Traveling, Tinder and WhatsApp: A Beginner's Guide

After the online dating opener, the foreign cutie you’re attempting to message with will either respond or she won’t. You know this. Not rocket science. You should then engage in conversation as normal. Run your normal Tinder game. You really don’t need to change much from what you do in Western countries on Tinder. However, you can incorporate a little bit of “tourist” game or tell a few white lies – if you need to.
If you are talking in Spanish, you should keep the conversation as close to your Spanish level as possible. She’ll understand you may be learning and won’t worry that you’re messaging her like a third grader. Just remember to use the translator if you need to. Once the conversation progresses, you’ll need to get her off Tinder and onto the phone. And the phone means WhatsApp.

Bouncing to WhatsApp

You have to get her WhatsApp if you’re going to have sex with her. This is nearly non-negotiable. If she doesn’t have WhatsApp then she’s probably not worth you time. I have a rule that if she doesn’t have WhatsApp then I stop communicating with her.
whatsappQuick note: There are some Asian countries where other free messaging apps may be popular. If you’re going to one of these countries – it won’t take you long to understand what app you’ll need. Using photos and voice messages will be similar on these apps.

Understanding WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a normal messaging app that allows users to message others all over the world. The app is insanely popular, insanely easy to use, and free. It costs nothing to send messages nor receive them. Thus, the app has gotten incredibly popular in poor countries, as texting can cost money in some countries. As well, many mobile carriers offer free WhatsApp messaging for individuals with a data plan.
Messaging girls on WhatsApp is exactly the same as texting girls in Western countries. You can run the same type game – again, only needing to consider your value in the location of the girls your messaging.

Understanding Country Codes

WhatsApp country codes can be a little tricky for first-time travelers. It often happens that a girl will give you her WhatsApp, but she’ll forget her country code. You’ll save her number and then go to look her up – only to find that WhatsApp thinks you should invite her to WhatsApp. This means you didn’t enter the country code correctly.
To message someone on WhatsApp, you have to have their number saved. You also need to save their number with the proper country code. Sometimes she’ll send you the right number – country code and all. Many times she won’t. A quick Google search will reveal country codes for phone numbers worldwide. Simply search “WhatsApp country codes” and you’re good.
The one tip you must remember is to always enter the “+” before the code. This is important. Combining the “+” and then her country code, followed by the number will guarantee she shows up (in your phone, not on a date).

Using Photos on WhatsApp

Sending photos to women is a great way to continue a conversation, re-open a girl, or make her laugh. It’s also incredibly easy to demonstrate value to a woman through photos. This is true in Western nations and while traveling.
Using photos is one of the best ways to keep your pipeline open and ready to meet. If the girls know you have not arrived yet – you can send photos of where you are, items you’re purchasing to bring, and of you packing. These all keep the girls in the loop and let them know you’re thinking of them. You can also send different types of photos (stuff you would send to girls back home, like: funny stuff, workout pictures, or pictures of your dog).
thick chickIf you’re pipelining a week or two out, you’ll want to actively engage the girls you’re messaging with photos. This will ensure that you’re on their minds as you arrive.

Using Voice Messages on WhatsApp

While most people in Western nations avoid sending voice messages (we either call or text), this is not the case in other parts of the world. In many places, it’s common to send voice messages on WhatsApp. By sending her a voice message, you show her you’re interested plus she gets to hear your voice. Talk slowly, as her English may not be great. Also, you’ll want to remember to talk a bit deeper than normal. Your goal should be to get a message back talking about how sexy your voice is.
Girls, especially Latinas, will love hearing you speak a little Spanish (if you can). So don’t be afraid to send her a voice message in broken Spanish. She’ll probably think you accent is cute. You don’t need any special routines or openers with voice messages. Just remember to call her by her name, talk slowly, talk deeply, tell her about how your travel plans/preparations are coming along, and that you’re looking forward to maybe grabbing a drink when you arrive.
I like to use photos the week leading up to my arrival in her country and then send out some voice messages to my favorites before I get on the plane.

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