The Colombian Diaries, Part 6: Navigating the North Coast

I had finally made it the Caribbean coast of Colombia and I couldn’t have been happier. Bogota and Medellin are amazing cities – don’t get me wrong. I need some more sun and sand in my life.

Optimism filled my body as the scorching sun began to burn my pasty white skin while walking to the gym. I could feel my testosterone rising as I soaked up the rays. A solid gym session combined with staring at numerous thick asses sent my testosterone shooting even higher.

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First 24 Failure

I was horny and I had two dates lined up for later in that evening. I’d gotten laid within 24 hours of touching down nearly everywhere I’d been. I planned to do the same while on the north coast. Fate had other plans and they didn’t involve my erection.

My first date of the evening promptly flaked. We’d schedule the day before and been in contact early in the morning, but she went radio silent. I wasn’t too concerned – even with my hormones raging. It’s Colombia. If one flake bothers you, then you’re probably not in the right country. Plus, my favorite girl of my pipeline was scheduled later that evening.

cute colombianasFast forward three hours and my favorite pipeline girl shows up. She’s pretty fucking sexy and our chemistry is amazing from the start. We’d been voice messaging for a couple weeks and had already built a connection. Two hours of talking and flirting went by and before I knew it we were being kicked out of the bar.

I thanked the “game gods” and quickly suggested a glass of wine at my place. I was swiftly shot down. I pushed a bit, but she knew what she was doing and kept letting me down easy with solid excuses. I finally relented as I did want to see her again and asked for a ride back to my place. She agreed.

As she dropped me off, I went in for the kiss and was quickly rejected. I was baffled. I hadn’t been rejected for a kiss in ages, especially not in Colombia. I got out the car and a sense of confusion filled my mind. I was supposed to be good at this and this girl had me all confused. Hell, the girls on the coast were supposed to be easy, but I couldn’t even make sweet love to one girl on my first day in a new city. I lugged myself upstairs and went to sleep feeling dejected and horny.

2 for 1 on Day Two

I didn’t get a bang within 24 hours of landing in a new city, but I was determined to get my nut off soon. My testosterone was through the roof and it didn’t help that I had to listen to Kyle fuck all evening. Another gym session staring at big booties was crushed and the day was young.

I got on my phone and began working two girls I’d been talking to. I scheduled one for five in the evening and another for nine. My girl at five wasn’t the hottest, but she was willing to come straight to the crib. My girl at nine was sexy as fuck, but wasn’t willing to come straight to the crib. Things were up in the air to say the least, especially with Colombian flake levels thrown into the mix.

Around four, I got a message from my girl at five saying she would be at my place at an hour late. I frowned, but this is Colombia. At least she had the heart to spell out her latin time adjustment for me. She ended up showing up right on her estimated time of six in the evening.

We made our way to my room quickly with a bottle of wine. Reggaeton music was played and wine was downed rapidly. She was drinking fast because she was a bit nervous. Random gringo on a random weeknight in a random apartment. I understood where she was coming from. I was drinking fast because she was a six and I wouldn’t be into the sex unless I was a bit tipsy.

As the last sip of wine was down and the bottle finished, I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me. We began dancing reggaeton before I shoved her hips into the wall and kissed her. Within two minutes, she had made her way to the floor and was blowing me.

The sex was decent and she was loud. Her little body had me feeling like Goliath with each stroke. After round one, I promptly kicked her out and she wasn’t even offended. She knew the drill and left quickly – only asking for the bit of taxi money I had promised her.

Another One

With my initial nut out of the way, I felt better and  the day wasn’t over yet. It was nearly eight and I had another date at nine. I grabbed my phone and quickly scribbled some Spanish to my next date. Then I went to cook some dinner with the fellas.

dj khaled girlTwenty minutes later, I checked my phone and hadn’t heard anything back from her. I could see the writing on the wall – another Colombian flake. I hopped in the shower anyway. I needed to clean the sex juices off me. When I came back – she had actually replied.

I was surprised but eager. This chick was fucking sexy. Creamy brown skin. Thin, Thick ass. Big natural boobs. A pretty face. I really wanted her. We chatted briefly and she said she could make it in an hour. I agreed and got ready. The thought of another 2 for 1 danced in my head as I brushed my teeth. Thirty minutes later and she said she was on the way. I skipped off to the bar with a smirk on my face.

I strolled into the bar to find her sitting in quite an innocent manner, but as we greeted I instantly felt something move in my pants. This chick had a look that drove me wild. And the way her big brown eyes looked up at me as we greeted – I knew she felt something similar.

We began chatting and it turns out she didn’t drink. This didn’t sound good, but we ordered a couple juices from the bar and kept talking. I wasn’t going to get drunk while she was sober. That’s never worked well in the past. Plus, she did seem to be into me.

As we drank our juices, I ran my normal date game and escalated just like I would have if she was drinking. My hands continually ran all over her body and she had no issues with it – even grabbing my bicep a few times. My hopes began to rise. Maybe she didn’t need to drink to express her sexuality quickly.

Luckily, I was about to find out. Right on time, the bar closed again. I suggested heading back to my place to listen to some music and she eagerly accepted. My spirits along with something else began to rise.

First Date Anal

A brief walk back to my place and we were on my mattress. Her body language had cooled off just a bit and I gave her a few minutes to relax and get comfortable. The music played and we talked. She started to loosen up and I knew it was time to make some moves.

I grabbed her hand as I stood up and pulled her to me. She looked startled, but we began dancing. I took things slowly. I didn’t want to scare this cat. She quickly relaxed again and began dancing with me in a sensual manner after two songs. I went in for the kiss and she moaned as we began making out. Seems somebody was horny.

costenaI took that as my cue and slammed her back against the wall. She moaned harder this time and began passionately kissing me. I grabbed her ass and hips. She had near perfect curves and my engorged manhood pressed against her body. My hands made their way to her tits and she brushed me away. I thought she may be putting up some resistance, but she just wanted to take her clothes off. She flung her shirt off and unclasped her bra. I stared at her giant, near perfect natural tits. This was going to be fun.

She sat down on the bed and flung her jeans off. Then stood back up and slowly removed her thong while staring at me. I stared at her as my dick practically burst through my pants. Then I quickly got ass naked as well. She had me hornier than I’d been in ages.

We fucked all night long, and in every way imaginable. She never asked for a condom. Her body was near perfect in every which way and her pussy was tight. And when her pussy started to get sore during round three – I fucked her in the ass. First date anal is always a good thing.

Colombia is an amazing country, and the women are incredibly friendly. This night on the north coast of Colombia was one of my favorites during my time spent in the country. If you’re enjoying “The Colombian Diaries” – I’d love to hear from you in the comments. 

13 Replies to “The Colombian Diaries, Part 6: Navigating the North Coast”

    1. If I’m being honest, they are all amazing. It depends if you like nightlife, beaches, sunshine, reggaeton, salsa, natural bodies, fake bodies, etc. None of them have everything, but all of them are great in their own way. Bogota doesn’t have sunshine or a beaches, but the nightlife is great. Santa Marta has beaches and natural bodies, but the women aren’t as hot as other parts of the country.

          1. yeah I don’t get bored when constantly gaming/working 🙂 never really been too much of a nightlife type guy that’s how I get myself in trouble

          2. yeah it can if you stay up north and get yourself a nice apartment with quality doormen it can actually be pretty amazing there. This one Cartagena girl I saw a couple times looked like Nikki Minaj and had baby soft skin.

          3. Yeah that’s a good equation for success. The guys at the spot I found were cool. One morning, I knocking on the glass at 5am after getting a taxi to drive me all over the city to find beer. It was one of the funnier nights there. The dudes in Santa Barbara were the best doormen I had in Colombia.

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