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The Ultimate Filipino cupid Review

Filipino Cupid is the finest dating site in the Philippines. Among all the countries in Asia, I feel most comfortable talking with girls from the Philippines.

This is probably because I do not have to guess the meaning of what they are saying because Filipino women are known to be literate in English, both verbally and written. If you are like me, you will definitely find worth your time.

Filipino Cupid can be considered a young website, having started just around a decade ago, but it's already one of the most popular ones in the Philippines .

What makes this site interesting is that there are more female members than males, which means you will have plenty of opportunities to meet beautiful ladies from the Philippines.

Is Filipino Cupid Free?

You basically have two options here. You can either keep the free account, or you can opt for the paid version. Just like other dating sites, getting the paid version will give you access to more features.

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With the free Filipino Cupid account, capabilities include browsing through other members’ profiles, as well as the ability to send only a limited number of messages.

With a free membership, you can also notify other members that you are interested in them by using the “heart” icon. However, no feature is available for verifying users.

On the other hand, if you decide to opt for the paid version, you will be able to enjoy the other features.

One such helpful feature is the “CupidTag”, which is a tagging system that will enable you to create a list of interest, and search for other members who also share interests that are similar with yours.

I really suggest getting the Filipino Cupid Gold level membership. Getting the platinum is not worth it and is honestly just a waste of extra money.... unless you really want to add those video profiles.

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Here's an excerpt from The Global Seducer:

"Does Filipino Cupid Work?

Is this online dating site legit?

Underneath these questions I found answers from guys who shared their love stories and guys who shared how they got “scammed”. Yes, I put the word in quotes and I did it on purpose.

Filipino Cupid is a legit site. It’s operated by the reputable Cupid Media Network that exists for over 15 years and the site features way more than 1000 testimonials from Western men and Filipinas who found a partner on this site.

And then I read that the international dating company that allowed me to meet my wonderful girlfriend apparently is a scam.

Listen very carefully:

  • Just because you believe a woman who says "I love you" without even knowing you doesn't mean that the site is a scam.
  • Just beause not every girl answers to your messages doesn't mean that the profiles are fake.
  • Just because you were naive enough to send money to a girl who you have never met in your life doesn't mean that all girls on Filipino Cupid are scammers."

Filipina Cupid

Does Filipino Cupid Work?

Hell Yes!

I made sure to read other reviews first before setting up an account with Filipin​​​​, plus I was also referred by a friend of mine. He just recently went to the Philippines and slept with about 12 girls in 3 weeks. Hard to argue it wasn't a success.. 

I only hoped then to meet girls in the Philippines, and well, to get laid as well. I found out that getting laid in the Philippines is quite easy. Well, there is an easy access to hookers, but even women you meet in bars are quite liberated.

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That’s one good thing about the Philippines - they are very open to having relationships with foreign me. I also heard that if you're white they'll treat you like a king.

After going there two times I've definitely found it to be true and it's really easy to pick up some fine Filipinas.

In the 2 weeks that I was there I able to sleep with 6 girls. I didn't have as much success as my buddy, but it's definitely true that  was easily worth it.

I just made sure to be on a few weeks before my trip and I was able to line up some dates and hang outs before I got there. This technique, what I call the pipelining technique, is my favorite way to meet girls when I travel.

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Filipino Cupid, My First Time

The first time I tried the services, I sent a generic message to about 20 ladies. Not that I want to play around, but that’s how the filtering usually starts. The ones who reply are those that are usually interested, and are actively seeking a good time.

One thing that I have observed about girls in the Philippines is that they are very close to their families and they'll bring it up on conversation. However, they'll still talk about other things, but I have noticed it comes up in every conversation.

Filipino Cupid

Is Filipino Cupid Good for Match Making?

Filipino C​​upid is decent for match making. As mentioned earlier, you will be required to answer questions regarding your personality. This will allow the system to find a good match for you.

Aside from allowing the system to match you up with other members, you can also take advantage of the Search feature in order to find your match.

If you're traveling from out of the country it's probably less than ideal. However, it's definitely possible since there are some girls looking to date international men and come to the US.

They're usually pretty good about not asking for money, but you can assume the ones that do are scammers.

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Is the Filipino Cupid Easy to Use?

The website is very easy to use. If you are familiar with other websites under Cupid Media, the layout is basically the same. Upon signing up, you will be led to a two-step procedure.

The first one asks for the basic information, such as the name, birthdate, and location.

 For the second part of the procedure, you will be asked to input more details, such as the marital status, ethnicity, and occupation.

I view this part as a filtering process. It will also ask you if you are willing to relocate or not. 

I think this is very important because if everything goes well and two members end up deciding to be together, one has to move where the other is.

My suggestion, really, is to be truthful in the details that you provide. After all, you can expect better relationships if you are truthful with the details that you present.

Afterwards, you will also be asked to create a headline, as well as a short paragraph introducing yourself. The signup process will only take you about 20 minutes.

One observation, however, is that while browsing through the website is relatively easy, there are some pop-up windows that require more information, such as whether you smoke or drink or the type of relationship that you are interested in.

The website explains that by answering these questions, it can lead to better matches, but I personally believe that the experience is ruined as it deterred me from searching further.

Is Filipino Cupid Legit or a Scam?

As a dating online site that is under Cupid Media, Filipino Cupid is a reliable website.

 Mike (the owner of the blog) and I are both loyal users of the Cupid Media brand and is of no exception.

They don't scam you, and it's pretty affordable.

However, just like other dating sites, there is no actual control regarding the information provided by the members.

 Therefore, it is just up to you to exert effort and discretion in filtering matches.

Sometimes there will be some "girls" asking for money, but honestly they are probably just dudes living in their mom's basements trying to rip off thirsty 'foreigners' like ourselves.

Comparison With Other Sites

Among the main competitors of Filipino Cupid is Asia FriendFinder, Cherry Blossoms, as well as Filipino FriendFinder. However, what makes a standout is its own reputation in this industry. Having been established since 2001, and operating until now, and with a 3.5 million membership base, there is surely better options here.


  • Huge membership base
  • Easy to use website
  • equipped with an advanced fraud protection system


  • Some issues with reactivating accounts after the website terminates profiles
  • Pop-ups are sometimes very annoying

Conclusion: Is it Worth It?

Filipino Cupid

No doubt, Filipino Cupid is an online dating website that is well worth your money. True, you can try other websites, but in my case, why should I go to where things are not sure? At least, this company is backed up by good reputation.

While there are issues with Filipino Cupid members who are not really not ‘reliable’, my solution is pretty simple. I can easily report them, and the website admin will see if they are really just nuisances to the community, and that’s it, their profiles can be terminated.

I have never encountered any fraudulent scenarios, thankfully, but the Filipino Cupid website is equipped with an advanced fraud protection system, which I know, will come in handy should these situations arise.

 Not that I am anticipating one, but it is just good to know that there is something protecting members in this site.

All in all, I love women from the Philippines. I will be there in a couple of months, and will be meeting three women I met in this site. Then, let’s see what happens next! Seriously, if you want to meet tons of Filipino women then check out Filipino Cupid.

“Better than I thought.”

11/9/17: I would recommend the Filipino Cupid site. You have to be very careful on the site. It's best initially to establish a few friends or contacts on the site. Over a week or two on the site you will see that many of the people who first contacted you have been removed from the site.

I believe roughly 20 people who contacted me were removed from the site. Once you weed out the bad ones then it's time to talk to the people you have an established on site relationship with. After all what's the rush anyway. Have fun and good luck.

“Filipino Cupid is awesome”


Back in 2010, When I met the love of my life here on the Filipino Cupid website..I'm from the Philippines and my husband is from USA . We've been happily married for 5 and half years.. for me everyday is a blessings being next to my very kind and loving husband..​

He does help me build my confidence on how to achieve my goals in life, he motivates me with everything as well,he changed my life a lot which Is no words could explain how thankful And blessed I am to have him in my life
I came from a poor family who would never ask him to send money for my family because that would never be his obligation to take responsibility for my whole family even if he want too.

I send money to my mom in the Philippines but would come from my pay check not on husband's wallet. Husband and I didn't make any agreement Sending money to the Philippines before marriage.I'm currently working as a full time associate at my job,I work hard just so that I could help hubby to pay our bills and other expenses..

So for those of you who are still seeking,good luck! I hope you'll find the right one for you Never ever rush to put yourself on a relationship that you are not sure about., that's when you get disappointed, you have to get to know that person well..take your time of getting to know him/her..don't put your trust right away,follow your instincts If you don't feel right to that person,cut off your conversation to her or him and move on..

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