The Easiest Girls In Central America

*This is a brief section from my book, A Bachelor’s Guide to Central America. Click here to learn more.

If you didn’t flip to the “hottest girls in Central America” section right off the bat, I assume you went here. That’s fine. In Central America, I did well in pretty much every country I went to. Thus, coming up with these ranking was not as easy as I had initially thought it’d be. After some careful consideration, I decided upon the list below. While it was tough, I believe the rankings are accurate. Every man will have a different experience in each country, but this should be a good start for most.

The easiest girls in Central America are found in:

  1. Nicaragua

These girls love foreigners. Your exotic value will be higher here than anywhere else in Central America. If you can manage to stay in Managua for a while, you will rack up some notches. I spent 23 total nights in Managua and managed to make sweet love to a number of cuties. Having a new girl once every three or four days was pretty easy. If a girl liked you, she would make things quite easy to have sex. I’ve heard of players hooking up with ten or more girls in Managua over a month.

  1. Panama

Surprisingly, the girls here still love gringos. However, you will have to put in some work to get them. Online game here was incredibly easy, but there were not many options. Night game was tough. Social circle is big in Panama City and that effected night game. I put Panama second because you can rack up notches here with the limited options online and the girls will be beautiful, sometimes model quality.

  1. El Salvador

In my opinion, the women here are gorgeous, but the best ones take a bit of work. However, average to cute girls will put out for a gringo in no time. A buddy of mine and I spent a total of ten combined nights in San Salvador. We did the dirty with six girls total (combined, not together). It’s pretty easy there. Spanish will help a lot here, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

  1. Costa Rica

It’s not hard to get laid in Costa Rica, but it’s a bit tougher than the neighboring countries. Costa Ricans tend to think of themselves as inhabiting the best country in Central America. They also have seen more gringos than any other country in the region. They are a bit tired of them. However, the girls still like gringos. This really comes out at night when they are drunk and “thirsty” for a little loving. Night game is money in San Pedro/San Jose.

Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize will not be ranked. I have no idea how easy girls in a country are until I am there. I suspect they are all quite easy, especially Guatemala and Honduras, due to the sheer size of the countries. Belize may be the toughest country in the region because the country is so small. With only 300,000 or so residents, the “everybody knows everybody” factor could make things a bit more difficult.

** Black men may find Panama to be the best country for women, in terms of ease and quality, in Central America.

PS: If you’re looking to make love to sexy Latinas in Central America, I highly suggest using online dating. Tinder and Latin American Cupid are your best options in the region. Latin American Cupid (you can read my review here) costs a bit of money, but is well worth the investment (especially for older men).

4 Replies to “The Easiest Girls In Central America”

  1. I just discovered and really like your blog. Do you speak Spanish and how well? I was in Columbia and 95% of the girls spoke no English. What does your ideal girl look like, because many of the girls in saw in Columbia that were considered good looking, I was not attracted to. I just read El Salvador is the murder capital of the world now. When where you there.

  2. I banged model-type looking young ladies every day in Columbia. Working there for US company for 6 months and had more than 40 different ladies. Some met from work. Most I met just shopping or walking around to different tourist places. I usually don’t go to bars. The more I bedded the more I wanted. They seem to especially like oral … cunnilingus and analingus… once they start gushing and soaking the sheets you can pretty much do anything you like. Most like it up the ass, then will suck you clean. Rinse and repeat.

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