The Best Travel Books For Men Seeking Adventure

Before beginning a life as a manwhoring vagabond for a majority of every year, I was withering away at a soul sucking job in corporate America. I had little excitement in life. Work and gym took a majority of my time. An OkCupid or Tinder date here and there occasionally emptied my balls and every once in awhile I’d pull a one-nighter with some bird from the bars on a Saturday.

Mainstream Media Blows

I was continually on the search for entertainment that could help quench my thirst to get the fuck out of where I was. Movies didn’t cut it. I wanted first-hand experiences, not some Hollywood rom-com bullshit. Television shows weren’t much better. Outside of HGTV’s House Hunters International, there just aren’t many shows that give accurate views of places you can travel. Plus, I wanted the down and dirty details.

I wanted to live vicariously through another man’s struggles and successes. I wanted to hear the dirty details of his trip. I needed to know how shitty traveling in a bus through the third world was. I wanted to hear how he almost got robbed by a pack of juvenile thugs on his way to the grocery store. I was curious about the women of foreign nations and if they enjoyed spreading their legs for foreign men.

So I started to read travel books from men who went in search of adventure and women in foreign lands. I scoured the Internet and found a number of these travel books. I’d read them all. Often, I’d breeze through a travel book or memoir in one lazy Sunday afternoon.

My Favorite Travel Books & Memoirs

I was hooked. The travel books and memoirs helped me get through a boring period in my life, while pushing me to begin a life of travel as well. If you’re in a similar situation, I’d highly advise you to read a few travel books and memoirs. Not only do travel books and memoirs provide great entertainment, but you may find the extra motivation to begin leading a different life.

Here are my favorite travel books and memoirs:

30 Bangs by Roosh V

While not exactly a travel book or memoir only, 30 Bangs has a number of stories from Roosh’s travels. One of my favorite books of all-time, I’ve re-read the stories in this book a number of times. Roosh details exactly where he was and how he meets a number of cute women. Roosh has a number of great books, but this one is my favorite. I hope he comes out with another.

Naughty Nomad by Mark Zolo

Mark Zolo runs one of the best travel blogs for adventuresome men out there, Naughty Nomad. So it’s no surprise his travel book about adventure and women is action packed and entertaining. If you’re looking for a first-hand encounter into Southeast Asia and/or Africa, this is the travel book for you.

Around The World In 80 Girls by Neil Skywalker

The best name in the history of travel books, Around The World In 80 Girls details Neil’s almost 3 year long journey – as he backpacks around the world. Certainly not much of a playboy at the start of the travel book – by the end of the memoir, Neil is seducing women all over Southeast Asia and South America. While there are a few grammatical errors in this book, it’s a great read.

Vodkaberg by English Teacher X

I nearly dropped out of school and packed my bags to Russia midway through Vodkaberg by English Teacher X. The travel book is an incredibly entertaining read featuring cultural confrontations, alcoholism and a number of Russian babes. Highly recommended for any traveler interested in Russia.

Go Forth by Goldmund

If you need a kick in the ass to go and live a life of adventure – this is the book for you. Go Forth is a travel book detailing one man’s journey into the south of Mexico. Art, surfing and seduction all play a pivotal role in Goldmund’s journey. A quick read – you’ll find yourself dying to hit your local watering hole in search of a one-night stand after you finish this travel book.

A Dead Bat In Paraguay by Roosh V

Another classic travel memoir by Roosh V – A Dead Bat In Paraguay features tales of Roosh’s chronic stomach problems as he battled his way through South America. A book of many failures and some successes, you’ll see the true nature of travel as you dive into this memoir.

Black Passenger Yellow Cabs by Stephen F.D. Bryan

Written in a slightly different style than many of the travel books above, Black Passenger Yellow Cabs details one black man’s journey into Japan. Struggling with “yellow fever” – author Stephen F.D. Bryan details the time he spent making sweet love to Japanese girls and all the problems that arose as a result.

These are the best travel books and memoirs I’ve found. If you know of any others – sound off in the comments and let me know.

9 Replies to “The Best Travel Books For Men Seeking Adventure”

  1. I have not read “Go Forth”, “Vodkaberg”, and “Black Passenger” so I can’t comment. I have
    read the other 4: I’ll number them from 4 to 1st as my best, and tell you why.
    4 – 30 Bangs – hastily written, lacks details, not a travel book. It’s my least favorite of all of Roosh’s
    books that I’ve read.
    3 – Naughy Nomad – good book, exciting, goes to many interesting places, lacks the details of a
    good travel book and I felt the stories were embellished,
    2 Dead Bat in Paraguay is my favorite of Roosh’s books. It’s a real travel book with
    hardship and a cast of characters.
    1. Around the World in 80 girls – A very exciting itinerary and 3 years of travel to see the much of the world. His experiences are similar to my own in FSU and SEA. Lots of hardship and crazy

    1. Great list and rankings. I try not to rank these because each guy will be able to relate to an author in a different way. I’d highly recommend checking out “Vodkaberg” and “Black Passenger” after seeing your rankings. I think you’ll enjoy them a lot.

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