Brazilian girls, Using Brazil Cupid to meet HOT Brazilian Women

What man has not fantasized of traveling to Rio De  Janeiro to hook up with  Hot Brazilian Girls? I know I have, Brazilian women have been promoted to us all our life, it seems. They names a Bikini Bottom showing the most ass after Brazil. The Brazilian Cut Bikini is a beautiful thing. 

Brazil Cupid makes meeting these Gorgeous women so easy . You can start laying groundwork before you leave your home turf. 

I am excited to do the research to write this article, as I know that it's going to include pictures of these beautiful Brazilian Girls. 

Brazilian Girls

Brazilian men might not have game, they make up for this with their ability to approach Brazilian women like they know they, when they have never met them before. 

This is something that almost all of us struggle with, shyness, basically. We know we need to get over it, but it can be paralyzing.

Brazilian boys and Brazilian Girls have grown up in a very community-oriented world, they grow up being very social, boys and girls learn this social behavior early on. Personal connection is demonstrated and very common. Local people often get together for Fiesta's. They also have the beautiful beach and the sun.

Here's a great videos on meeting Brazil Girls

Brazilian Women are Open To Sexuality

Brazilian girls exudes sexuality, again, they are born into a culture that promotes being open about their beauty. They walk, talk and just their presence demonstrates sexuality, the way they look at you, the way they let you know with their eyes can make you week in the knees, literally. Just thinking about it, it can be difficult to describe. Every man should experience this wonderful place at least once, and to meet some Brazilian Girls.

Brazilian Girls

Copacabana,the most famous beaches in Rio de Janeiro, and the World

Walking down this beach you will see people screwing on the beach all the time, it's like high school kids making out, but they are having sex!!

Brazilian girls, tell you how they feel.

  • If you approach one and she is not into you, she will be polite to you,  and tell you to move on.
  • If she is into you, she will do a great deal to help you.

If you approach  Brazilian girls in public and ask her what time it is, she likely will start having a nice conversation with you up and will keep the interaction going if she likes you. This is very different from girls in American , who will entertain your approach, may or may not help you, hoping you don’t give them a reason to push you away.

Women are actually socially awkward in America in many cases, as I can be and many men.

 When American girls are approached, they are viewing men for their bad features first, gauging him against their friends opinions, sizing up his ability as a bed partner, and thinking of tons other problems and life difficulties in their mind.

Brazilian girls appreciate a man introducing himself.

This cannot be emphasized  enough. Going out to meet Brazilian Women is called “hunting”.

Brazilian Women

The first time I went hunting I had met a local guy and he took me out. He advised that I must take a dominant role from the start. I feel I am a dominant man, but there is a different way of expressing it here.

He watched me make a couple mistakes, then he showed me how it is done in Brazil when you want to meet a Brazilian girl. He walked up to 2 girls and he got away with things that would get you arrested in America,  He aggressively held one girl with his hands all over her ass, and started kissing her, which is how they say hello in Brazil. This blew me away, in a great way.

This experience meeting Brazilian Women pushed me to step things up a bit. My new guide and I soon came across a pair of beautiful Brazilian Girls who were tanning (as if they needed it). He told them about how he liked the pattern on their towels, and after a a little chat, we sat down. I told my girl I loved her eyes.

In no time at all my buddy was rubbing his hands all over his girl. I followed suit, so I started rubbing my girl’s shoulders, and she gave me a funny look. We all know that look… and before I knew it… we were making out… and it turned into a great afternoon.

My new Brazilian buddy was showing me how it was done here, I had much to learn


Brazilians are a fabulous mix of European, African and Native South American blood, so you will come across all different types of woman in Brazil: blondes, brunettes, olive-skinned girls, black girls – everything a horny guy cold ask for.

Brazilian Women, the Rough Side

I found this video, it's a low quality film but it shows a side of Rio that exists and its good to know about these things. This might be an area you are looking for, I hope if you are reading my blog you are looking for better. Check this short video out.

Brazilian Girls want to throw an American Football!!

A couple tricks:

You're probably hitting the clubs to chase girls, and that's great, but we want to let you in on a secret, meet them on the beach, don't be shy. 

The beach.

The easiest place to meet Brazilian women than the beach. The local men are far less forward on the beach and the women are far more accepting to meeting new people. And the easiest way to do it?

Bring an American Football.

Most Brazilian Girls have never thrown an American Football, and they’ll be happy for the chance. Did you just get to play football and meet gorgeous Brazilian women in bikinis? Yes, yes you did. 

A little warning:

Flakiness is Very Common for Brazilian Women

In the old USA, when you see an old friend from high school and you  agree that you need to “get together” you both  understand that meeting will not  take place. No one is surprised when it doesn’t. No hard feelings.

This is the the way it is in Brazil, even when you make schedule a date and time. Nothing is planned for sure. The problem comes when foolish Americans (lol, guys like me)  make plans to “meet at 8pm Wednesday,” Brazilian girls hear “there might be a party on Wednesday.” The Brazilian agrees and then doesn’t show. The American guy gets bent because they got flaked on.

No one is at faultor wrong, the cultures are just different cultural standards for what “plans” mean. Since you’re visiting, you’re going to have to adapt. Plans are loose. Plan accordingly.

Heavy terms of endearment is common

When she called me “meu amor” (my love) I was shocked,  i liked that she was falling fue me already,  but that wasn't the case. This is like calling a date "honey". We’d met three days before and been on exactly 1 date. In the USA, that kind of behavior means its time to run for the hills. It's much less serious here.

She didn't want to marry me. In fact, we stopped seeing each other only a week later. Because those terms of endearment don’t have the same connotation that they do in the USA. When a woman calls you “mi vida” (my life) after one date, she means “I like you,” not, “you are literally the love of my life.”

Direct translation doesn’t work for Brazilian terms of endearment. They are still sweet, but much less serious than their English counterparts.

Brazil is fabulous,  Brazilian girls are all that they are cracked up to be.  We found that Brazil Cupid is the best way to lay groundwork before you get there. Then when you do get there,  Brazil Cupid will have you swimming in beautiful Brazilian women. 

One thing that's great about the Brazil Cupid app is that it will translate for you. You should try to learn a little,  at least enough to show her you're trying. But it's nice rust 8 the Brazil Cupid app does it for you so you don't have to jump back and forth to the translator app. 

Let us know if you go,  maybe we can write an article toughie with your experiences.

Thanks,  Chris,  MP

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