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How to Train the Most Attractive Body Parts

Training calls for a lot of proper planning and dedication to what one does. According to experts, people can opt to enhance their body parts through a couple of methods including having surgery, using legal steroids like sustanon and workouts. When a person decides to go with exercises, the gluteus, abs, back and chest are some of the areas that will have positive enhancement. 

These are some of the most attractive body parts for both men and women. However, the big question is how one trains them. This guide will highlight the best approach to training these areas. Training the most attractive body parts involves the use of compound exercises in a progressive range, appropriate reps and rest to allow the muscles to recover and grow. Just to refresh your memory a bit, compound exercises are the best at putting the whole body into action. or men, the arms, chest, stomach and thighs are the most attractive areas they should focus on every time they visit the gym. For women, cardio, the arms, stomach and thighs are the main concern. With an almost similar goal, the training program will look the same.

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A Workout to Train the Most Attractive Parts of the Body

Whether you decide to take a 6-week or any other duration cycle, it is crucial to make sure that the cycle functions well through proper planning and consistency. A professional fitness trainer can prepare a great schedule for the best results. Follow this sequence to achieve the best results in 6 weeks.

Workout A

  •         Planks – a good start is with 3 reps of 30 seconds each. Taking the proper plank position is crucial in this matter. You will need an exercise mat to protect your elbows. Only rest for 10 seconds between each rep.
  •         Pull-ups – these are a strong person’s exercise and are very crucial for the shoulders and the chest. Use a pull-up bar to perform 3 sets of 10 reps. Make sure you rest for 5 seconds in between.
  •         Squats – now, you need to work out the lower body areas with squats. Squats can either be plain or enhanced with dumbbells on each hand. Again, you will need to do 3 sets each with 10 reps. Rest as usual between the reps.

Workout B

  •         Romanian deadlifts – now for the inner strength, you will need these deadlifts. Make sure that the weight is what you can manage in order to avoid injuries. Just like the other workouts, you will need 3 sets of workouts each with 10 reps.
  •         Barbell bench press – with a bench and barbell of comfortable weight, complete 10 reps on each of the 3 sets you will do. Make sure that you have a helper especially if it is your first time doing this.
  •         Farmer’s walk – with dumbbells in both hands, you will need to complete 3 sets of the farmer’s walk every 50 yards.


Both workouts A and B cover the upper body parts and the lower body parts. You can use them in an alternating pattern where one is done each day. Be sure to rest on Wednesday and Saturday. Sunday should be reserved for lighter cardio exercises that include the treadmill, jogging, skipping rope and any other exercise that is advised by experts. When this is repeated for 6 weeks, the results will be visible.

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2 Replies to “How to Train the Most Attractive Body Parts”

  1. As research shows, what is needed is to work out until failure. The number of reps has little to do with this. Making it all 3×10 makes no sense. If a guy reaches failure with just six reps, then that’s it. If it’s ten reps, okay. If it takes twelve reps, then the same goal is reached, but he might want to switch to heavier weights.

    And reaching failure only needs to be done in one set. Once the muscles have been taken to the point where not a single more repetition can be done, that’s all the muscles can get from that workout. Then they will repair themselves afterward, and make themselves a little bit harder until next time.

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