Review: 47 Things to See and Do in Colombia by Neil Bennion

As I began to plan my travels out for this year, I wanted to research more about things to do in Colombia. Sure, most of us usually just go to Colombia for the women, but the reality is that the country has a lot more to offer than just fake ass and tits. Don’t get me wrong – the women in Colombia are pretty great, but so is some of the natural beauty found throughout the country.

If you have a few weeks vacation and are just looking to get laid a lot – I’d suggest you check out Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic before any city in Colombia. If you have some time and want to enjoy a stunning country filled with beautiful women, then Colombia may be hard to top. Colombian tourism is underdeveloped and can be difficult to figure out, but it’s often worth it.

47 Things to See and Do in Colombia by Neil Bennion

Normally, I buy the Lonely Planet guide to a region I’m visiting (often not worth it for one country). While the information isn’t great or even up to date in these guidebooks, they do give you a great place to start planning your travels. And from a mentally masturbating standpoint – a Lonely Planet guide is tough to beat.

The problem with anything Lonely Planet puts out is that it’s vastly overpriced – especially on Kindle. $18 or $19 USD for a 300-page guidebook in paperback format is reasonable. $14.57 for a Kindle version – that’s a rip-off. Even Amazon thinks any eBook over $9.99 is a bad deal (why they created the commission structure they did).

things to do in colombiaSo I went to search “Colombia” on Amazon and one of the first books that came up was 47 Things to See and Do in Colombia by Neil Bennion. The name intrigued me and I clicked on it. It was $0.99 for the Kindle version and I didn’t think twice. If the book sucked, I was only out a dollar. If it was good, then I’d have some great ideas on what to do when I go back to Colombia – outside of making sweet love to sexy girls.

47 Things to See and Do in Colombia by Neil Bennion was a good book, and an amazing value at $0.99. You’ll find tips and ideas for passing time in Colombia that you won’t find on any “things to do in Colombia” article online. The book is detailed and offers maps, regional guides, photos, safety tips, and more. As I read the book, I quickly jotted down things I wanted to do when I returned to Colombia.

The popular tourism ideas where definitely in this guide. A list of things to do in Colombia is never complete without:

  • Parque Tayrona
  • Walled City of Cartagena
  • Monseratte
  • Salsa dancing in Cali

The beauty of 47 Things to See and Do in Colombia is the off the radar ideas that Bennion offers. Most people who visit Colombia don’t check out:

  • Ciudad Perdida
  • Bahia Solano
  • Isla Gorgona

…And so much more!

things to do in colombiaYou’ll never run out of things to do in Colombia with Bennion’s guide. My only complaint is that he didn’t include a map with every activity. The good news is you can follow links in the book to his website and all maps are included.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is if you’re planning to spend some time in Colombia or have a curiosity about the country outside the women, then this is a perfect book for you.

Grab your copy of 47 Things to See and Do in Colombia by Neil Bennion for $0.99 here.

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