Tinder Pick-Up Lines That Work

You need more than just Tinder pick-up lines. The Tinder Template is a great resource. You need to know how to follow up a great Tinder opening message. Below you’ll find some of the best Tinder pick-up lines available to man, along with how to follow up when a girl responds. From match to phone number – I’ve removed the guesswork for you. Just don’t blame me if chicks won’t meet up with you. Your photos are really all that matters…

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Decent Tinder Pick-Up Lines

You can open one of your Tinder matches with almost any Tinder pick-up lines line out there. If she likes your photos – it probably won’t matter much. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. However, I know some of you are looking for a list of Tinder lines you can use. Here are a few decent Tinder opening messages that have been used in the past with some success by many men (but if you want to learn how to get past the first message then check out this post):

  • Hey hey.
  • Oh hey Lauren.
  • Hey I’m new in town.
  • Hey what’s up? Dang! You are cute!
  • Cute pics… What are you up to?
  • Serious question…how good of a cook are you?
  • We like each other’s faces. Let’s do something about it.
  • Serious question: Would you rather give up coffee or orgasms?
  • Are you one of those girls who takes forever to do her hair and makeup, or does it just look that way?
  • I’m not sure how the Tinder dating protocol works so I’m assuming this is the part where I say, “So where are you from? What do you do? What’s your favorite color?
  • Should we start the quiz of interview questions to get to know each other so one day we can meet in person? Soooo, what’s your favorite color? Where are you from? And what do you do? 😉
  • Are you into guys who are tall, dark, and handsome? / Are you into guys who are handsome, athletic, and charming? / Are you into guys who are intelligent, sexy, and funny?

Some of these openers are situational. Some will work better for some men, while others will work better for other men. You have to experiment to find out which opener works best for you! However, these are not the absolute best Tinder pick-up lines a man can send to open a girl on Tinder. These messages have worked well in the past. Of course, they can still work today. Yet, things continually change. And so should you.

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These work. I wouldn’t lie to you. You don’t need to get uber cheesy or corny with any Tinder pick-up lines. Keep things simple and try these:

  • Hey cutie how’s it going?
  • You seem pretty cool. How’s it going?
  • You look like trouble 😉 (Created by: Mike from Danger & Play)
  • Sweet baby Jesus! Tell your parents good job 😉
  • Ayyy Dios mio!! Tell your parents nice work 😉
  • *only for girls with photos with dog: (insert name here )…I would so steal your dog and never talk to you again (monkey eye cover emoji)
  • Looks like we both at least have one good thing going for us…great taste ha.

These are my absolute favorite Tinder pick-up lines. Find out which ones work best for your area and spam away. Always be experimenting. *Clearly, I’ve saved some of my favorite lines. You can’t give away all your secrets for free. You’ll find more of my favorites in my book.Tinder pick-up lines

When She Responds to your Tinder pick-up lines

tinder girlsOnce she responds to your Tinder pick-up lines, you are in business. Now you can begin having a messaging conversation with the girl. You should already have some type of knowledge about how to engage a girl while messaging her. I assume you have texted and Facebook chatted with numerous girls throughout your life, well, I hope so. A Tinder conversation is really no different than messaging through any of these other mediums. But, we need to remember why we are here…

We want to meet up with this girl in real life as fast as possible. We want to find out how soon she is able to meet up. We want to find out if she is looking to hook up – if she is truly “DTF.”.

So the conversation may be a bit different than with the girls we are texting or messaging on Facebook; the ones who we know in real life. A typical conversation on Tinder should be anywhere from 3-10 back and forth messages. This means that, including your opening messages; you should send 3— 10 messages. If she is going back and forth with you for days on end with no meet up in sight, then she is wasting your time. The messaging conversation should end on Tinder when contact info has been exchanged or a date has been set in stone. You should strive to have natural conversations that are playful and flowing. Tinder is a somewhat relaxed form of online dating, yet it moves quickly. Typically, you should strive to always type just a little less than the girl is typing. Yet, this isn’t always possible. Tinder conversations are usually short, sweet, and to the point. You maintain a facade of interest, but don’t act too interested until it is time to exchange contact information.

After Tinder Pick-Up Lines: Ask Questions or Give Statements

Guys often get confused if they should be asking girls a ton of questions or only giving statements. Asking questions is easier, but by giving statements a guy can a gauge girls interest much more. A normal conversation between two people features way more statements than questions. Yet, there is one issue with this premise – a conversation with two interested individuals means the people conversing are already into the conversation. On Tinder, you will be chatting with chicks that don’t give two fucks about you. You are solely there for their entertainment. While that’s the completely wrong mindset to have… chicks on tinderIt’s the truth of the situation. Until you “hook” her and have her completely intrigued, she’s probably not going to be that into the Tinder conversation. So unless your game level is near expert – you’re going to have to be asking some questions. I’ve found if you give one statement for every one question you ask (Tinder and texting) and she keeps the conversation going with engaged answers – you’re doing pretty well. Now I know this has all been a bit vague, but here’s some concrete follow-up methods:

Three Ways to Follow Up after she Replies to your Tinder pick-up lines

These three techniques are surefire ways to get a girls number on Tinder. While I’m not going to give you full scripts, you should be able to figure it out with one of these methods. Remember: messaging girls is a skill you need to practice if you’re going to fuck a lot of girls through Tinder or online dating. It takes practice.

Qualifying that Hoe

One of my absolute favorite ways to get a girls number online is to make her qualify herself to you. When following up with girls who respond to you, you use a qualifying technique to pique her interest further. By attempting to qualify a girl, you flip the script on her. Instead of her trying to find reasons why she doesn’t want to meet up with you, you are showing her that you may disqualifier her if she is not up to your standards. While your qualifying gig may be true or completely faked, the strategy is sound. The key when qualifying girls online is to make sure that you are to the point, but also playful. By issuing a qualifying response to a woman, you are also weeding out girls whom are not very interested in you and girls with shit attitudes. A girl who isn’t that into you will not take the time to qualify herself to you. A girl who is un-compliant and bitchy will attempt to scold you for trying to qualify her. Here are a few easy qualifying questions to send a girl during a messaging conversation:

  • So what would you say makes you different from other girls? (Created by: Good Looking Loser)
  • Hmmm, so what would you say makes you unique? What makes you “you?

If she actually answers your qualifying question then she is interested. If she actually responds and then asks you about “what makes you different” – she is very interested. If she asks you the same, I’ve found this reply to work well: I’m very goal oriented and honest with intentions. (Created by: Good Looking Loser) After this reply, you should flow into question master game (discussed below) until you think it’s time to get the phone number. You can go straight to the phone number right after this exchange as well.

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Question Master Game

Another great way to get a girl’s number on Tinder is to ask her a shit ton of questions. These questions don’t have to be anything crazy. They can actually be pretty normal. Just ask two or three questions after your Tinder pick-up line and then get her off the app. All your doing with these questions is building some rapport with her before you grab her number.While we want to seem normal during this stage of the Tinder “game” – we can’t afford to come off like every other guy. Unless a guy is going full creep on a chick, he probably follows up his opener with: How are you? And/or… What are you up to? These questions aren’t exactly wetting any panties. We need to do just a little bit better than that. I’ve found questions like these work well:

  • how’d the weekend treat you?
  • and what do you do – work? school? drugs?
  • so what brings you to Tinder?

And those are just a few examples. I’m sure you can think of countless others. Just have a normal conversation with some interesting questions and then go for the number.

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Baby Makin’ on Tinder after your Tinder pick-up lines worked

Tinder is a goofy place. Guys are often either full-on creeps, too lame to talk to, or too goofy to fuck. You have to walk a fine line between all three to fuck a lot of chicks through Tinder. One way to do just that is to incorporate the idea of making “Tinder babies” together. Making Tinder “babies” has a similar feel to it as a pick-up line, but it’s sexual in nature. This sexual vibe is what makes it work. I began picking up this technique while traveling through Latin America. I noticed I could show girls a bit more affection while in Latin cultures and quickly learned how to tell a girl that I though we would make beautiful babies. It worked so well in person that I started using the technique online with similar results. I then learned my friend, Kyle from This Is Trouble, was using a similar method in the U.S. Combining these two methods – this Tinder pick-up line tends to work well while following up on Tinder: I think we would make adorable Tinder babies (You can throw an emoji at the end, if you like.)

Getting her off the App, when your Tinder pick-up lines have succeeded 

tinder chicksGetting a girl to communicate with you outside of Tinder can be one of the hardest parts of Tinder life for many men. This is due to the nature of Tinder, and the fact that every guy out there is asking for her number. Regardless, you almost always have to get her off the app to get in her pants. So you need her phone number. There are three ways to get her number on Tinder. You can ask for her number. You can give her your number and have her text you. Or if you are lucky – she will give you her number out of the blue. *Pro Tip: If she gives you her phone number completely out the blue (i.e. you didn’t request it), she wants the D! Proceed accordingly…

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  Getting Her Number

The most common way guys get a girls number is by asking for it. There is no waiting around for her to message you. You control the interaction. This is a good thing and there’s really no need to complicate it. You can just go for her number in a straightforward manner. Something like:


  • You seem cool. Drop me your number and we can chat a bit more J
  • Cool let’s iron out the details over text. What’s your number
  • So I’m kinda an old-fashioned type of guy who prefers texting over messaging on here, what’s your number?

Or you can add one extra step into the mix. After you chatted with her for a bit, you simply propose some type of date. If she replies in kind, you then ask for her number. Something along the lines of: you seem cool. we should grab a drink sometime. If she’s at all interested, she’ll say yes. Then you reply with something like: cool what’s your number That’s it. Nothing fancy. Nothing too crazy. Your Tinder pick-up lines can be a little crazy, but you don’t have to maintain that level of energy throughout your Tinder conversation.

Giving Her Your Number if your Tinder pick-up lines worked

To bypass any bullshit girls may give you about your quest to get her off the app, you can give her your number. The reasoning behind giving a girl your number instead of asking for hers is to weed out time wasters and girls who are just not that into you. By not requesting their contact info, you put the onus of moving the interaction forward directly on the girl. Thus, if she truly wants to see you, she will either promptly reply with her number or she will shoot you a quick intro text. When you reach a point in the conversation where you think it is time to exchange contact information, you can use one of the examples below to get her texting you:

  • Hey – text me, it’s much easier xxx-xxx-xxxx.
  • Hey my cell is xxx-xxx-xxx – I neglect Tinder sometimes.
  • Cool, let’s iron out the details over text. Text me xxx-xxx-xxxx.
  • So I’m kinda an old fashioned type of guy who prefers texting over Tindering…here’s my cell xxx-xxx-xxxx.

You can also run a quick sequence on these girls to get them to text you. In a messaging conversation on Tinder you can say: You seem cool, let’s get drinks sometime. When they reply positively, you follow up with: Cool, give me a text at xxx-xxx-xxxx and we’ll sort something out. The only issue with giving your number out is that it does not allow you to be proactive in contacting her if she doesn’t contact you quickly or give you her number while still on the site. Still, I have found that this eliminates any girl who is playing games, thus saving your most valuable resource as a man – your time! Use The Tinder Template and it will be a great help.

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17 Replies to “Tinder Pick-Up Lines That Work”

  1. Hey, love the work that you do! Just curious, if i was to purchase the Tinder Template on amazon for kIndle, if there was a future update would i still be eligible for it?

  2. Glad you liked the article. There’s a fine line with Tinder, but once you really get it – there’s no easier way to get laid. Girls on Tinder want sex just like you and I do – they just want it from an exciting guy that comes off at least semi-normal on Tinder and in person.

  3. Great stuff here haha. My golden pick up line is “Let’s laugh together” can usually get a girl’s number within 2-4 messages if she responds positively to that one.

  4. There are parallels between girls and sales. The more I become good at sales, the more it starts to make sense when it comes to girls. I remember when my buddies used to tell me that you have to make REALLY good first impression with girls by having your BEST photo in tinder so she can have few split seconds to decide whether to swipe left or right. I thought to myself what if I post the BEST photo of myself and later she gets disappointed when she sees me that I”m not looking best right now. I used to worry about this, that, this and that. My buddies would also exaggerate their height, age, and income on okcupid and I was like… “dude you have to be honest, what if she later finds out you lied.” and I would go worrying and started to notice it was all useless to worry so much about that. Of course he got better response rate. When I did what he did, my response rate increased little bit. It’s about perception.

    1. And perception is reality. You can avoid nearly all questions she may have about your legitimacy before you have sex with her the first time. And if the sex is good – your “lies” won’t really matter once she finds out. This is how game works. Guys lie about age or money. Girls wear heels and makeup. Sex happens. Life goes on.

      1. The problem is, these dating apps are
        now directly connected to Facebook, so basically, unless you create a fake FB profile set with a “younger birthday”, it will won’t be accurate and these girls today date so damn much, they can tell your lying on a first date.

  5. Great article. However, I have found that my problem is not getting numbers but finding women who are really DTF. A lot of older women, divorcees, time wasters who actually think it’s a legit dating site. And the younger girls, put close-up cleavage pics up, and then write “no hookups”. Does your book include advice on how to deal with those? Or actually meeting in person interactions to lead from date to sex?


    1. Hey Eric. Honestly, yeah you have to filter out some of this tire kickers (the time wasters) – but that’s an issue with all online dating/”dating” platforms.
      For the younger girls they SAY they’re not down and these other women looking for real dating – have you actually tried? They just don’t want to be thought of as easy. Meet up with them and you’d be surprised how many are still down – you just need to be able to build a better rapport with them.

      In the Tinder Template I don’t specifically talk about getting girls who want “no hookups”, but it does mention some things to do when you actually meet up. A lot of people like this section, but I’m not sure if it will help you. With that said you can always try it out – I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it you can always email/contact me and I’ll refund your money if you didn’t think it was helpful.

  6. Tinder has become a total fucking shit show. I can’t believe how rapidly it’s degraded since I was last on it several months ago. LITERALLY EVERY woman gives me the exact same lines every time:

    “oh, I just joined 3 days ago…” OR

    “oh, I don’t have my notifications on”

    Most are older, and have no clue what it’s about. It’s like they just joined because they enjoy attention and entertainment, nothing else. They chat, seem interested one second, then as soon a meet is proposed, they ghost. Then I just delete them after a few days and the cycle continues on and on. And that’s taking into account the actual real profiles who are active, not the countless bots and wannabe discovered models/actresses. Tinder is worse then ever IMO.

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