How To Travel With Protein Powder

Traveling provides a man many opportunities. He can see the world, expand his mind and experience a number of new cultures – among a number of other opportunities to explore. However, there are some aspects of traveling that can be a huge pain in the ass. Finding a gym is often easy in a foreign country, but finding reasonably priced whey protein powder is almost unheard of.

Protein Powder

In the United States, you can get around 50-70 servings of quality whey protein powder for $40-50. On Amazon, the top selling whey protein powder costs less than $50 for 71 servings (free shipping with Amazon Prime). If you belong to Costco or Sam’s Club, you can get 5 pounds of decent whey protein for $37-42 (depending on your location).

When you head to many other parts of the world, the exact same protein you buy in the U.S. for under $50 often will cost you between $100-120. Even in poor countries like Nicaragua you’re not going to find any deals on protein. I spent $71 on 24 servings of whey protein powder while in Nicaragua. If I had had my own apartment in Managua, I wouldn’t have bought it. Yet, living in a hotel makes protein powder pretty important – as it’s difficult to get the proper nutrients you need while living in a hotel and eating out all the time.

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How To Travel With Protein Power

Protein powder isn’t vital to staying in shape and looking decent. You can easily get by without any protein powder for an extended period of time. Many guys don’t take any protein at all. However, if you want to carry around that extra 5-10 pounds of mass while you travel (eating an occasionally shitty diet and walking a lot) then you’ll want to have some protein powder with you.

I’ve searched far and wide on how to travel with protein powder and there isn’t a great solution. There are no magic protein pills or gels that pack easily. There are simply too many grams in a serving of protein to condense the product more so. Thus, if you’re determined to travel with protein powder – you’ll need to find an easy way to pack the bulky powder.

You can basically just check or carry in the tub if you want, but that costs an extra $25 at least. I prefer to put the protein in my carry-on bag or personal item. This isn’t possible in a tub, which leaves us with an issue – how do you travel with protein powder without the tub?

Zip-Lock Bags Don’t Work

Zip-lock bags work ok, but you can’t fit a full 50-70 servings in a normal (large) zip-lock bag.  Plus, these bags can be flimsy and will break easily. If this happens in your luggage, your clothes could be ruined and the protein will be wasted. So you need a better solution – something that’s sturdy and spacious, but can tightly compress the protein powder.

Enter Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Sac – Size Small

compression sacks

The small size of the Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Sac line is perfectly sized to fit a full 5 pounds of protein powder. The sac is spill-free and sturdy. Your protein won’t spill and there’s a significantly smaller risk of (if any) that it might break in your luggage.

If you’re looking to travel with protein powder, I highly recommend you check out the Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Sac here.

PS: I couldn’t find any Amazon link for these. Sorry to all you Prime members.

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