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Let’s be real here…

We all like sex. We’re all human. Man. Woman. We’ve been created to enjoy the act of sexual intercourse. It’s natural. Hell, it’s even healthy. We were born to breed.

borat sexJust like all men and women were born to breed – individuals should be able to enjoy their vacation time to the fullest. While some of us built our lives around traveling, others only get a few weeks a year. And no matter how long you get to travel – we must focus on deriving maximum enjoyment from our minimal traveling time.

This means days spent on the beach, or in the mountains, or exploring a world-class city. This means evenings enjoying incredible cuisine. And the nights…

Well, I see no reason a man’s nights shouldn’t be spent enjoying the local ladies as he travels. Now, I’m not advocating buying whores, anything of that nature, or anything criminal. That’s not my style. If you’re into that then this post isn’t for you. What I am advocating is a man’s use of Tinder to line up dates during his time spent on vacation or traveling.

If you’re like me, then you love a good night out. Partying at the disco until the wee hours of the morning is typically a great time and can often yield a beautiful woman in the traveling man’s bed. However, I’ve found myself having an issue with this scenario the more and more I travel. The late nights and the excessive drinking often lead to late mornings and sluggish days.

If I have one week in an incredible city – I want to use my time to explore the damn place! I don’t want to be nursing a hangover until three in the afternoon. So while spending a night out drinking and hitting on chicks is great fun, and often fruitful, there are many times when I’m traveling that I’d much rather get a decent night’s sleep than stay out until four in the morning.

So I often turn to Tinder while traveling to curve my carnal desires. 

Using Tinder for travel allows me to connect with and attract women in every city I visit, often before I even touchdown. Using Tinder, I can set up dates with cute chicks in every city I go to without ever going out. I’ll line up a date. Spend my day exploring the new city in however way I see fit. Maybe catch up on work a bit. Then I’ll meet up with the foreign cutie for a few drinks. Run a lil’ game on her and see if she wants to come back to my place (apartment/hotel/etc.) for a quick “glass of wine” before calling it a night.

And when we get back to the crib…

Well, I’m sure you know the deal. Animals tend to do what they’re made to. No need to spend hours in the club. No need to stay up all night long. We make sweet love and then I get a full night sleep before waking up hangover-free the following morning. That’s the beauty of traveling with Tinder.

Tinder and Pipelining

hot jamacian girlsThe above scenario is called pipelining, and I certainly didn’t invent it. Hell, I have no idea who was the first man to try and meet girls online while he was traveling – before he arrived. I’d imagine some innovative scoundrel might have been scouring the earth in 2004 or 2005 using online dating to meet cuties. However, the practice really came into play when Naughty Nomad coined the term pipelining in 2011. According to the Naughty Nomad:

“Pipelining” is a practice primarily employed by travelers wanting to meet potential sexual partners in a future destination. Meetings are typically arranged online through social networking and dating sites. The objective is to have potential mates already ‘in the pipeline’ prior to arrival in a certain location, thus vastly increasing the chances of a sexual encounter with a local. The terms ‘Pipelining’ and ‘online game’ can be used interchangeably.

So, by using Tinder Plus to have girls ready and willing to meet you before you arrive – you are pipelining the locale you are traveling to.

Tinder for Travel – The Basics of Pipelining

Pipelining can be a confusing process, or really simple – it is up to you. In general, you shouldn’t have much issue transferring the game you’re running back home to pipelining a foreign locale on Tinder. Western women are often the most difficult women to game in the world. These women require the most effort and the sharpest game. This means if your game has developed to get laid quickly with Western girls on Tinder – then you’ll have no real need to change your Tinder game strategy when you go abroad.

The key tenants of pipelining on Tinder are the same as the key tenants of running a solid Tinder game in a Western country. You need great photos that attract and arouse women. You need profile text that is interesting and a bit entertaining. You need an opening message or three that you can spam out to the women you want to meet. You need to be able to message with a girl and have an interesting conversation. Then you get her number. The difference comes in the timing…


The timeframe with which you contact these women will make or break the success of your pipelining. You don’t want to message a woman two months before you arrive – only to have her lose interest in you because you aren’t arriving for another two months. On the other hand, if you only start contacting girls a day or two before you arrive then you may end up with no good prospects.

big tits dominicanThe problem with giving you a definitive timeframe to start your pipelining efforts on Tinder is…

Every country is different. This means each country’s women will behave a bit differently. You may only want to start your pipelining efforts on Tinder in Japan 3-5 days before you arrive. However, in Italy you may need to start your pipelining around two weeks before you arrive.

While there is no absolute timeframe to when you should start pipelining on Tinder, I usually recommend a man pipelines with this timeframe: from 3 days before he arrives to 3 weeks before he arrives. This will all come down to the women he is dealing with, the country he is going to, and how much time he has to pipeline.

Opening in Her Language or English

The opening message can make or break a conversation. Many of these girls on Tinder that are into foreigners have had some bad luck with Tinder in the past. So if you run similar game to the foreigner she hates – she’s going to ignore your message. For instance, the last foreigner a girl from Latin America had sex with only spoke English and treated her like shit. She may assume you don’t speak any Spanish if you open with her in English, and thus, not even entertain the thoughts of meeting you – simply because you don’t know her language.

cute asian girlSo to avoid issues like this I stick with a few rules. If she has English anywhere on her profile or attached Instagram account – I’ll open her in English. If she doesn’t have any English whatsoever – I’ll open with her in her language, only if I can speak some of her language. If you don’t speak a drop of her language then just stick with English.

In many places across the globe, you should be fine opening girls on Tinder in English. The region where this can be tricky is Latin America. Each country varies. You can open every girl on Tinder in Peru in English and pretty much be fine. However, you’ll get rejected a number of times and burn girls who may have been into you otherwise if you take this strategy to the Dominican Republic.

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