The Colombian Diaries, Part 4: When In Rome

*The Colombian Diaries is a running series. Click the links to read more: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

I had just finished getting sucked off. It was nearly three in the morning and being gringo – I was tired as could be. I got ready for bed, turned off the lights, and laid down. I grabbed my phone to see what I’d missed on What’sApp while on my date. And I saw it…

A booty text from a girl I’d “met” on Instagram only a few days prior. It had come in only a few minutes before I’d gotten into bed and I quickly replied. The check marks turned blue in less than thirty seconds and she began writing me back. It was on. For me – booty calls are not common in Colombia, especially with a girl I’d hadn’t even met in person.

The Colombian women can be quite slutty, but they are feminine girls. They like to be taken out and shown off. They don’t want like to come over for a beer or three on a weekend night and chill. They want to go dancing. If you’re not taking her out, then someone else is. Often times this someone else is her “Colombian-chode-beta-orbiter-family-friend” who buys her drinks all night. Since he buys her drinks, she can’t disrespect him and leave at four in the morning to go bang some random gringo. Usually 😉

stunning colombian girl

On this evening (or morning, depending on how you look at it), I had a girl primed and ready to meet me. She wrote back saying she was in my neighborhood and wanted to see me. I told her to come over immediately. She laughed at me and said she could be at my place in 15 minutes. I said ok and sent her the address.

While it seemed simple, you have to remember that this is Colombia. Showing up close to on time is a finicky situation in the country. Even Colombian dudes who say they want to grab drinks with you and hit on chicks will flake on you five minutes before they say they would arrive. With this in mind, I told her to write me when she was in the taxi. She agreed and I set my timer. It was nearly 3:30 in the morning at this point. I told myself I’d stay up until four. If I hadn’t heard from her by four, I’d turn my phone on silent mode and go to sleep. Staying up 30 minutes for a guaranteed bang (if she shows) seemed like a fair deal.

And it was. At 3:55 I got a text from her saying she was outside my apartment. I looked down and there was a taxi waiting. I threw on some basketball shorts, a wife beater, and my flip-flops to head downstairs. The doorman already had the door opened and I walked over to the taxi. I handed her $8,000 pesos and she hopped out of the cab. We greeted and immediately made our way inside. She wasn’t a dime piece, but she was sexy as hell. A petite girl with a stunning smile, braces, perky tits, and a thick ass. Her skin was the perfect complexion for me – caramel brown and silky smooth. As we made our way inside my place, she couldn’t stop giggling.

Clearly tipsy – she jumped my bones when we got into the living room. We began passionately making out before I dragged her up to my room. Upon entering, I shut my door and instantly she began stripping her clothes off. There wasn’t going to be any resistance with this one. I quickly followed suit and flopped my dick right in front of her face, as she sat naked on the edge of my bed. She giggled again and began going to work. Even with those braces – she knew how to suck a cock. Hell – nearly every Colombian woman I’ve been with knows how to give a decent blowjob.

As I watched her, my desire to ravish her petite little body kept increasing. I grabbed her hair and threw her back on the bed. More giggling. Then I kissed her and started to finger her tight pussy. She began moaning and then looked up at me in the sweetest manner and said:

“Tienes condon?”

I laughed, “Claro, mi amor.”

And reached into my bed stand to grab one of the best condoms of all time. She snatched the condom out of my hand and helped me put it on. Then we fucked like animals for half an hour. The sex was fucking fantastic. The combination of her being tipsy and ovulating (pure speculation), while I had already had a girl over before her, but didn’t get to fuck – made us both horny as hell. It didn’t hurt that her petite frame fulfilled all my dominance fantasies. To top it off, she had those sexy thong and breast tan lines Latinas often have (from a trip to Cartagena and the beach a week prior).

girls in cartagena

Post-coital – she snuggled up to me like she loved me and said a few sweet-nothings into my ear about the sex. Then she pasted out. It was incredibly cute and I fell asleep only a few minutes after. She woke up in the morning, only four hours later, to calls from her mother about her whereabouts. I laughed as I listened to her getting scolded. She giggled again as she got off the phone and said she had to go. I laughed and walked her out once she was dressed.

While I never did see her again, I’ll never forget that incredibly sweet girl who showed up at my apartment at four in the morning after I creeped her on Instagram.

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