7 Replies to “Using Tinder to Seduce South American Girls is Easy”

  1. Honey, I don’t know how long you went to Ecuador, or what kind of people you stayed with, or which part of Ecuador you actually went to (because as far as I know, you could have gone to the mountains, or even to the freaking jungle. Yes, we have a jungle). We also have the coast, with the beaches and such, where the women you look for are.

    Maybe you were only expecting to see the light-skin-big-breasted-big-booty women you see in telenovelas. It might be the variety of races and ethnicities in Ecuador that caught you off guard, expecting to see only Sofia Vergaras running around.

    Maybe girls played YOU instead, so you felt rejected and called them all ‘ugly.’ But I will say this: As an Ecuadorian young woman, this is actually the first time I felt happy that someone called my country ugly. You know why? Because WE don’t want you there either! You clearly don’t respect women, or understand the fact that many of these girls you’re playing with are not ‘easy,’ but rather tired of the assholes around them.

    I will give you some advice though (and this is for all Latin America, not just Ecuador), be careful with the women you sleep with. If they’re looking for a foreigner like you, it’s because their partners are no better. There’s a lot of mafia and crime groups in the streets, and you should be careful of messing with their girls. Because clearly those girls are the ones you like, in poverty and confusing you with their prince charming.

    Anyway, I guess it did hurt a little to see my whole country being called ugly, otherwise I wouldn’t have written this. But wait, Tinder focuses mainly on looks right? Let me tell you, as a college educated Ecuadorian girl living in the US, I got 30+ matches on tinder the one day I gave it a try just out of curiosity (and I was extremely picky on my right swipes).

    Honey, I’m far from feeling ugly.

    1. “I don’t even care that you think I’m ugly!

      …now let me write you a damn novel about how hurt I am that you think I’m ugly.”

      Honestly trying to watch you justify it or give silly excuses for it (they probably played YOU and you’re mad! I’m sooooo beautiful, you know!) is a little charming.

  2. I can comment that your post is accurate. I lived there for a year, had some professional photos taken (I am a good looking guy) and I am also a gringo. From when I reset it when leaving the states till when I left. I had matched with over 3.7k+ match’s on tindr alone. I swipe yes on all and I wait till a bombshell swipes yes on me then I let HER start the conversation. I rarely even instigate a conversation but if the girl is a 10/10 I do sometimes and I would say 9.89/10 I get there #/whatsapp. As for flakiness I actually was never flaked on. I have flaked on them because I forget we set up a date when I was actually on a date with someone else. I didn’t have the intentions of going there too only flirt and pick up women but somehow that turned into a full time job with ease. Also I tested the girls I dated quite often with if they made me pay for the bill or cab, etc.. If I haven’t fucked them yet, they get no benefits of getting me paying for anything. If we have fucked then yes I take them out more than the others and also don’t mind paying for uber which is often times cheaper than the yellow taxi’s. I’d say if you don’t selective swipe and you put up some great photos and interesting profile than you will be getting on average 4-12 matchs/1-2 hours.

  3. Honestly your analysis sucks. It is the classic immature “gringo” way of thinking. I don´t have more words to add, because the ecuadorian girl has already told you the truth.

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