8 Observations About Mexican Women

When guys think of Mexican girls, they usually picture Latinas living in the US. But that’s like judging Chinese food based on the takeout places in your city and never having set foot in China. If you think you’d like to try Mexican women, go to the homeland and prepare to have your assumptions smashed.

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I lived in Mexico for a little over a year and dated a lot of Mexicanas. Below are some things I learned about the women of Mexico. Some of these may surprise you:

You won’t find many slutty girls

mexicanaLooking for girls gone wild? Yes, you can find that in Mexico but…only in Cancun. And those girls in Cancun are not Mexican – they’re American. I’ll admit that I have a weakness for outrageous club girls – girls that down shots of vodka, dance on the tables half naked then hook up with a guy in the alleyway behind the club. If you suffer from this same affliction, then you’re better off staying in the Anglosphere. It may be the power of the Catholic religion in Mexico. Or it could be a reaction to the “hook-up culture” promoted by the media in the states. Who knows?

Upper-class Mexican girls don’t care about your passport

Because of the job I had while I was in Mexico, I hung around with a group of wealthy Mexican twenty-somethings. Their fathers bought them BMW’s for their first cars, they had second houses in the country, etc. This is what I learned: Mexican women from this socio-economic level do not care about your white skin, blond hair and US passport. They’ve already traveled to Europe and the US many times. They’ve probably lived and studied there. They can get their visa easy enough. They don’t need your money, and they are already white.

It’s not that these fresas (upper-class Mexican girls) are impossible, you just can’t coast on your exoticness. Bring some success and status to the table and you’ll make inroads with these girls.

Corollary to the above – White European guys will get better reactions than white American guys

cute mexican girlMexico and The United States have been neighbors for a long time. Every girl in Mexico has a brother, cousin, aunt, friend, etc. living on the other side of the border. Every holiday weekend they drive up to El Paso to do some shopping. Every summer they meet Americans holidaying in Cancun or Vallarta. What this all means is that Americans stopped being exotic years ago. However, if you are French, British, German, not Spanish (for language and conquering reasons), Swedish, etc., etc., you will get more interest from girls.

Remember the number 1 rule of seduction – be different, don’t be boring. Don’t let this get you down if you’re from the land of Uncle Sam. Just keep plugging away and don’t expect to be treated like a rock star.

Mexicans look north not south

Now, American guys don’t have the same exotic value in Mexico anymore, but they are still higher up the totem pole than men from Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, etc. If you are from Argentina or Brazil, and you are tall, white and blonde then you’ll be okay. Racism runs deep in many Latin American countries, and Mexicans consider themselves to be a step above their Hispanic brothers in the south of the continent.

Mexican women have good values

Like I said earlier, I couldn’t find many Runaround Sues in the nightclubs. Mexican girls value (in no particular order): school, friends, family. Once a Mexican woman is married and has children, infidelity is not an issue. Compare this to countries such as Colombia and the Dominican Republic where it would be a good idea to put a GPS tracker on your girlfriend.

mexican weather womanThe collective social pressure (in Mexico) from family and friends, allied to the religious beliefs serve to keep the women in check – in a good way. This makes them ideal for long-term relationships and (yikes!) marriage. If I wanted to settle down in Latin America with a woman who would be a good mother to my children, Mexico would be my first stop.

School dominates a Mexican girl’s life until graduation

A usual weekday for a Mexican student is to attend school from 8-5 and then go to English classes in the evenings. This leaves little time for dates but is great for day approaching because the schools will be full to the brim with targets. If you are in Mexico and are finding the girls are always too busy to meet up, then find a way to worm your way into a school or workplace. There you will meet them on their turf, and you won’t have an iota of foreign guy competition.

Related point: make sure you have your own place. I was seeing a girl in San Luis Potosi for a full month before we fucked because she was living in a guest house (this isn’t a come-and-go-as-you-please guest house) and I was staying with a friend. I finally sealed the deal one night after we had been making out in the park like newlyweds and were so hot we were ready to rip each other’s clothes off. I asked her where the nearest hotel was and walked her there and booked a room for one night.

House parties are popular

sexy mexican girlEvery night out in Mexico begins at somebody’s house before they go to the club. If you were with the girl at the house party earlier in the night, then you might have a chance with her after the club closes. Provided you can work the logistics, of course. If you just met her at the club that night, then you have your work cut out. At the house party, you can pick out the girl you want, get the approval of her friends and get to know her one-to-one in a quiet environment (get her on the couch sitting next to you) all before you all go to the club.

Big mixed groups at the club

This is Latin America, what did you expect? Think about what I’ve already said: friendships are sacred, no easy club girls in Mexico, school comes first, and everybody meets at a house party first. This all means that sniper game won’t work very well in the club. You will have to work the group. Like many things, it’s simple but not easy. Befriend the guys first and gradually respect them before you talk to the girls. Here are a couple of lines for you:

  • “que onda?” (Hey, what’s up?)
  • me permites platicar con tu amiga?” (Can I talk to your friend?)

Mexican Women – Overall

Mexican women are more honest than Colombian girls, less promiscuous than Dominican girls, better looking than Bolivian girls and easier than Argentine girls. If you are looking to settle down with a traditional woman and raise a family in a country with excellent food, friendly people and close to Texas then it is one of the better options in Latin America.

PS: Getting laid in Mexico is harder than a lot of other Latin American countries. The easiest way to ensure you meet some cute Mexicanas is by signing up on Mexican Cupid. The online dating site costs a few bucks, but it’s the best way to meet Mexican women that are hoping to meet foreign guys like you. 

15 Replies to “8 Observations About Mexican Women”

  1. Man, you need to spend more time in Mexico because you jyst don’t get it. Been living here for 7 years, mainly hanging out with upper class peeps.

    1) Mexican women will always care about your passport if it’s American or from Europe. They might be super wealthy but they are still mexican, which means they cannot get visas easily.
    2) The more money they have, the more slutty they are. They will not have sex with you easily, but boy how they will tease you.
    3) Mexicans cheat. It’s in their culture. That explains all the dramatic mexican songs. You’ll have a better chance to find a pearl in a oyster then a faithful mexican.
    4) School does not come first if they are rich since the only thing important to them is to find a rich man who will maintain them and their kids for the rest of their lifes. We call them “mientras me caso” (until I get married).

    1. I appreciate you adding to the discussion man, but your arguments are full of holes.

      1) I lived and worked with rich Mexicans (old money) for a year. I’d say 70% of them had studied at college in the U.S. Also, the super wealthy can get visas easily – it’s Mexico man, corrupt as hell.
      2) You say that rich girls are “more slutty”, then you say “They will not have sex with you easily”. For me, a slut is a girl who will have sex with a new guy without thinking twice about it. Girls who “tease” but don’t put out are either time wasters seeking validation or strippers.
      3) You do have a point here. Lying is a big part of their culture and historians have written entire books about it. However, I would still trust a Mexican girl over a Colombian one.
      4) Why would a rich girl need “a rich man who will maintain them and their kids for the rest of their lives?” The rich Mexican girls I knew could live off family money for the rest of their lives without a man. Getting married for her is more about social status and joining two powerful families rather than financial necessity. Do you know any young middle/upper class Mexicans who don’t go to school?

      1. You don’t seem to understand that the corruption in Mexico plays no part in how easily they can obtain a foreign visa — since the Mexican government has little to nothing to do with a Mexican citizen acquiring an American or EU Travel Visa.

        You defend your anecdotal evidence and observations zealously … which really shows your age and perhaps your narrow-mindedness. You have no evidence other than your observation vs. someone else’s observation. They can both be true. Let’s assume you’re extremely social and got to know 1220 people over the course of a year; Congratulations, you’ve now met 0.000001% of the population of Mexico … That seems like a large enough objective sample size to understand an entire culture!

  2. I definitely agree with Lola! Lola hit it right on target! It’s part of mexican blood and culture. Mexicans are carefree darkskin. They like sitting under the sun for free vitamin D and allow their kids to roam freely everywhere and do as they please. They love their kids beyond respect and never put them down when they failed at everything they do. They actually embrace failing and are happy when they turned junkies and drug cartel leaders…..ka ching! They love easy money! Doesnt matter if they break the law, parents break the laws too! Carefree and free stuff like welfare for mexican baby making machines….it’s in trend and has been for a decade. Mexicans are smart and carefree, sit under the sun, get free vitamin D, whore the daughters through education of baby popping machines can benefit their pockets, how crossing the borders illegally and breaking the law is a must dream ….. who cares about education or future when America gives you welfare and free healthcare. Mexicans love free stuff without working for it…very smart! American keeps giving, mexicans keep taking…., sex is great, baby making machine for welfare…why not….mexican whores love welfare money over loose vaginas and muffin tops and cellulites and all……mexicans love free welfare anything. So rich or poor mexicans, doesnt matter…..all the same just as Lola described. Havent met one who is dumb and there is nothing wrong with being a whore making bany machine for welfare. The babies growup in prison makes them strong like men…mexican whores sure know how life works in their best interest. Mucho Bravo!

  3. Lola is right on target! AMEN Lola! I agree 100%, Mexican women are easy especially if you have money and are a white guy…they drop their panties like flies…Mexican men and women DO cheat ALOT! Cheating is in their culture. .cheating while married is normal Mexican men and women. Not all Mexican women can cook….I know plenty who can’t cook. Most mexican women are obese and have mustaches also, 99% of Mexican women do not look like the women in the pictures on this website. .go to a flea market or Walmart in Sunday and you will see a bunch of ugly fat Mexican chicks with no ass or boobs….So most of the things mentioned in this article are not true. …and are only opinions from a biased (Mexican) author

  4. ah ah ah Putas you just have to hunt for the hot Mexican ladies, besides they are all whores, when the all mighty dollar Bill appears, BUT I will say this, it is possible to find a good Mexican girl who will be faithful to you & cook and all. But you have to put in your time. They are all over Mexico, but the best places are places that are out of the way, Places that Foreigners do not go to ! If you go to Baja, Do NOT GO to Cabo, Try Lapaz, or go to Hermosillo Sonora, or Guadalajara, Just get a Fucking Map of Mexico and do your research ! My Family is from Sonora, I was married to a Mexican from Monterrey, but she lied to the fact she was really Spanish and she had died her hair black when she was a Red head, I HATE RED Hair! So that ended ! BUT I WAS IN A HURRY,…. SO SEE when I say take your time and LOOK, I mean just that. I Love Mexico, its an amazing place, If you get into old mexico culture, the Vaqueros, Ranching, the old Don’s. Grape Vineyards, it can be pretty cool. I have seen some Beautiful Chicas there, and have dated and been with the same. But you need to go prepared. It helps if you speak a little Spanish or IF you can have a Trusted Mexican sidekick who will go with you to translate! But it is easy to learn a few words to get by. Stay away from the Border towns except maybe Mexicali, Ya if it was me I would go to small towns in Valleys in the Mountains where WHITE PEOPLE do not go anymore, It will be cheaper to stay, the people are more Down to earth, stronger families, traditional Values, and GOD FORBID YOU MAY HAVE TO MIND YOUR MANNERS AND ACTUALLY COURT the GIRL of your dreams, that means NO FUCKING TILL YOU MARRY HER with her family & Friends in front of the PRIEST! Ya you & her go for a walk and you are trailing aunts & uncles all watching your ass. And I will give you a HINT HERE, GET IN WITH THE FATHER! Bring a GIFT, like an EXPENSIVE BOTTLE OF BOOZE, Or if he smokes some nice Cigars & a Cool Liter, Cutter combo, Or maybe a all purpose Swiss Army knife with a leather belt holder. The POINT is, it shows Respect, YOU win the Dad Over and the rest is all CREAM CHEESE! If she does NOT have a Father , and only a Mom, then do something for her. The point is If you want a Good Girl, they are NOT EASY OR CHEAP ! Like everything in life if it is worth it you have to work for it ! And ya I also agree with Lola! Hey Lola ,
    Estos extranjeros parecen siempre joder las cosas. Nunca investigan la cultura, y avanzan a toda máquina sin siquiera pensar o estar preparados. Necesitan tomarse su tiempo y aprender. And that is my story and I am sticken to it! For now I chose the sister Country to Mexico, The Philippines, its allot like Mexico with an Asian twist, the BEST Mexican food is My House. And the girls here are wonderful, and even some that look 100% Mexican. Spain after conquering the Philippines left for the most part, and Put Mexico as the Governor over the Philippines through the Galleon trade, so Mexican guys were crossing over on the ships, so its not so much Spanish blood that is here but Mexican Blood that is here! And there are alot of Hot Tamales with Frijoles here if you get my Meaning ! Get it,… Frijoles = Free Holes, oh well I tried! Well that is all for mow my little Cabra viscosa. Good Luck !

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