Top 10 First Date Disappointments

When you go on a first date you are full of expectations. You carefully plan what you’ll say and how you’ll behave and how your date will react. However, you can’t predict anything because you go out with a stranger or a person you barely know. If you’re not new to the dating game, you must have already had different dates: both successful and those ones that never had a follow-up because women did something off-putting. Here is a list of 10 the most disappointing things about women every man has experienced at least once created by Romance Compass – dating site where you can find Ukrainian women for online dating.

The look of disappointment on her face. It’s pretty vexatious to notice that the woman you met online and asked out is not very enthusiastic about you once you meet with each other in real life.

Non-stop talking. You’re in the middle of your date but you’ve been almost silent all this time because the woman is a real chatterbox. She comes up with new topics but talks mainly about herself without giving you a chance to chime in.

Texting while speaking. It’s very disappointing when a woman constantly looks at her smartphone or even texts in front of you while you’re actually having a conversation. This impolite behavior will make any person uncomfortable.

Talking about her ex. The first thing a man wants to do when a woman brings the “ex”-matter up is to run away. The worst part is that if he tries to direct the conversation to other matters, she keeps telling her story and asks him provocative questions.

Laughing at everything you say. Women with a good sense of humor are awesome. But when a girl laughs at all your jokes (even not very clever ones), you get suspicious of her sincerity.

Checking out other guys. Usually, it is the women who complain about men checking out other girls even when on a date. Some women do that too.

Being too assertive. If you feel like under pressure right on the first date, you’ll want to end this date as soon as possible and never meet that woman again.

Wearing weird clothes. It can be pretty confusing and embarrassing to catch other people’s glances because of your date who showed up in a ridiculous dress or hat.

Talking about politics. Another turn-off is the topics related to politics and religion. These are not the first-date subjects.

Criticism. It’s very disappointing to hear from a woman that she doesn’t like the place where you asked her or its atmosphere. It’s the first date, how could you know what she likes and dislikes?

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