-3 new women every week for 2-3 month – that’s when burnout starts to occur.

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