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Ultimate Guide To Purchase A Work Boot

Before you buy a work boot you need to consider two main aspects.First up, the place you work. Your work place would define the key security feature your work boot needs to have.The second area is the general features which a work boot should have. Both these aspects will help you in making a better choice for your work boot.

How to choose the right work boot?

It is very important choose a work boot that is fit for your job. Depending on your job there is one security features which your boot must have. We at TCF refer to it as the “focus area”. If you work in construction area then your boot should have special protection for your work bootsThis is done through a steel toe or a composite toe. Similarly if you work where lot of liquid (or oil) is spilled on the floor, you need a boot with better traction.Here are the top categories and then main “focus area” you should look for in your work boot. We have made recommendations according to these categories only.

  • Construction (Or Industry) – If you work at a construction site or industry you must have received certain guidelines from the ANSI or OSHO about the safety equipment you need to wear while working. For work boots you need to have protective toe caps. These toe caps are of two types, the steel toe and the composite toe. Both of them adhere to the guidelines set by government bodies. Although steel toe boots offer more protection, but they are heavy and conduct electricity. So for this reason you might prefer the lightweight composite toe work boots. We have made recommendations for both.
  • Waterproof – If you work in an area with a lot of liquid or water, you need waterproof work boots. These boots don’t allow harmful liquid to get inside and the upper is also safe from such liquids. More importantly the traction should be good enough that you don’t slip while working. These kinds of work boots also offer good protection from the harsh weather.
  • Comfort – If you have long working hours you are better off with shoes that pay special attention to the comfort of the wearer. These shoes should provide support to your arches and ankles. Some manufacturers also provide premium safety features in their work boots along with top notch comfort.
  • Weatherproof (Insulation) – If you are working in a cold environment you need protection from the harsh weather. Such boots offer insulation from the weather.

Your feet will feel warm and you can work easily. Such work boots should also have good traction on snow or slippery conditions.Most manufacturers make all-round work boots which have more than one safety feature. We have made recommendations of work boots that perform the best in the particular focus area. They also do a good job in other aspects, but if you are looking for a shoe that performs the best in your desired “focus area” then you can take advantage of our recommendations.Now once you have chosen which category you fit into, there are top features which you need to look into while buying a work boot.

Work Boots Features

Work Boots FeaturesSecurity – Safety & security is the key feature of a work boot. This depends on the “focus area” of your job. If you are dealing with heavy materials you should have steel toe boots. But if you are working near wires, you need a work boot that doesn’t conduct electricity and a composite toe work boot would work for this kind of job. Some work boots also have a “Puncture Plate” which should protect your feet from nails and sharp objects while working. Traction on the Outsole grip is the final criteria while considering security of the work boot.Durability – You want your work boots to be durable and that is the next feature you should consider while buying. Durability is in direct relation with the boot construction. The Cement construction which uses an adhesive to bond the outsole and the leather upper is the strongest. But a Goodyear Welt construction is the most durable. The sole of the work boot should also be durable as it comes in direct contact with the ground.Fit – Finally the fit of the shoe should be comfortable. The midsole should provide good comfort and support. Since most of you will be wearing your work boots for long hours it is crucial that support is provided throughout the foot. A direct attach construction is known to provide the best comfort among work boots.So this is everything you need to know before buying a work boot. We hope this information will help you take a better buying decision.Work boots are necessary to give you the proper safety while you are sweating it out. But choosing the right pair of work boots can often be a tough task. We, at TCF, have not only the compiled the top 10 list of the best work boots men can buy right now, but also have prepared the ultimate guide which you can refer to while making your choice. So let’s dive into it!

Guide to Comfort and Durability

No matter what type of work you do, the two most important features of any pair of work boots are comfort and durability. When you’re looking down the barrel of a 12-hour shift, you’ll learn very quickly how much the comfort of your work boots matters. Without the right boots, you’ll be feeling the pinch after just a few hours, and you won’t be able to work as productively. If you wear the wrong boots day after day, you could even set yourself up for foot injuries.Durability is a key to ensuring that your boots not only last you for a very long time, but also maintain their structural integrity so that your feet stay comfortable and protected. Flimsy work boots will break down over time, allowing the corrosive chemicals, heavy equipment or high pressures in your work environment to injure your feet.Here are a few of the things you need to look for when considering the potential comfort and durability of a work boot:

Boot Design

Boot design incorporates every component of your work boots, but discussions about design generally focus on the shape and outward appearance of the boot. Design impacts much more than aesthetics. For example, if you were to wear a boot with a pointy toe, you would likely wear down the tip very quickly from accidentally jamming it into pieces of equipment or other hard surfaces. If you wear a boot with a thicker heel, you’ll likely force the whole front of your foot down, creating intense aches and pains that will have you limping after extended wear.Boots that are designed for comfort a durability typically have a rounded toe, a thick but flat sole, and reinforcements around key areas of the boot, such as the heel and toe. Extra padding should also be available around areas that will rub across your foot, such as the tongue and collar.

Boot Material

The materials that your work boots are made of have the most significant impact on both their durability and their comfort. Strong and durable work boots need to have strong and durable materials, like leather. Yet even the type of leather matters. Some leathers are softer and more pliable, which makes them more comfortable, but others are thicker and stronger, which makes them more durable.Most work boots are made of full-grain leather, which means that the leather has not been sanded or buffed. It is less treated and contains all of the grain, which makes it stronger and more durable.Work boots that are made of softer leather must be reinforced to ensure that they will stand up to a lot of wear and tear over time. Strengthening a shoe made of softer leather is usually accomplished by adding padding or leather strips around areas like the heel and toe.Whether a pair of work boots feature full-grain leather or a softer leather, they can be comfortable. Look for materials like a cushioned insole, padding around the collar or tongue, and a flexible, rubber sole.

Boot Insoles

The insoles in your work boots play a big role in your comfort when wearing them. You’ll feel the difference that a quality insole makes as soon as you slip on a pair of boots. They’ll feel like tiny pillows under your feet.Insoles should be both springy and light. They should be thick enough to help absorb the shock of each step, but they should be light enough so that they don’t make your feet too hot and sweaty. Many insoles are made with moisture-wicking material to keep the boot dry. Many work boots also feature removable insoles so you can get a lighter and airier fit as needed.A quality insole can contribute to the durability of your work boots by providing another layer of protection for the boot, as well. The insole will reduce the amount of wear and tear on the sole of the boot.

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