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Tinder Lines to Use when Away from Home

So you planned your trip. Do you have your Tinder Lines Ready? You’ve got two weeks or two months in Colombia. Or Thailand. Or Australia. Or Sweden. Wherever you’re going – you have limited time. This is for guys with two weeks off work and guys on the road permanently. We only have so much time in each locale. You have your Tinder lines ready to roll. You pony up for Tinder Plus and change your location. Your Tinder profile is optimized, and you start to swipe one evening. The next morning you wake up and a batch of cute chicks from “insert foreign locale” matched with you.

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Tinder lines

You scroll through the photos of your new matches as your morning wood intensifies. It’s going to be a good trip! It’s time to start messaging these beauties and seeing which ones are up to meet up when you arrive. We don’t want to jump the gun here. You need to understand a few of the subtle differences between Tinder lines (or game) while you’re at home and Tindering while you’re on the road.

So here’s a quick batch of Tinder lines (or game) a traveling man can use on the road:

playing tourist

Playing the “Tourist” Card is Easy

When you’re on the road, you’re a tourist. You know almost nothing about the new city or country you’re in. When you arrive, you’ll probably end up asking someone on the street for directions to your lodging or for a decent place to eat. When you are a tourist, you often have to reach out and ask for help. This is common knowledge and nearly every individual who isn’t on a packaged holiday knows this.

Thus, many people love to help travelers. This means those cute girls on Tinder, too. It’s pretty easy to get into a “tourist” type of conversation while you’re traveling. You can ask her about restaurants, nightlife, things to do, etc. These are Tinder Lines, asking for help. She’ll often be more than helpful, especially if you’re attractive. However, you can’t get stuck in this trap too long. So after she answers some questions for you – you’ll then want to tell her something about how you are, “looking for a cute tour guide” or “taking applications for cute tour guides” to keep the conversation from veering to the friend zone. Overall, you just need to use the “tourist” card to get the conversation moving. Then you move to your regular game quickly.

WhatsApp is Everything

If you don’t have a phone with WhatsApp while you’re traveling – you’re an idiot. Or you just don’t want to get laid. WhatsApp messaging is the primary way many people in countries around the world communicate, due to it being free. If you have Wi-Fi then you can message on WhatsApp to your heart’s content for free. If a girl is on Tinder – she will have WhatsApp. She will be able to communicate with you while you’re pipelining her. Experienced travelers know this, but for all of your rookies out there – never leave home without WhatsApp.

Understanding your Foreigner Value

sexy polish hipsterIt’s vital you understand your value as a foreigner before you really start to pipeline. You don’t want to over game some of these chicks. In every country in the world, each man will have a different value. Some countries adore western culture, while others despise it. Some countries black skin is loved. Other countries white skin is loved.

Here are a few examples:

  • White skin is worshiped in Asia and some parts of Latin America.
  • Blonde hair and blue eyes is worshiped in Latin America
  • Black men do very well in Australia and many parts of Central Europe.
  • Latin men do very well in many parts of Central Europe.
  • Men with “accents” do well in the US.

Don’t take offense to any of the above. I’m just telling you how it is. These are just a few examples. Depending on the type of man you are, you may find yourself traveling to a place that loves you – for just being you. In places where you are valued, you don’t have to game nearly as hard or as much. 
If you’re wondering about your value at the location you’re traveling to – ask yourself: 
Do I look like the men of this country? 
If you answered no, then there’s a decent chance the women will value you – as her country can’t naturally produce men like you and you’ll be exotic to her.

White Lies

Many times you’ll run into a woman who is very interested in you, but she’ll want to know exactly how long you’ll be in her country or city. This question is always a tough one. Some women want a longer-term fling than a few days. However, there are many women who just want something quick. You’ll have to read the situation and determine the best course of action.

If I’m chatting with a girl and she asks me this question before I’m sure of what she’s looking for, I usually revert to a little white lie. Tinder lines can be used creatively. I tell the girl I’ll be staying for just a little longer than I am. I also tell her that I’m looking for a country to live in and just wanted to check the country out on this trip to see if I could live in her country. This gives her the hope that you’ll one day return, which is often enough to persuade the chicks that are really into you into meeting – even if you’re leaving in three days.

cute asian girlI wouldn’t outright lie to a girl and tell her you’re living in her city and then leave after a week. That’s not a good thing to do and it can backfire. Sometimes you only having a week gives the girls a sense of urgency to meet. They know if they don’t come to see you soon – you’ll be gone.

Complimenting her English

One item you’ll always want to remember is to compliment her English. If she is fluent, you can tell her you’re impressed. If she is just trying, you can tell her she is doing a great job. Some girls will be a bit shy about communicating in English because they don’t want to feel dumb. Encourage them to speak in English with you by complimenting how they speak the language and they will do their best.

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