11 Potentially Underrated Latin American Cities

Part of living a life of travel is going where other men rarely venture. Sure, most travelers check out Latin American cities like:

If I had to guess, these Latin American cities receive more male travelers than any others. And many of these places are great spots. However, after you taste the sweet berries, you always look for more sugar. As humans, we are conditioned to look for the next high – the new adventure. The thicker thighs, the bigger booty, the slimmer waist, and…you get the picture.

P.S.: A word of warning – these are underrated spots. You’ll need to be able to flirt in Spanish and be competent using Latin American Cupid and Tinder to get the most out of many of these Latin American cities.

11 Potentially Underrated Latin American Cities

With the goals of adventure, lust, and lifestyle in mind, here are eleven Latin American cities that *COULD be criminally underrated:

  • Asuncion, Paraguay

No one goes to Paraguay. The visa fee, the insane flight prices, and the lack of tourism means you won’t see many gringos roaming the streets of Asuncion. While this is purely speculation, my Brazilian friend (aka source) has said Asuncion is the promise land when it comes to cheap living and hot chicks looking to meet a gringo. A gringo just like you 😉 This is one of the Latin American cities you should visit.

  • Guayaquil, Ecuador

Ecuador has a few hideous women. It’s certainly no Colombia. However, there are always a few cuties in large Latin American cities. And many have said the hottest women in Ecuador come from the coast – where Guayaquil is. A quick peak on Latin American Cupid reveals a solid amount of cute chicks in the 18-35 year old range in this city. An Airbnb rental near the Malecon area would ensure your nights alone are minimal here.

  • Panama City, Panama one of the great Latin American cities

I haven’t minced words when describing how much I enjoy Panama City, Panama. The city is one of the safest in Latin America and has amenities similar to any western city. The issue with PTY is the cost. For what you pay in Panama, you could hop one country over to Colombia and rent a penthouse suite with a rooftop pool. Still, the additional influx of Venezuelans (non-prostitutes) makes this city a solid choice for the gringo looking to live and make a little love in Latin America.

  • Joao Pessoa, Brazil

Gringos in Northern Brazil are often branded as “sex tourist” before they even open their mouths (so I’ve been told). Cities like Fortaleza and Salvador have been “ruined” by horny Italians for some time now. Joao Pessoa somehow got spared from the influx of horny foreigners. You’ll need Portuguese and some time here, but the girls are cute (check out the few cuties on Brazilian Cupid if you don’t believe me) and the beach here is world class, one of the best of the Latin American cities. So you won’t get bored.

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico thick puerto rican mami

Let’s be frank: Puerto Rican girls can smell weakness from a man miles away. The women can be brash and strong-willed. However, if you like white-ish Latinas with only the thickest of thighs, San Juan could be your playground. The beach doesn’t hurt, either. Rumor has it black guys do better here, but gringos can still do well with a little swagger. Spanish is still needed here and online game isn’t great.

  • Santa Cruz, Bolivia one of the most Unique of the Latin American cities

The largest city in Bolivia and potentially the only one with attractive women – Santa Cruz doesn’t see too many gringo travelers. This is your advantage. Checking Latin American Cupid and Tinder, you’ll find some cuties mixed in with the fuglies. While I wouldn’t specifically visit this city, it would be a solid stopping point in Bolivia instead of La Paz.

  • Arequipa, Peru

The second largest city in Peru, many have preferred their time in Arequipa to Lima. The city features a stunning mountainous landscape and great eco-tourism opportunities. They’ll be more gringos here than a lot of other Latin American cities on the list, but many of them will be hostel guys solely there to visit Machu Pichu. You’re bound to find some hotties using online dating sites here, as many claim the hottest girls in Peru live in this city.

  • Pereira, Colombia

When a Colombian guy asks you about Colombian girls, he’ll await your response. Then he’ll immediately tell you to head to Pereira. When the local men in Colombian want to hook up, they head here. The women are friendly, fun, and up for anything. While you won’t want to visit this to be on your first trip to one of the Latin American cities in Colombia, it’s worth a shot when spending more time in the country. Check out Colombian Cupid and see what I mean. Plus, you’ll find the national park outside the city stunning and worth a visit.

  • Maracaibo, Venezuela, Worth mentioning but one of the Latin American cities to stay away from now

I would not recommend visiting Venezuela right now. Just don’t. In the future, it will be paradise filled with underrated Latin American cities and a lot of cuties. Maracaibo will be one of these. The city is large and filled with really sexy girls. Plus, it’s near a lake and many beaches.

  • Kingston, Jamaica

Jamaica was never on my list until a friend tipped me off. I got on Caribbean Cupid and found nearly 1,000 girls active every week in the Kingston area. That’s near Dominican Republic levels of girls using online dating. Plus, Kingston has the Blue Mountains and beaches nearby. A great city for black guys, but one where gringos will certainly find a niche, too. This is in of the Latin American cities to hit for sure.

  • Manaus, Brazil

Set in the Amazon jungle, Manaus offers interesting tourism opportunities and cheap prices. Plus, the girls go wild for foreign men – as they rarely see them. If you speak Portuguese, are willing to get away from the beach, and want to go off the beaten path in Brazil, I’d head straight to Manaus and not look back.

Don’t forget, You’ll need to be able to flirt in Spanish, so click here for a great way to learn a little for small chat with Latina Hotties


You’re Favorite Latin American Cities

If you have any ideas about off the radar hot spots or secret Latin American cities – comment below. Have you been to one of the cities above and hated it? Let me know. Boots on the ground info is always the best.

4 Replies to “11 Potentially Underrated Latin American Cities”

  1. Lima is the best. Party everyday, fun everyday and funny girls everywhere.
    Medellin is awesome but people not that friendly
    Guayaquil I agree, awesome and hidden from the western guys
    Bs As, Montevideo, Rio, Sao Paulo and Santiago doesn’t worth the trip.

  2. In Costa Rica Perez Zebulon in the Mid Southern region. Greingo’s are starting to move in but not a big tourist area. Its the southern side of the Chirripo Mountain range (the highest mountain in CR.). Many hot women just looking for a Greingo. Just treat them better than there boyfriend who has about 5 or 6 girlfriends on the side.

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