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Best Tinder Bios for Guys (5 rules to get that right swipes)

Best Tinder Bios for Guys,

Best Tinder Bios for Guys. So few characters can say so much about a person, especially if they don't fill in the bio section, that say a great deal (don’t ever leave it empty, we all know the bio isn’t the most important thing, but come on, you’re sure to get swiped the dreaded left if you don’t give people any idea of who you are). You’ve got max 500 characters to catch eyes and grab their interest, say some good stuff. Latin American Cupid is the way to go.

Your bio will not be read by most girls. She’ll swipe left/right if she is attracted to your main photo. There are some rare chicks that will check in on your profile, so don't keep your bio empty.


​The objective of the profile bio is to grab her attention, and make her swipe right. Best case scenario: she swipes right and initiates a conversation. This can be achieved with a great bio. What creates the Best Tinder Bios for Guys depends on what you and the she are looking for, and how serious you take online dating. But, in general, your bio should be fun real and humorous. Nothing is more lame than “I’m Jeff, 30 years old, and I like to work out and read”. Get the Tinder Template here, it's awesome. Create the Best Tinder Bios for Guys, If you’re tall, you can put your height in the bio. This is of course very superficial, but it can get work for you tall guys.

 This is simply because a lot of hot chicks look for tall men. For instance, I knew a guy in Bangkok who used his 6-2 frame to help him getting one-night-stands on Tinder.  6'2", Swipe right if you have a giant fetish”. The chicks loved it.

Here's a great article we did earlier on How to Write Your Tinder Bio: 

If you’re on the shorter side, you should be humorous. Humbling humor works great I used to run with variants of: “Swipe right if you got a thing for dorks, bookworms, or check-out clerks. Sometimes I’d add short descriptions of me like “Wannabe Harley gang member, ex-Pro Wrestler, and one-time hand model”. Again, this is quite humorous, shows you aren’t taking yourself too seriously, and sparks some interest from the girls.

Humorous bios with a fun conversation starter help build he Best Tinder Bios for Guys. We've had great success by adding questions that make you think on our Tinder profiles. Essentially, my take on the Tinder bio is to be humorous, self-deprecating, not take everything so seriously, and not reveal too much about yourself. The bio is not an opportunity to write your autobiography. You want to keep it short and sweet. A little mystery works great, there is an art to creating mystery, some have it, many don't, tread carefully when creating your Tinder profiles.

The way to a girl’s heart, like many men, is food,  but if you can get laughter out of a woman, you are scoring huge points. Getting her to laugh on Tinder if tough. If you can make them smile and laugh with your bio, then you’re on the right track.

Back to the basics, don't forget, for Best Tinder Bios for Guys:

Tinder is very simple and that's what makes it so successful. Add a few photos, write a quick Tinder bio and you are done.

​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    You see profiles of other people shown on your smartphone, if you like a pic like, you swipe right.If you don’t like, you swipe left. When two people swipe right on each other profiles, "It's a Match!". You both of them liked each other, and now they can message each other.The part about messaging is a material for another article; we are now here to help you overcome the first obstacle, that right swipe. Although the pictures do play a great part in determining will someone swipe right, the bio is just as important.

This article we did explains Tinder


Best Tinder Bios for Guys rule 1:

Your Tinder bio should be brief, to the point and funny. The Tinder Template is a fabulous resource for helping to create your Tinder Bio, check it out here. ​Your Tinder Bio should be a few lines, max. Nobody cares that you're the kind of guy who goes bed on a Thursday night and spends an hour writing a Tinder Profile while drinking beer. That's not attractive, it's creepy. Extremely sad and lame. You want to be the kind of guy who whizzes off two funny, charismatic sentences about himself  walking from the gym to their car.

​Of course we don't mean you should actually only spend two minutes writing it. By all means do spend an entire Thursday evening in bed writing the damn thing, just don't make it look like you did.

Best Tinder Bios for Guys Rule 2:

Don't list personal facts in your Tinder Bios men. Your name, age and distance are already listed, and that's all you need. Any bio that states your job, height, university, address and siblings is an immediate turn-off. Your date wants to get to know you at their casual time, not read what effectively sounds like a background check compiled by a insure man.


Best Tinder Bios for Guys Rule 3:

No cheese ball lines or wise cracks in your Tinder Profile Bio. That means no chat-up lines, no jokes so wet you could wring them like a sponge, and no over-witted statements that only PHD's would enjoy.

Best Tinder Bios for Guys

Best Tinder Bios for Guys Rule 4:

Don't try and be overly cute or sensitive in your online dating bio. "Dog lover and kitten lover" might make girls want to BFF you, but they won't want have sex with you. Also, they know you're lying. Please don't act like someone your are not, this is your online dating bio, you are trying to get a girl to like you from a few words and pics. Don't be someone you are not when you create your Tinder Bio.

We did an article on the Tinder Hook up, check it out here:

Best Tinder Bios for Guys Rule 5:

Do not do the lame: "I'm a dick" Tinder bio. Chicks create this lame Tinder Profile also. You lay out any stereotypical criticism you think someone might throw at you and you own it. Like This: 'Don't worry, I won't call you back after the first date, and no I don't want you to be my girlfriend. Never use "Take it or leave it". I'm amazed when I see this, and people wonder why they're miserable?

How to Make a Tasteful (Yet Successful) Tinder Profile, Best Tinder Bios for Guys

 When it comes to your Tinder Bio, not being that guy amounts to, well, not being pretty much most men. We realize this can be hard, as each girl has a different opinion on "that guy". Here's how to use the online dating app like a gentleman. 

Tinder isn't that unlike any other method of picking up girls. Women are looking for pretty simple things here: a nice, normal-looking dude in a vast pool of douche-bags. The Tinder Template is a book we created, a plentiful resource for helping to create your Tinder Bio, check it out here.That's it, the Best Tinder Bio for Guys is a simple, tasteful autobiography (We use this term loosely, don't create an autobiography, this is an online dating "semi" autobiography.

​                                                                                               The tricky part is, it's online dating, which means ladies are coming into it with some serious doubts. Plus, you've got much less time and space to make an impression. A few pictures, a little bit of text about yourself, and that's all you get, so make it count in your Tinder Profile Bio. If you've been living a tired and matchless existence, here are some tips on how not to blow it, how to create the Best Tinder Bios for Guys.

Best Tinder Bios For Guys

Photos ARE HUGE !!! Creating The Best Tinder Bios for Guys


  • The best Tinder Bios Have at least three pictures. This is a debated topic, some say you do better with 2 pics, some say put 6 up? One or two is not enough to convince us of what you really look like. We say that this can be a trial and error thing, try different variations over time and track results.
  • Choose pictures that are in focus for your Tinder Bio. It sounds obvious, but it's amazing how many guys miss this simple cue. Tinder is a visual experience, and that blurry shot is aggravating.
  • Be a pal and smile for the camera for your Tinder Profile. For all of you attempting to pull off Blue Steel in every one your pictures, here's a little secret: dating is supposed to be fun. She's not interested in meeting up with someone who either takes themselves way too seriously, or is hiding some seriously messed up teeth.

** There have been s couple studies on guys looking away from camera, no smile, nice shirt. Try this one out for your Tinder Bio.

  • Show off your interests in your Tinder Bios guys. Unless that interest is biking in spandex. PLEASE, men, stop wearing spandex!!
  • If you have a cute pet, use it in your Tinder Bio, borrow a friends pet. It works great, if you own a dog or have a friend who does ”take a nice picture with it. I cannot tell you how many times my friends and I have swiped right on a guy we were on the fence about because of a puppy or kitty on the pic. Please, no reptiles or rodents.


  • Go overboard trying to be quirky when creating your Tinder Bio. Remember: nice, normal-looking guy. Not a dude who appears to live in a football uniform. Not a man who is making stupid hand gestures in every picture. Please, it is impossible to appear sexy in  flip-flops, headlamps, acid-wash jeans, or oversized sunglasses. A good rule of thumb is this: If you wouldn't wear it out to a bar, it shouldn't be in your Tinder profile. The Best Tinder Bios for Guys shows you as you are in real life, maybe a little better, cleaned up, dressed in your nicest clothes, but don't change who you are, that will only lead to wasted time. If you get a girl to meet based on her thinking you're are someone else, then she will most likely not like the real you. Wasted time!!
  • Go shirtless! Even if you have a nice body. It's just one of those things we'd like to be pleasantly surprised by in person, like guys who still open doors for girls.

** Again, this is a very debated topic, we here many different opinions on this. We feel that its a toss up. Maybe have a classy pic up front, and if she takes the time to look at more have a tasteful shirtless pic.

  • Try and show off with manly hobbies you tried that one time on vacation. Skydiving, rock climbing, even horse riding (chicks dig horses)
  • Don't get lost in the crowd. We understand that the camera often only comes out at parties especially with a bunch of women present ”but if I can't figure out which man I'm looking for, or whether you screwed that girl hugging you, I'm gonna move on to one of the tons of other Tinderonis. Stick to solo shots if you can. A group shot here and there is fine ”as long as it's not the same one in every picture, or it might get confusing. MAKE SURE YOU STAND OUT IN THE PIC OR ARE TAGGED so she knows which one you are.

Profile Text:


  • Keep it brief, simple, a few words, a short sentence is fine. Example: "San Diego, small business owner, Dog Lover." Keep it so simple even you can write it, she's focusing on your pictures anyway, and it'll give her plenty to ask about in a conversation. It's a little lame, but "I have a job" works, because having a job helps to greatly increase a woman's interest in you. If you don't have a job, and are not in school, be financially independent.
  • Give some details that are helpful, you know the kind of things chicks are interested in. Height is a useful one, and an Instagram account or Twitter handle is a nice way for her to get a peek into your life without having to commit to a Facebook request.

The Tinder Template is a fabulous resource for helping to create your Tinder Bio, many helpful hints to get RIGHT SWIPES.


  • Use a lame, outdated quote. The chance of her getting it are extremely low. Never think that everyone gets a stupid line, quote, joke from a movie, song, or joke just because you and your friends still use it.
  • Use a generic quote from a Valentines card, or something you read in a love story that you just think might work.

​Use International Cupid Dating site  when outside USA, or planning a trip abroad. It works great, team members here at MasculineProfiles.com have personally used it and have had great success.

More on Photos:

Try showing your Tinder pics up at Photofeeler to see what kind of response you get from women your age — if you look sexy, intelligent,  trustworthy, fun, in shape, etc. It’s eye-opening and can change your Tinder experience completely.

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