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Traveling, vacation dating is one of the best uses of online dating. By pipelining correctly, you have girls ready and willing to meet you before you even arrive at your destination. It doesn’t get much better than that! Using the International Cupid Dating Site is awesome for setting up dates before you arrive.

Yet, short trips, vacation dating, can make pipelining tricky. If a girl knows you’re only in town for the weekend, she may be wary of meeting up with you. This can cause a lot of disinterest and flakiness with many girls.

The way to eliminate this is by being honest (in the US). If you are only going to be in town for a few days, make this perfectly clear. In your profile, you can mention what you are doing in the city, this can help your vacation dating. I typically put this at the top of my profile to make sure all girls see it. By doing this, you eliminate women who are looking for actual “dating” or even worse, boyfriends.

Next, you want to give yourself the best possible chance at vacation dating. My personal recipe when using online dating for short trips in the US is to use a combination of Tinder, OkCupid, and Plenty of Fish.

Here’s an article on Asia travel:

I don’t pipeline weeks in advance. For short trips within the continental United States, this is a waste of time. I start my pipelining for short trips on the night before I arrive. I tweak my profile as need be. Then I follow these steps:

  • Plenty of Fish:

I run the ‘Plenty of Fish Hack’ detailed here.Short Trips

I only work with girls who message me first after the hack is over. I let the ‘hack’ run all night and then wake up to a boatload of messages. Filter out the fuglies and then get to message back any girl who passes the boner test.

I immediately screen for slut signs and availability during my time in their city. Then I give the girls my number to screen out time wasters and girls who are not down to meet up while I’m in town. Vacation dating can be a great deal of fun, set it up right and you can do great.

This move alone should fill up the pipeline, but some areas in the US are terrible for Plenty of Fishing. I was recently in a Southern city and saw maybe 3 attractive girls on PoF for the whole city. In a town of over 500,000…

  • OkCupid:

Depending on the talent level, I play OkCupid one of two ways. I either run standard online game with similar screening as I do on PoF or I go straight to sex. If the talent is marginal, I always use sex-related openers. I send these out the night before or the morning of my arrival to the city.

I search for girls in the city that ticked the “looking for casual sex” box on their OkCupid profile. Then I message them something about sex. This opener has worked for me:

Why haven’t we had sex yet.

A majority of the women will ignore you for vacation dating, some will call you mean names, and a select few will respond neutrally or positively. Screen these girls quickly and see how available they are for the weekend.

Here’s an article on OK Cupid:

  • Tinder:tinder hook upONLY $6

Last, but not least I Tinder right when I arrive in the city. I swipe right to as many profiles as my thumb can handle in one sitting. Then I wait an hour. I look through my matches and spam out messages asking for recommendations. Tinder can be great for vacation dating.

The ones who reply and are helpful, I then see what their plans are for the evening. After that I run standard Tinder game, screening them and giving them my number after 5-6 messages. I’ve found Tinder matches eager to meet you out when you are new in their city, especially after you ask them for a bar recommendation.Tinder

You can swipe and get new matches on Tinder every day you are in the city. On PoF and OkCupid, you almost blow your load with these methods in the first round.

This article in on hooking-up on Tinder:


The key to using these methods on short trips is to screen hard and push for a same day meet- ups. You want to be crystal clear with every girl you are in town for a short time. This puts the ball in her court. If she chooses to meet up with you, it’s a ‘now or never’ type of situation. She knows this. If she agrees to meet, she wants to hook up.

This is a great, smart tips, to getting girls in Thailand, a mecca for vacation dating. The hints can be used everywhere:

One great benefit of using these online dating methods on short trips is the small amount of time you need to invest. I don’t travel strictly for women and usually have a number of things packed into my time in a city, especially if I’m only there for a weekend. Using these methods allows me to enjoy my time in the city and find a girl to spend some time with as well.

If you find yourself traveling, give these online dating for short trips methods a try. They’ve worked for me multiple times and I’m confident you’ll find success as well.

Here’a some great “quick travel items to make your vacation dating trip more enjoyable.

Travel Dating

If you want to take a quick trip for some vacation dating, whether you plan to use your passport or not, get online and set your foundation in the area where you are going. If you are going to Latin America, get on Latin American Cupid dating site and start chatting with HOT LATINAS and set up a bunch of dates. Many of them will not happen, so set up a bunch of dates, This is another area known for vacation dating.

If you have a desire for Asin sensual delight, OH, and what a delight, go to, click here, and you will be amazed at the selection of BEAUTIFUL ASIAN WOMEN. From all Asian countries, you can select your desired location and then, like before, set up MANY dates before you go. Asia is great for vacation dating, and many long-term relationships and marriages are created.

We want to stress the importance of setting your groundwork early before you leave home. You know you will not be there long, you probably are looking for short-term fun, so be upfront about it. Put it in your online profile, let the girls there know, many of them are looking for a short-term “THING” with a foreigner also. They will come to you, so be very up-front about your intentions, it will not limit your chances, it will make the meeting you do make much more productive. Vacation dating very often turns into long-term for the busy professional who meets a woman who is looking for this type of men to help bring her out of her “situation”. In this case, again, it helps to be up-front about your plans for a quick trip, therefore she knows, if she meets a guy who she is interested in, she should be on her best behavior and show him how happy she can make him if he comes back for her.

Travel Dating
Travel Dating

Vacation dating can be a thrill, I personally like to go solo, but this is totally up to the traveler. Please give us feedback on this article, and also any results that come from it.

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