The Ultimate Business Casual Guide for Mens

Business Casual Tips for Men

As I begin to continue my journey in traveling, I want to start providing advices for men who needs to dress appropriately in work settings. Not all men like myself are able to have the luxury to travel so I want to start focusing on men who work on the daily.

If you are the type that works at a 9-5 then I hope this guide will be useful for you to start dressing professionally. Nothing more is important then display confidence and to do so you must look like it. Everyone perceive you based on first impression and how you look.

Business Casual Outfit

Let’s start with Business Casual because this type of attire can go into any setting such as your corporate job, clubbing, bar hopping, and many more. So to understand how business casual is defined, we must wear the following items:

  • Collared Shirts (t-shirt, oxford shirt, collared shirt, and plaid shirt)

  • Pants (Chinos, Dress pants, and Khakis)

  • Shoe (Oxford, Loafers, and Chukka)

  • Accessories (Watch, Cuff links, glasses, wallets)

So below are some pictures I think a man should be wearing if you want to impress the ladies. I highly recommend the link below. Zara provides a unique and affordable rate of business casual clothes so don’t miss out on it. As mentioned dress to succeed and some points should help you to see the bigger picture.

  • It presents an image and message to those who look at you in a good way.

  • Polls conducted that appearance ranked second in communication which can help to define your qualities.

  • Everyone knows you have a fine eye for quality in brands and how it can help to create conversations.

Lose the Tie

What I mean by losing the tie is that not all work setting requires a tie to be worn. So let’s lose it by wearing a simple color shirt. We need to let your neck free from all that hard work you’re doing. See below for some examples of what I mean.

Now from here we understand what losing the tie means. So now I want to take the time to focus on the types of shirts that are available for this style.

Casual Shirts

Personally casual shirts are pretty easy to come by and changing it up isn’t too difficult. I like how it can give that easy going character in someone. Anyone is likely to approach you because you look professional and approachable. There are many types of casual shirts when it comes to material so be wise when choosing the quality of it. This makes a difference in how you feel because it can get uncomfortable or just not suited for your body type. I like to go for the Chambray and Oxford look. Below are some examples and a link to get a detail level of information.

Dress Shirts

Men need to start dressing sharp it shows a lot of confidence and character of the individual. It's the first impression most women get when they see what and how you are wearing it. It doesn’t matter what industry you come from and how much you make. You need to understand the importance of dressing sharp from head to toe. Wearing baggy or too tight attire is an embarrassment. Do it the right way by just looking at these pictures below and you’ll start to get comfortable with it. Below are some reasons why.

  • Shows personal style

  • Successful in your career

  • Peers will recognize you

  • Confidence

  • Money (Not applicable in many situations, but it works as an advantage)


It has been popular to wear your traditional polos during work setting and even when going out. Polos come in a variety of styles and color which can be matched with any type of pants. You can also tuck it in for a little professionalism or untuck it for going out to drink. Pretty simple to wear without having to try so hard by wearing dress shirts or casual shirts. The best part about polo shirts is that they are inexpensive to purchase. One of my personal favorite is below.

Alternative ways of wearing shirts

Here you got several options of how to wear your shirts in a professional standard. First I want to start with the standard business casual. Here you got your shirt, khaki, and chukka boots with a little flavor of the accessories to help add some style to yourself. This is a pretty simple outfit to pick out you got one color of each complimenting each other.

Working Pants


As you know slacks are your typical pants that are more dressy than chino or khakis but also less formal than a dress pants. This is usually my first choice of business wear due to the style and relaxed fit. I have so much room when walking in these pair when I’m working in an office. The fabric is so lightweight and soft you don’t feel it on you at some point. So definitely purchase a pair when you get the chance in the future of your career.


Khakis are an improvement from jeans as far as being at least slightly more dressy and sleeker. They may be several steps up, depending on how clean and crisp they are. Otherwise, the only advantage I can think of is that they might be more comfortable than most pair of pants.

Quick Khaki Facts

  • They come in lightweight and beige color

  • Dressier style with a hint of business casual

  • Tailoring and seaming khakis are finer

    • Material is higher quality

  • Cost for a pair is very minuscule

  • Less likely to shrink!


A word of advice, I prefer jeans to be worn on casual Fridays if your job offers that. If you are going to client meetings, I don’t suggest you to wear jeans it can be very unprofessional. However not all companies run this way so it's up to your judgment on when it is appropriate to be putting them on.

Well anyway above some great examples of how we should be wearing jeans to work. Looks like you’re ready to go to out or even work. You pretty much want to go for that slim/skinny fit look to match with your shirt and shoe.

Appropriate Buisness Shoes

Everyone should know by now that shoes are very essential to your style. This item will help to compliment your attire. The shoe will indicate what type of setting you’re in so for example in most cases dress shoes mean you will be heading to your job or an event that requires formal clothes. Its ideal for you to understand when to wear what shoes especially on dates so don’t overdress or underdress. Find that middle line by purchasing the appropriate shoes, but since we are focusing on business casual clothes. I want to suggest the items listed below.


So loafers are typically known as “slip ons”. They do not require much work because no laces are needed to put them on. The style is very similar to your traditional moccasins, but not too casual since they are meant to be dressy for men. There isn’t much style it which I like about it because it’s simple with not a lot going on. These are mostly flat on the heel so very comfy when moving around at your work.


So your derbies is an open lace shoe that gives it more versatile look with all its stitching design. Something about the derby is elegant that makes me want to wear it on work days. These shoes come in all colors which is the best part since you can match it up with your jeans or pants. They are easy to work with since they have the casual and professional look. Nothing about it screams bad purchase so you know what to do when you see this at the store.


Oxford are known as your formal lace up shoes which come in different styles such as quarters and vamp. They have very similar stitching and are low in the heel. The close laced shoe is known to be worn in any occasion so its hybrid can be helpful when choosing shoes for business attire. I prefer the sueded oxford as well because the color will look modest and not bright shining like most dress shoes people wear during work.



Wallet is an important accessory when carrying cash and cards. It is functional and stylish for all men to be carrying a wallet in their pocket. Its pretty obvious that everyone has a wallet, but the type of wallet is important such as color, quality, and brand. I love the way a wallet feels in my pocket with the fresh smell of the leather. Below are some neat ones I would suggest so you have your typical billfold and money clip. These are convenient and lightweight when traveling around the world. It just shows you have a fine taste in goods that can last you for many years.

Time Watch

For those of you who don’t know the importance of having a watch you will soon realize how it can complement your wardrobe. It is convenient meaning you don’t have to take out your phone to look at the time and it’s a good way of showing off your personal style to others. I always get questions about my watch from strangers especially women who has an eye for exquisite timepieces. Also the functionality of it is easy to maintain since they last you longer than phones. The craftsmanship is so detailed that not many people can imitate which keeps it very unique to the individual. The best part of it is I can keep it forever and eventually pass it down to my future children or wife as a legacy. Below are some watches, I have purchased in the past.

Work Bag

It has been a trend now carrying leather office bags for work and even in casual environments. Your typical office bags comes with a long strap that goes across your body then over the shoulder. I prefer carrying the messenger bags since they are affordable and much easier to maintain. They also come in canvas, leather, and plastics which is great because it comes in a variety. The messenger bags are professional, lightweight, medium size, conventional, and versatile. In conclusion keep it classy don’t go too crazy and added below are some pictures.

Dress down

If one day you don’t feel like tucking in your shirt than you can go a little more casual by wearing an oxford shirt, chinos, and sneakers or even a pair of jeans depending on your company. This is my personal favorite because I get more room around my leg instead of wearing everything fitted which can be uncomfortable in many occasions when you’re in long meetings or just sitting on your desk for hours. Some suggestions of how to dress down from that is easier than you think.

Suit Up

Suiting up is not your typical business casual attire, but I wanted to give you readers a little extra on how to start wear a suit in the future. A suit is a set of matching outer garments that consists of coats, trousers, vest, and etc. Not all executives where fancy clothes like these so you should too.

So now you get a picture of what I mean by business casual. I listed some great sites that can provide you with this type of style and flavor to your closet. Since not everyone can afford this luxury I have chosen a few sites that prices in a fair range with high quality material.

In the end I want all men to expand their taste in clothing so they can dress in style. This will be great for your future self to meet women who loves a man with taste. Dress to impress anywhere you go so start by doing it at your job.

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