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Tips for men in the initial stages of dating

For those who are new to the world of dating there is a whole world of opportunities available to explore. And those individuals who find it difficult to find a date in their social circle or are too shy to venture into asking someone out in person there always is the option of online of doing it through the Internet.

Intense stareThere are hundreds of thousands of online dating sites to choose from. All you need to do is go online, enter your location and preferences and there are partners galore to choose from.  With the proliferation of social media and specialised online dating sites, there is an incredible array of options to choose from.

Some of the basics to remember in the initial dating stages are:

Take the initiative: As a man it is always a good idea to embolden yourself and ask her out on a date (once the both of you have been introduced and get to know the individual reasonably well).  Plan a day that would be suitable for the both of you like the weekend or a holiday. And do not try to negotiate for another day unless she offers an alternative. If she likes you she will try to accommodate your request and at any stage if she seems uncomfortable, do not persist in any way. You could try later when she seems more comfortable or move on.

Ask in advance: When you do decide to ask her for a date, ask her well before the actual day like a week or two before. It helps to build up the romantic anticipation and also leave you with ample time to plan out the event. Any on the spur of the moment may not go as planned.

Plan the schedule well: You need to have the entire schedule well planned, with the schedule decided, reservations made etc. And always keep a contingency plan ready just in case of Murphy’s Law playing spoilsport! It will show you organisational skills (which is bound to impress her) and also lead to a more enjoyable experience.

Be prudent in your budget for the date: Money saved is money earned and this is certainly the case when you plan your date. If you are unsure as to whether the both of you are really into each other, it is not wise to overspend. If you spend an exorbitant sum of money most women will consider that foolish. Spend a sum that ensures you’ll have a great time, without having to break the bank.

Take it slow and steady: Once you hit it off on the first date adopt a gradual progressive strategy over time. Once you’ll get to better know one another, and are very comfortable with each other you could gradually go on more expensive dates over a period of time.

Punctuality is the key: One of the greatest assets to having a successful relationship is strictly adhering to time management. NEVER turn up late on a date (unless you are unintentionally delayed and even then make it a point to inform your partner duly) as nobody likes to be kept waiting. Learn to respect and value time and do not take your date for granted.

Be your natural self: One of the best ways to convert dating into a successful long term relationship is to be your natural self. Do not be superficial in your language or actions, as women have a strong instinct and they will be turned off at best. When you win them over by being your own natural self and show your positive qualities, they will be more comfortable and also more likely to get more interested.

Avoid excessive flattery: Flattery will not necessarily work at least in the long term. Women like to be admired with sincere adulation and not excessively glib words that they can sense is insincere. It will. While it is good to mention what you find attractive about her do not lie about her physical attributes blatantly. Also steer clear of sexual innuendoes as they are not advised in the initial stages of dating.


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