13 Tinder Tips For Men


Over the past 13 months, I’ve made sweet love to over 40+ women strictly using Tinder. Some of these women were stunning and wonderful. The sex was fantastic and they were pleasant people. Some of these women were hideous creatures of the night that I was embarrassed to be seen in public with. I reluctantly thrusted until I orgasmed and then avoided eye contact until they left. Suffice to say, I know a few Tinder tips for men.

While my self-esteem was in vogue due to the vast quality differences I was experiencing, I've figured out how to get laid using Tinder on a consistent basis. You can too. It’s really not too difficult. Most men are complete morons on Tinder and in real life. As long as you can just barely stand out above the crowd, even if it’s just on your tippy toes, you can score some cute chicks off Tinder. Thus, great Tinder tips for men are not too complex.

Here are the top 13 Tinder tips for men:

#1: Tinder Plus is worth it

If you really give a damn about getting laid using Tinder – then you need to spend a few dollars a month on Tinder Plus. Tinder is a numbers game and you simply cannot “get you shots up” without Tinder Plus. If Tinder is just something you use everything once in a blue moon – then you won’t need Tinder Plus. However, I doubt you’d be reading this article if you didn’t want to make love to some girls you met off Tinder. You’ll also be able to use Tinder while traveling if you pay for Tinder.

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#2: Photos are the only thing that REALLY matters

I’m not going to lie to you – your photos are really all that matters on Tinder. Even if you had the best Tinder “game” known to mankind, you still wouldn’t get laid using tinder if you were ugly as sin. Think about it: you’re using Tinder to sleep with hot girls, and so is she. She is using Tinder to sleep with “hot” guys. Get some great photos of yourself for your Tinder profile and you’ll find Tinder becomes a lot easier for you.

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#3: Photo variety is the spice of life

Tinder tips for menWhile we are still on the topic of photos, you should be incorporating numerous different types of photos on your profile. One shirtless pic is great. Four shirtless pics makes you look too douchey for human consumption. One pic with a few hot chicks around you can be beneficial (as long as they don’t seem to be your girlfriend). If every picture on your Tinder profile is with a different girl – you won’t be meeting many chicks using Tinder. A few photos of you playing a sport is great. If every photo on your Tinder profile has a ball in it, then you kind of look like a dumb jock. Keep your pictures on your Tinder profile varied and you’ll see the best results.

#4: Pay for professional photos if need be

If you truly are ugly as sin, you may want to invest in professional photos from a lifestyle/fashion/editorial-type of photographer. No Tinder tips for men will help you if you look like ass in photos. This may cost you $300-400, but the investment will be worth it – if you plan to get laid from Tinder. Bring two or three outfits and select at least two different locations. Don’t be afraid to take some shirtless pics with the photographer either. Easy to find these type of photographers on Craigslist or running a quick Google search with your city name in front (ex: lifestyle photographer Denver).

#5: Age matters

If we’re being honest here – Tinder is ass for men over 30, and not in a good way. If I was over 30 (and not in a pussy paradise-type of locale), I would never even download Tinder. The app actively discriminates men over 30 in numerous ways. Plus, I’ve found that most men using the app in the Western world over 30 years of age rarely pull from it. If a man over 30 is consistently pulling from Tinder in the United States – he is living in New York, Miami, or lying about his age through a fake Facebook. You should be lying about your age on Tinder if you’re over 30.

#6: Just write something

The written part of your profile matters, but not nearly as much as we like to think. If you're ugly as hell, then there’s no Tinder scummy that’s reading your profile anyway. Your written Tinder profile comes into play when she’s on the fence about you. You really just need one or two positive traits to pop up and you’ll be over the hump (and closer to humping). Something as simple as, “Architect. 6’1”/190 lbs.” can work just fine.

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#7: “Fuck yes” or don’t waste time on her

The key with Tinder is only wasting time on hoes who you know will look good naked. Three out of every four girls on Tinder will show up to your date looking at least a little worse than her photos. One out of every four Tinder girls you meet will show up looking way hotter than her photos. This means if she’s not a “Fuck yes” to you in her Tinder photos – she might not be attractive to you at all in person. If she is a “Fuck yes” for you in her photos – then even if she shows up looking a little bit worse than here photos you’ll still be happy.

#8: Time is of the essence

Tinder tipsIf you don’t message her within 24 hours (48 hours if you’re handsome as fuck) of matching, you might as well unmatch her. Out of sight – out of mind. Time is of the essence when using Tinder. Try to spam your matches within the first three hours of matching and you’ll give yourself a much better chance of actually meeting her in person.

#9: K.I.S.S. messaging

Keep you messaging as simple as possible. Spam her your standard “copy and paste” opening message. If she replies, then give her a good chat on the app. Ask her a bit about herself. Ask her what she thinks of Tinder. Ask her what she thinks of guys on Tinder. Flirt. Joke. Just keep it simple and don’t over-think things.

#10: Bounce her quickly

Keep your messaging simple and then get her off the app quickly. You want to be chatting with her through texting or on What’s App. Tinder is informal. When you’re texting her, you’ve immediately become a man she may end up fucking. If you’re still chatting on Tinder, you’re just some chump on Tinder. Build a bit of comfort and then get her off Tinder ASAP.

#11: Invest in messaging

Male attention is an extremely valuable currency for women. You’re going to have to give her some attention if you want to meet her in person. This means you have to put a little time investment into messaging her. It’s just how the Tinder game is being played these days. Don’t be afraid to message back and forth rapidly with a girl you met on Tinder for 20-30 one time. The more comfort you build through texting – the more likely she is to actually meet you.

#12: Any resistance should be ignored

If she says she can’t give out her number – you NEXT her. If she says she doesn’t like to meet strange guys off Tinder too soon – you NEXT her. These chicks are just wasting your time. Don’t play her game. If she’s giving you resistance to normal aspects of the Tinder “lifecycle” then she is wasting your time. Move on.

#13: Travel to exotic locales

My personal favorite Tinder tips for men is to travel more. If you want to get laid more, and not just from using Tinder – you need to pack your bags and hit the road. Traveling to exotic locations where women prefer your look will make you “man candy” on Tinder. Come prepared by using Tinder Plus to let women know you’ll soon be arriving and you’ll have women waiting for you to touch down.

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5 Replies to “13 Tinder Tips For Men”

  1. “If she says she can’t give out her number – you NEXT her. If she says she doesn’t like to meet strange guys off Tinder too soon – you NEXT her. These chicks are just wasting your time.”

    This tip is gold. The biggest danger for men using Tinder is investing a lot of time and getting no results. Think about it, if she won’t make a small concession (like giving you her Whataspp) there is no way in hell she will sleep with you. Like you said, it’s better to be ruthless with you time and cut your losses before you throw good time after bad.

    1. If you live in a huge city – it’s so important to not waste time on girls who aren’t down for the count. You should be “nexting” girls left and right when you have thousands of others to swipe through.

  2. Dude. I’m 46 and get regular lays on tinder with my age set at 42 if I don’t do this, I haven’t got a chance really. Shit but true. Can’t say I’m happy to lie but what can we do. 3 so far in January. 28, 33 and 35 year old. Hot too. This is in Europe. I consistently get laid with Tinder in my 40’s with Good looking and younger women. Very rarely in their

    20’s though which I don’t care about too much. Some girls do like older guys….Like some guys like older women. Few and far between though. Many girls in their 30’s don’t mind a guy in their 40’s. Plus, if you are on the date and they like you….Nothing matters. So, just get them on a date.

    I get loads of dates. Without sounding like an idiot, I’m not bad looking I suppose and look a lot younger. I also do kite surfing, snowboard and keep fit. So have active lifestyle.

    Also, my Tinder chat is right on thesedays. Perfected the art so to speak. On the dates…I just turn up with ‘I dont care if they like me or not attitude’. I relax and listen. Listening is key!

    You are right on about the ‘no number/wanna chat a bit firsts’. As soon as I hear it I unmatch instantly and I suggest others do too.

    Remember tinder is a minefield. Like you, they are writing to multiple men. I suppose it excuses our terrible morals with online dating on sites like tinder. Women lie about Thier age all the one when older too.

    One day it will be made impossible so enjoy it while you can.

    Don’t advocate lying at all but elborating the real age for men into their 40’s is as simple as getting laid or not getting laid. You decide

  3. I’ve never read so much bullshit in my life. Firstly, the fact that you assume women, and other men, are only on Tinder to get laid is an insight into the vacuous shallows of your own worldview.
    Secondly, dumbass, people of any age are successful because…wait for it….Everyone wants people usually within a 5-10 year radius of their own age. Therefor someone 35 will want someone 30-40 …someone 40 and with any style or substance will not want anyone under 30 because, and I can sense you’ve not experienced this yet, but your intellectual and cognitive capacity expands and grows with time, rendering those in their 20’s vapid and lacking in anything to offer.
    I am 36 and would never dream of anyone under 30. I set my search parameters to 30-44.
    I suppose that just blew open your cum-juiced thinking box.
    I hear you thinking…”Yes, but I’m only referring to a quick lay and I don’t want a woman who is 36″
    To which I would reply..”I am too and I don’t want a man who is under 30. I don’t want you either. The fortunate trappings of maturity and intellectual depth render any fleeting fuck with anyone as insipid and young as you to be completely unexciting.
    It’s a funny thing, ageing- Women only want to fuck you if you have a brilliant sharp mind.

    So my advice to you, little fetus, is to take advantage of your stupidity as much as you can before you hit your 30’s and you have nothing else to bring to a game that has outgrown you.

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