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VietnamCupid Review, Asian Dating Apps (Is It Worth Trying?)


Asian Dating Apps

Again, another great article from Mark who will officially be joining the team. He’s not a pro when it comes to Vietnamese girls, but his insights from his first 4 travels are definitely helpful – ESPECIALLY if you’re relatively new to Vietnam.

Vietnam cupid has Asian dating apps where you can meet Vietnamese singles, Hot Asian Women as well as those who are looking for a relationship with a girl from Vietnam. It’s also GREAT for travelers since a lot of the girls on Vietnam Cupid tend to have above average English.

Our Comprehensive Tinder Coach  (below caption) has our 3 most popular e-books, and it includes one on one Tinder Profile creation, or re-creation, photo selection, and our team works together to get you results on Tinder. Of course many of these principles you will learn using the Comprehensive Tinder Coach will apply to any dating situation.

Asian Dating Apps

Table of Content: Is it Free? What Countries is it Good In?Does it Work?It Will Work!Best Way to Use It?Is the Site Easy to Use?Is it a Legit or a Scam?Conclusion: Is it Worth It?

While there are other dating websites that offer more choices in girls from different countries, I like the fact that Vietnam cupid is more country specific. It is literally packed with Hot Asian Women. And I have a reason for that. Asian Dating Apps have really grown and become great, just use the right one.

One thing I like about girls from Vietnam is that they have class. I have been to Vietnam more than four times already, and have met some of the girls I met in Vietnam on the site. The girl is more ‘traditional’ than some would like.

However, there are a decent amount that is definitely into the hookup culture. It just might take a couple days to find them.

Asina Dating Apps

Asian Dating Apps, which are Free?

The basic SIGN-UP to Vietnam Cupid Dating  for a membership account is free. It will give you all the basic features that you need in order to start getting matches.

However, I suggest getting the paid version. It will give you access to different features enjoyed by paying members. For example, you can send messages to premium users. These Hot Asian Women are usually the highest quality, as compared to those who also get free accounts.

Another important reason why you should decide to get the paid version is to make sure that your messages are not limited at all. With the free version, you are only limited to sending one message in every 15 minutes. This is a hassle if you are planning to contact several members.

Rather than spending several days just to contact all the girls you want to meet on the site, all you have to do is to sign up a paid account which is not really that expensive. Plus, all the features are well worth every penny spent; thus, making it a good investment. With this, you can write a generic message, copy and paste to the messages you send to multiple girls. Vietnam Cupid makes dating here SO much easier.

Asian Dating Apps

All in all, yes for the most basic features. However, I recommend getting the Gold membership since it is more than enough to start meeting some cute Vietnamese girls.

Do not get platinum as it is a waste of money. Platinum doesn’t add a lot of features – mostly just a video profile and video chat so it’s NOT worth it.

What Countries are Asian Dating Apps Good In?

Vietnam cupid is accessible in most countries. However, the website is available in different languages, making it easier for members from Vietnam, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, France, and Japan (non-English speaking countries), to access the website.

Obviously, it is really on useful if you are about to go to Vietnam (we’ll talk about the pipelining technique later) or IN Vietnam.

English is the main mode of communication among members. You might find this challenging because most girls in Vietnam find it difficult to communicate in English. Fortunately, the Hot Asian Women on cupid media tend to have better English than most Vietnamese girls you’ll find.

It’s not perfect, but usually, it is at least understandable.

Do Asian Dating Apps Work?

To date, Vietnam cupid and Asian Dating Apps already have more than 800,000 members. It works, because I have tried it myself. What I usually do is contact Hot Asian Women from this website before visiting Vietnam. I have dated girls from Thailand and the Philippines, but I observe that Vietnamese ladies are as shy in person as they are in messages.

As such, I have learned to move slower with them if I can tell they’re not easy from the beginning (some are MUCH less conservative than others).

Asian Dating Apps

One thing distinct about Vietnamese ladies is that they do not show PDA. In fact, it may even be difficult to get laid right after your first meeting. Trust and respect are very important for them.

I usually spend one or two dates with a woman before trying to get laid. That might not be ideal for a lot of people, but the ripe fruit is definitely worth the time.

Most Vietnamese girls live with their families, even in adulthood. I have tried dating this girl once, and I planned for a late night out as this would be my 3rd date with her. I was definitely trying to bring her back to my hotel.

Unfortunately, I learned later on that Vietnamese ladies usually have to go home before midnight, or else their families would look for them so that night didn’t turn out well since. Yeah, these Hot Asian Women are a lot like Cinderella and her god damn pumpkin.

With this in mind, if you are planning to date a Vietnamese lady in one of your visits to Vietnam, better start the night early so that you can have more time to have fun (and you know what I mean).

However, aside from the timing issue, everything is great with these girls. They are also interested in meeting foreign men, mostly to have a serious relationship. If you are looking for one to become a girlfriend or a wife eventually, girls from Vietnam who have Asian Dating Apps accounts in Vietnam cupid are a great choice.

It Will Work!

The easiest way in which you can meet girls from Vietnam is from Vietnam cupid. While other dating websites offer you a wide range of options from different countries, this website is more specific, based on the location of the girls. While you may still be able to see some girls from other countries posting their profiles here, you can expect, however, that most are actually from Vietnam.

Therefore, if you are attracted to Vietnamese ladies like I do, this is the best website to find a good match in Vietnam. What makes this website a good option because it can serve as a good platform to get to know a girl from Vietnam better. In general, Vietnamese ladies are very shy and awkward in public.

If you decide to meet them in person, you may not be able to find out everything about them as they may be too timid to give you the details of their lives. But with this website, you can start earning their trust first and work your way up.

Best Way to Use Asian Dating Apps?

The Pipeline Method


Most online dating is about volume. It’s a fact since it’s so hard to separate the good from the bad – even if they look like 9’s and 10’s in their pictures.

​The best way to begin for o​​​​​​​​​​​​​ur trip is to sign up for Vietnam Cupid for about 2 weeks before going. Create a profile and start browsing and liking to generate some matches.

​Within a few days, you should have accumulated a TON of matches. From there, sign up for the gold account (1 month or 3, depending on how long you’ll be there / in the area) and start talking to them – even if you’re not going to Vietnam yet.

​Start talking to them how you’ll be going in a few days and that you could use some help learning the area. Mention you LOVE clubs, night-life, and drinks.

​At this point, you should start to filter some of these women out which is fine. If they’re not fun to be with you don’t want to be with them.

Keep talking to them so that by the time you finally arrive you’ll actually have someone to pick you up to the airport and several planned dates. This way you’ll spend less time on your phone/computer finding girls and more time BEING with them and living it up in the country.​

If  You’re Already There Volume and Quick Judgement Is Key with Asian Dating Apps


I’ve mentioned a lot of Vietnamese girls are conservative, shy, and usually aren’t down on the first date. However, there are also a good amount of Hot Asian Women who ARE down. It can be hard to tell at first so I try to talk to as many as I can at the same time.

Once I can make a guess I follow these guidelines:

  • If they are shy try to go to a pretty public area during the day or early evening so that they can begin to trust you.
  • If they aren’t shy then you can be much more aggressive and offer to go to the bar for drinks.

It’ll take a few dates, but if you’re talking to several girls at a time you should be going on a couple dates a day. This helps makes things go fast so once you start taking them to bed it keeps going since you’ve been talking to so many girls at once.

As always, have a decent profile picture and make sure your profile uses some EASY word. Remember, their English isn’t that good.

Now, I’m not a PRO with Vietnamese girls like some other guys are. Asiandating.com  is another great resource, check it out hereThis is what I’ve used the last two times (the first time I didn’t know about Vietnam Cupid) and have found this works well for me.

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Asian Dating Apps Are  easy to use? YES

The feature of the website is pretty much standard, similar to other dating websites. As such, it’s pretty straightforward if you’re halfway decent with using the internet. It’s pretty easy to use since all the features are intuitive.

You can also choose the language you prefer, though English is the default language used.

The Tinder Template (below) is a priceless asset when creating your profile, worth vastly more than the cost, with a 30 day guarantee!!

Traveling With Tinder will make you feel more comfortable asking for what you want on a way that will be accepted in the area you’re in.

Asian Dating Apps

Asian Dating Apps

Asian Dating Apps, Legit or a Scam?

The website itself is legit. That’s for sure. However, just like other online dating sites, there are still some fake accounts here. However, compared to others, there are not too many of them in this area-specific website. Thus, it is not really a big deal.

Especially if you have the paid version, you can easily figure out if the other person on the other end is just playing around or is serious. A basic rule that applies to all online dating websites is that if the person you are communicating with is too good to be true, they probably are.

What I like about Vietnam cupid is that their security system stays on top of these basic issues. In fact, you can report a fake account to the admin the moment you find one.

Comparison With Other Asian Dating Apps?

Other Asian websites that compete with Vietnam Cupid is As​​​​​iandating.com. However, Vietnamcupid.com is much more popular in Vietnam. With its more than 800,000 members, you have more chances and opportunities of meeting girls, not just from Vietnam, but from other places as well who have signed up with the site.


  • Few fake accounts with Asian dating Apps
  • User-friendly website
  • Under Cupid Media- A Respected Company


  • Paid version is more expensive than others
  • Free version comes with several limitations

Conclusion: Is it Worth It?

If you are looking to communicate with Vietnamese women, Vietnam cupid is a good option for you. With this online dating site, you can expect to browse through updated profiles, unlike other websites with outdated accounts.

While there are some drawbacks in using this website, such as the price of the paid version, the advantages offsets these minor issues. Vietnam cupid is one of the fun and easy Asian Dating Apps and a geat way to meet new people in a low-pressure, low-risk, safe way. You have the option to keep the relationship flirtatious and casual by sending a message.

You may also establish a strong relationship which may eventually lead to meeting up a girl in Vietnam. A piece of advice, when signing up on this website, be truthful with your details. The benefits that you get out of it depends on what you put in. I have been successful in meeting Vietnamese girls because I consider truthfulness as part of my investment.

As long as you are wary of the potential dangers involved in these types of online setups, there is no reason for you not to try Vietnamcupid.com and enjoy an experience of a lifetime!​

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  1. Another great review Masculine! I’ve been living in Vietnam the past few months and can testify to the quality of this site. Vietnam is my favorite country in SEA right now. Vietnamese girls are more conservative in general compared to some other Asian countries, but fun can still be had!

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