8 Observations About Mexican Women

When guys think of Mexican girls, they usually picture Latinas living in the US. But that’s like judging Chinese food based on the takeout places in your city and never having set foot in China. If you think you’d like to try Mexican women, go to the homeland and prepare to have your assumptions smashed.

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I lived in Mexico for a little over a year and dated a lot of Mexicanas. Below are some things I learned about the women of Mexico. Some of these may surprise you:

You won’t find many slutty girls

mexicanaLooking for girls gone wild? Yes, you can find that in Mexico but…only in Cancun. And those girls in Cancun are not Mexican – they’re American. I’ll admit that I have a weakness for outrageous club girls – girls that down shots of vodka, dance on the tables half naked then hook up with a guy in the alleyway behind the club. If you suffer from this same affliction, then you’re better off staying in the Anglosphere. It may be the power of the Catholic religion in Mexico. Or it could be a reaction to the “hook-up culture” promoted by the media in the states. Who knows?

Upper-class Mexican girls don’t care about your passport

Because of the job I had while I was in Mexico, I hung around with a group of wealthy Mexican twenty-somethings. Their fathers bought them BMW’s for their first cars, they had second houses in the country, etc. This is what I learned: Mexican women from this socio-economic level do not care about your white skin, blond hair and US passport. They’ve already traveled to Europe and the US many times. They’ve probably lived and studied there. They can get their visa easy enough. They don’t need your money, and they are already white.

It’s not that these fresas (upper-class Mexican girls) are impossible, you just can’t coast on your exoticness. Bring some success and status to the table and you’ll make inroads with these girls.

Corollary to the above – White European guys will get better reactions than white American guys

cute mexican girlMexico and The United States have been neighbors for a long time. Every girl in Mexico has a brother, cousin, aunt, friend, etc. living on the other side of the border. Every holiday weekend they drive up to El Paso to do some shopping. Every summer they meet Americans holidaying in Cancun or Vallarta. What this all means is that Americans stopped being exotic years ago. However, if you are French, British, German, not Spanish (for language and conquering reasons), Swedish, etc., etc., you will get more interest from girls.

Remember the number 1 rule of seduction – be different, don’t be boring. Don’t let this get you down if you’re from the land of Uncle Sam. Just keep plugging away and don’t expect to be treated like a rock star.

Mexicans look north not south

Now, American guys don’t have the same exotic value in Mexico anymore, but they are still higher up the totem pole than men from Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, etc. If you are from Argentina or Brazil, and you are tall, white and blonde then you’ll be okay. Racism runs deep in many Latin American countries, and Mexicans consider themselves to be a step above their Hispanic brothers in the south of the continent.

Mexican women have good values

Like I said earlier, I couldn’t find many Runaround Sues in the nightclubs. Mexican girls value (in no particular order): school, friends, family. Once a Mexican woman is married and has children, infidelity is not an issue. Compare this to countries such as Colombia and the Dominican Republic where it would be a good idea to put a GPS tracker on your girlfriend.

mexican weather womanThe collective social pressure (in Mexico) from family and friends, allied to the religious beliefs serve to keep the women in check – in a good way. This makes them ideal for long-term relationships and (yikes!) marriage. If I wanted to settle down in Latin America with a woman who would be a good mother to my children, Mexico would be my first stop.

School dominates a Mexican girl’s life until graduation

A usual weekday for a Mexican student is to attend school from 8-5 and then go to English classes in the evenings. This leaves little time for dates but is great for day approaching because the schools will be full to the brim with targets. If you are in Mexico and are finding the girls are always too busy to meet up, then find a way to worm your way into a school or workplace. There you will meet them on their turf, and you won’t have an iota of foreign guy competition.

Related point: make sure you have your own place. I was seeing a girl in San Luis Potosi for a full month before we fucked because she was living in a guest house (this isn’t a come-and-go-as-you-please guest house) and I was staying with a friend. I finally sealed the deal one night after we had been making out in the park like newlyweds and were so hot we were ready to rip each other’s clothes off. I asked her where the nearest hotel was and walked her there and booked a room for one night.

House parties are popular

sexy mexican girlEvery night out in Mexico begins at somebody’s house before they go to the club. If you were with the girl at the house party earlier in the night, then you might have a chance with her after the club closes. Provided you can work the logistics, of course. If you just met her at the club that night, then you have your work cut out. At the house party, you can pick out the girl you want, get the approval of her friends and get to know her one-to-one in a quiet environment (get her on the couch sitting next to you) all before you all go to the club.

Big mixed groups at the club

This is Latin America, what did you expect? Think about what I’ve already said: friendships are sacred, no easy club girls in Mexico, school comes first, and everybody meets at a house party first. This all means that sniper game won’t work very well in the club. You will have to work the group. Like many things, it’s simple but not easy. Befriend the guys first and gradually respect them before you talk to the girls. Here are a couple of lines for you:

  • “que onda?” (Hey, what’s up?)
  • me permites platicar con tu amiga?” (Can I talk to your friend?)

Mexican Women – Overall

Mexican women are more honest than Colombian girls, less promiscuous than Dominican girls, better looking than Bolivian girls and easier than Argentine girls. If you are looking to settle down with a traditional woman and raise a family in a country with excellent food, friendly people and close to Texas then it is one of the better options in Latin America.

PS: Getting laid in Mexico is harder than a lot of other Latin American countries. The easiest way to ensure you meet some cute Mexicanas is by signing up on Mexican Cupid. The online dating site costs a few bucks, but it’s the best way to meet Mexican women that are hoping to meet foreign guys like you. 

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