Vietnamese Girls vs Thai Girls

Vietnamese girls

If you are planning to travel to Vietnam or Thailand soon in order to Vietnamese Girls or Thai Girls, you are definitely in for a crazy and exciting adventure. For one, you will be delighted to know that one thing that is common between the women in both Vietnam and 

Thailand are the real epitome of Asian stereotype, with almost similar body features and customs.

Still, like what I have observed, there are some distinct characteristics that each group has. Let us look closer into these factors and see how it can help you in your decision making.

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Socializing Attitude

While there are some prostitutes that you can see along the streets of Saigon, in general, girls from Vietnam are not really that interested in hooking up with men just for a short time fling. 

Sexy Chinese girls

This means that if they agree to go with you to your hotel or pad, they are actually looking at a future spent with you. Vietnamese ladies are quite concerned about their personal image and reputation within their society.  They do not want to be considered as a bad girl after going around the city with a foreigner.

 This is because other Vietnamese people actually look down on girls who walk with foreigner ‘men’, even on the streets.

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Going Out on Dates:

Dates with a Thai girl would include a dinner, with some drinks, and perhaps hitting a night club. If you are lucky enough, you can get things hot at your accommodation. Then, you can do it all over again the next day with another girl. Simple as that.

Then, another meetup for dinner during the weekend. If you are skillful enough, you can get her to enter your room and watch a movie. This means that most of the features in dating are quite similar with Vietnamese Girls and Thai Girls. However, your skill and patience will be tested with Vietnamese girls. They will not going to give in easily. This is particularly true if they sense that you are just a tourist. You may even have to expect getting asked a lot of questions, including how long you will stay, what your job is, and the reason why you would want to live in Vietnam. This is just a drill in order to get the idea of your nature and purpose of staying in the country. This will also assure them that you are not just passing around.

However, it is different if you want to date Vietnamese Girls. The dates would typically include dinner and coffee. Afterwards, the girls are expected to get home at 9 pm. If you are interested in the girl, you can arrange for another date for lunch the following day. 

Vietnamese girls

Personally, I think that Thai girls are generally more open to experiencing short term relationships with foreigners, even though they may have the idea that you might be leaving the country soon. This is not the case with girls in Vietnam, because the moment you show them interest, they will be expecting some form of commitment on your part.

Language Use

Both Vietnamese girls and Thai girls are equal in this regard. Girls, in general, from both countries may be fluent in the English language, 

while others speak no English at all. You may also be tired in in asking others to translate to you, therefore, it is best to go for girls who are capable of speaking English.

It has been a personal practice, however, to know at least some basic expressions in the local language. Even though I am not really planning to get serious with any of the girls sooner, I find that knowing at least the basic phrases can help in getting a date.

Physical Features

This factor is quite subjective as everything may all boil down to personal preference. However, personally, I prefer Vietnamese girls as they are curvier compared to Thai girls. The only thing I noticed is that Thai girls tend to love having that fair, white skin. Some even go as far as going through some enhancements in order to achieve their standard in beauty. Thailand is known for its cosmetic craze. As such, the girls in Thailand end up looking all the same.

  A lot of them have fake noses, cheekbones as well as chins. It is very common to meet girls wearing eye contacts, teeth diamonds or tattoos. Therefore, I like the natural beauty that Vietnamese ladies have.

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How to Meet Them 

Two years ago, I planned to visit South East Asia for the first time. I had no idea what to do back then. I just went, enjoyed the vacation, and met Vietnamese Girls and Thai Girls along the way. However, during my last visit this year, I have taken advantage of some online dating websites, especially those that are location based. There I met some wonderful women whom I had the chance to meet while I was there.

Dating girls while you are either in Vietnam and Thailand can also turn out to be quite tricky. It might be difficult for you to bring girls in your hotel room in Vietnam as most hotels are not guest friendly. On the other hand, the same practice is easier in Thailand. Therefore, if your main goal is to meet girls and enjoy the night away, Thailand is the better option to take.

All in all, both Vietnamese Girls and Thai Girls are really amazing. However, just like with other places, you can also meet both good girls, as well as bad girls in these countries. As such, it is really up to you to carefully familiarize the girls that you meet along the way. If you are interested in meeting girls just to have wild fun, partying and other naughty adventures, Thailand is a good place to go. However, if you are looking for a more serious kind of friendship and relationship, Vietnamese girls can also be a good choice.

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You can simply sign up with one of those location based online dating sites in order to have a glimpse as to how these women really are. This may be very helpful especially if you are planning to visit either of these countries soon. You can establish an interaction with the girls via these online dating platforms, and if you are lucky enough, meet them up the moment you arrive there.

Once I went to Hanoi, and met this cute Vietnamese girl. I didn’t know about this aspect of their culture back then. So I just calmly placed my arms around her when we were walking at the park. I didn’t expect her reaction! It was as if I was there to hurt there. She became really mad, and I had to explain to her that it is actually a form of affection. Turned out that doing so has just made her look bad in public.

This is quite different from the girls in Thailand. In fact, there are some who are quite straightforward with the things that they want. In fact, modern ladies in Thailand are now open to having relationships with Western men. It is quite normal for them to be seen with men in public places. Filipino Cupid is awesome, click the image to check it out

4 Replies to “Vietnamese Girls vs Thai Girls”

  1. The difference is due to 2 factors:
    1) Thai women are more empowered. Vietnam is an east-asian culture which share the same cultural aspects with the Chinese, Korean and the Japanese. It’s a male dominated society and that means men often impose their value on women. Viet girls tend to be judged by the society for every choice they make. Thai, however, is a traditional Southeast Asian buddhist culture. In a Theravada buddhist culture like Thailand, people are sen as responsible for their own actions (karma); and poor people are seen as ones who have to struggle due to bad karma in the past. Consequently, when poor women choose to be a prostitute or date farangs to send money home to their parents, or in order to escape poverty, it is seen by other Thais as “the karmic struggle” of the poor. Thais don’t pass judgment on other fellows as much as east asians. On the contrary, if one becomes a prostitute and later could save money to set up a small business or to send themselves to schools – i.e. to escape poverty – their actions are usually celebrated. And they will be respected by other Thais.

    2) Thai is not a racially homogenous culture. Thai are multi ethnic groups of people united by the monarchy. Thailand or Siam had to repopulate the country many times in the past (due to underpopulation and warfare). So their ethnic makeups are always changing. This is why Thailand is a non-racial society (i.e. race is not a part of their politics). This is the opposite from societies like Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Japan, Korea. These countries have one (single) dominant racial group. In these single-race societies there is a “racial shame” when women routinely date outside of their race. There will be reaction. This is why in Japan, their redlight district is off-limit for foreigners. And this is also why in Korea, there is a myth of comfort women – which is based essentially on their racial shame. They pass judgment on and ostracize women who date outside of their race. Whether it was foreign soldiers or expat farangs, their will be cock-blocking attempts to keep foreigners off their women. An article from NY times is a good read for understanding this point (link below).

  2. If you are interested in meeting girls just to have wild fun, partying and other naughty adventures, Thailand is a good place to go. However, if you are looking for a more serious kind of friendship and relationship, Vietnamese girls can also be a good choice. # shame on you .you are disgusting . I’m Thai girl and serious in relationship. Both country have bad and good girls .i hate what u writing about bad of Thailand so I hope you don’t come to our land .im not welcome .

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