The do’s and don’ts of dating a work colleague

Workplace romance

Don’t discuss on social media

A work-based relationship has to be treated differently to any other. Much as it would be tempting to post those loved-up selfies or snapshots of raucous social occasions, remember your day jobs. Your basic job description will require you to appear to be professional at all times, and this is magnified if you are part of the same team. Also, you don’t want to be giving any colleagues something to gossip about that has nothing to do with your actual responsibilities.

Do exercise restraint

It would be decidedly unprofessional if you came across as lovey-dovey at your place of employment. So much as you might be tempted to hold hands and stare into each other’s eyes in the canteen, there is a time and a place for showing affection in public. Being caught in a passionate embrace in the lift when the doors open to reveal your boss and various members of the board would definitely be frowned upon. This degree of celibacy should also extend to social occasions, whether that be nights out, Christmas parties or office away days. Remember, the key is to maintain strict barriers between professional and private lives.

Don’t get involved with your boss

One colleague coupling to avoid like the plague is getting involved with your boss. This is pretty much a no brainer. Imagine you did become an item, you would then become tied to this partnership quite unnaturally, fearful of doing or saying the the wrong thing. Because the ultimate sanction would be losing your job.

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