The Colombian Diaries, Part 5: Unfinished Business & the Whore of Bogota

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The “Whore of Bogota” wasn’t really a whore. She was actually a nice lady. She just had the sex drive of seven gringas combined and a penchant for lusting after handsome gringos. You really couldn’t blame the girl for her numerous sexual dalliances with men from the West. And I didn’t hold it against her. Nor did I hold it against her that her face kind of looked like it got hit with a shovel. Her ass was like a blessing from god and her tits were big and firm, not big and floppy. Suffice to say – I knew she’d look good naked.
So I was determined to get her back over after she blew me. I wanted to make sweet sex to that fat ass all night long. We texted throughout the week and made plans to meet one Friday evening. I confirmed she was healthy in every way possible (period, surgery, etc.). She promised she was 100% and ready. In typical Colombiana fashion, she messaged me an hour before our date and said she’d be thirty minutes late. This means she would be an hour late, and I couldn’t have been happier. I had a regular scheduled to come around two hours before she did. This would give me more time with my regular.
big colombian bootyThirty minutes before out date, she messaged me asking for taxi money. I complied. For $4 USD – I was having a new girl come over, drink a cheap bottle of wine, and fuck all night. I couldn’t complain. She showed up dress to the nines in a mini-skirt, high heels, and skimpy blouse. It was sexy as fuck – like she was planning on going to the club after we fuck. Greetings were made and we quickly made our way to my bedroom for wine. One bottle turned into two and within the hour, we were both wasted.
As she took her last sip of wine, she slowly set her glass down and reached for my belt. With red wine still in her mouth, she slowly took my pants off and began sucking my dick. I laid back and watched her work. After blowing me for a bit, she began seductively undressing herself. I had enough teasing. Once she was naked, I stood up and threw her thick body on the bed. We were fucking within seconds. And the sex was amazing. A girl with a high sex drive like she had knows exactly how to move her thick ass. She knows how to arch her back in doggy and how to arch her back as she rides you.
We fucked three times that night. Then we never wrote or spoke to each other again. The sex was fantastic, but she plays a similar game I do – “pumping and dumping” gringos on the Colombian cock carousel. We both knew it was a one-time thing, and that’s one of the reasons the sex was so good.
Guys often hate on girls who hook up with a lot of dudes or have a near obsession with sex. However, these type of women have their place and can be a ton of fun (during some periods of a man’s life). During my travels this year, I’ve begun to enjoy women for who they are. I take what they can provide me and enjoy it fully – while not worrying about her shortcomings.

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