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Dating in Vietnam – All that You Need to Know about Vietnam Girls

 Vietnam is a dating paradise, check this vietnam cupid review. You may have heard about the gorgeous Vietnam Girls and potential dating heaven that is Vietnam. However, check this it, is often called as a battleground at the same time. How so? If you are into meeting gorgeous Vietnamese ladies, you will soon find out that winning the heart of one is not as easy as you may think. However, with the right knowledge and some proper moves, you might be able to invite a gorgeous girl from Vietnam on a date. Here’s a great way to get started early, possibly before you buy your plane ticket, the Vietnam cupid dating site.  

Getting to Know these Vietnam Girls, Vietnamese dating etiquette is very important.

  If you have already set foot in Vietnam, then you only need to explore outside and be at the right places in order to have great chances of meeting lovely Vietnam Girls of the land. You have the option to login online and take advantage of some cool dating sites where you can meet Vietnamese women, **Vietnam Cupid is great** and start from there, or just go out and randomly meet them. One thing that you need to know about Vietnam Girls that you meet in the most popular places is about 99% regular girls, while 1% are hookers. You’ll know right away which one is which right from the very moment you interact with them.

Whats Dating Like for a White Girl or Guy inHanoi

   Another thing that you need to know is that there is a difference among Vietnam Girls, depending on which region they are from. For example, there is a difference between Hanoi and Saigon girls. We have a couple of resources that can help greatly, “The Tinder Template” and “Traveling with Tinder”  both will help put you at ease and make your dating experience more productive. Even though girls from Saigon will give you that exotic feel, you may have to spend a lot of time wooing them and going on dates before you can actually capture their hearts, or even getting them to agree. On the other hand, Vietnam Girls in Hanoi strive for that model-ish, perfect look. As such, they generally speak more and better English and are less conservative. While they may be more open to engaging in conversations and relationships with Western men, the core values are generally the same.



Top 3 Best Hookup Dating Apps in Vietnam 


  I was happy to see that here at MasculineProfiles.com, we recommend the top 3 dating apps in Vietnam, We have a link below to Vietnam Cupid, we have 2 books on tinder, “The Tinder Template” and “Traveling with Tinder” , and we also do private Tinder Consulting. Check them all out.  

Where to Meet Lovely Vietnam Girls ? 


  Picking up girls from the streets is quite difficult in Vietnam compared to other neighboring countries. Vietnam Girls are conservative and shy, but they are generally friendly. One of the tested ways in meeting those lovely girls is frequenting at coffee shops and restaurants. You can specifically target young Vietnam Girls working there. You can start with a simple chat until you establish comfort and friendship. Once you have gained their trust, you can start attempting to invite her out for a lunch or coffee. I like Vietnam Cupid as the ice is broken already and you can set up dates with Beautiful Vietnamese girls.   You can also note that if a girl parties late at night in clubs, she’s more of the liberated type. As such, you can do a typical approach, chat with her, and if you notice that she is aggressive, then you might be dealing with an outright hooker. Good girls may be friendly, but they don’t go all slutty, especially in public. At the same time, these ‘good’ girls usually will not go home right after chatting just for a few minutes.



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Vietnam Dating – What You Need to Know about Vietnam Girls

  At this point, you may already have a list of dates, some phone numbers, and other details about girls. However, before actually meeting them, it is important to ensure that you check in at a guest-friendly hotel. This is very important because most hotels in Vietnam will not allow you to bring a girl in your room, especially if they are younger. Keep in mind that prostitution is heavily frowned upon in ‘Vietnam. In fact, some hotels are very strict with their no tolerance policy. If you really plan on bringing girls in and getting laid, make sure that this part of the plan is taken care of.   Once this is laid out accordingly, the next thing that you would need to do is to plan your dates out well. That’s why using VietnamCupid to set things up saves time and can help you greatly. Most men go out at nighttime for a few drinks because this offers better chances of ending in bed. However, most Vietnamese girls would suggest meeting at daytime, especially for your first date. It may be annoying for you, but well, that’s just how it goes! This can be annoying but also help you thin out the ones you’re not interested in. In some occasions meeting the right one can lead to a nooner, if you play your hand right.   Now that you have your date, spend it by establishing comfort and being friendly. Take the time to learn about each other, share some stories, and ask her a lot of questions that women like, even how boring they may be to you. It is very important to be careful not to go and proceed into the seduction phase right on the first date unless you feel it strongly that she wants you to.  Relax a bit, and make her feel comfortable around with you.   After creating that connection, you can now invite her for drinks or dinner. Good girls also love drinking and partying, though you might have to expect that some do not drink alcohol at all. As such, you need to be very alert as they browse through their options, and make your recommendation, such as offering a fruity mango shake instead, while you indulge in Saigon beers. You alone can tell if the second date will push you to the seduction mode. To help you design your profile and help while in a strange area, “The Tinder Template” and “Traveling with Tinder”  will be a great help!!   Once you are already in the seduction phase, you can now start getting flirtatious with your girl, joking around about potentially having a relationship. You may even start touching more affectionately this time. Just a note, avoid grabbing her right away or kissing her in public. When you do so, you might end up losing her right then and there. You may want to observe Vietnamese couples when they are in public. They usually do not hug or kiss when other people are around.   If things go well, you can then proceed and invite her to your place. You may not want to be abrupt in asking, but you can be lucid in asking, such as watching a movie inside your room. Note that these girls are not retarded, they will sense your purpose. So, just go with the flow and observe her reactions first. Make sure to get her home before midnight, since most women in Vietnam live with their parents, and they don’t usually spend the night out with other people.   Remember to be open to changes in your thought pattern. You never know when you might get the “I want to Fuck Right Now” signal. As well, you could always get the “not until I’m married” signal. It’s very important to keep an open mind and be ready to change your plans and attitude quickly. Make use of the resources we offer, they have proven to be effective.


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Great Qualities of Dating Vietnamese girls

Drinking and Smoking Sexy is very rare 

While I visited my friend in Ho Chi Minh City, I met seven hot Vietnamese girls. None of them drinks alcohol and when I asked them if they have ever smoked a cigarette, they shook their heads and looked at me like this…

Even Hot Vietnamese Women are quite Submissive

There’s one thing you need to know about the Vietnamese culture and I bet my ass that you like it. I didn’t make this up. I can like it and I know that most men like it too. By expecting a woman to be submissive does not mean you are supposed to be a chauvinistic asshole. It has everything to do with wanting a fulfilling relationship with a woman who embraces her feminine side.  

Vietnamese Women Take great Care of Their Boyfriends

I was very happy to see how happy my friend was with his girlfriend. I mean, how could he not be happy? She takes better care of him than a dozen moms. She would ask, are you thirsty? Can I bring you something? Are you hungry? She didn’t ask him if he has to take a shit. But I'm sure she would take him to the toilet and clean his ass. These women are fabulous, and they deserve to be treated as the angles they are, and you will always be happy. Don't forget, “The Tinder Template” and “Traveling with Tinder”   are great companions as you travel and date in in other countries.   I want to let you know that I got some input from Global Seducer .com    



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