The Colombian Diaries, Part 3: The Whore of Bogota

If you haven’t read the first two installments of the Colombian diaries, you can catch up on part 1 here and part 2 here. Before we begin this tale, I will say that the girl involved (the whore of Bogota) is also an amazing girl and super nice. She just has a really, really high sex drive.

The Whore of Bogota

It was a slow Saturday night and I wasn’t much in the mood to go spit game. I had sex with two girls the night before, so I truly just wanted to chill. Yet, I was in Colombia – the land of sexy women thirsty to make sweet love to a gringo…a gringo just like me 😉

My friend, El Conquistador, had a date lined up with a cute girl with giant tits from Colombian Cupid. The big-tittied girl decided she wanted to bring a friend (a common occurrence on weekend dates in Colombia). So El was begging me to roll out of my Netflix watching coma and go out with him. After a bit of persuasion, I relented and threw on some jeans. Twenty minutes later the chicks show up. Mine got out of the car and she was nice. Thick as hell – in a good way – her face wasn’t hideous either. The four of us gathered and exchanged pleasantries. Then we walked a few blocks to an underground club.

As we rolled in, we began to notice how odd this club was. Underground and decorated in an incredibly odd fashion – we didn’t know exactly what we were getting into, but we went with it. Two floors down and the club was packed to the brim with people singing karaoke and dancing champeta. Our girls, apparently from the Colombian coast (Costenas) loved it. We grabbed a table and some drinks, and then we started dancing the night away. That’s when I realized who this girl was…

Things get Interesting

El Conquistador had asked me if I knew or banged the chick at the start of the night. He claimed his girl asked my chick, “He doesn’t remember you, does he?” about five minutes into the night. I couldn’t put a finger on it, but she did look familiar. It finally clicked after about an hour. This was the girl my friend banged in the near orgy we had a few weeks back.

colombian bootyI instantly teared up in laughter. Once I collected myself, I called El over and told him the situation. He started to crack up too. Sharing is caring and I had no qualms about banging this chick after my buddy had his way with her. So I didn’t let on to the girl that I knew and the night went on smoothly. Two hours in and the four of us were wasted and sweaty. Apparently ventilation is an issue for clubs underground in Colombia. So I snuck off to pay the bill before we attempted to bounce the chicks.

A quick suggestion to drink some aguardiente at our house was all that was needed and we got the girls in a cab to our place (a one minute taxi away). Inside, there was more drinking and dancing. Make outs began to take place, but the girls wouldn’t separate and fuck. My girl had already fucked my friend, but wouldn’t put out. It was odd – especially because she was into me. I finally asked why and she claimed she just had surgery. Due to the surgery, she couldn’t. She also said she was on her period. I was upset and went up to my room. I wasn’t about to stay up all night for this chick.

I laid in bed and started writing on my phone. I left El Conquistador in the living room with the girls. He was equally annoyed with his chick. Then I heard a knock on my door. My thick chick walked in and instantly began unbuttoning my pants. Apparently, she missed the attention.

She began sucking my cock like only a vet in the game could. It was amazing and then we heard steps up the stairs. She got up to lock the door – I assumed. However, she just let El and his girl walk into my room. I was laying on my bed ass naked with my dick hard. El and his girl bust out laughing at the site of my naked ass on the bed and quickly left the room. My girl came back and finished me off – after we laughed at the situation.

Yet, the night was not over yet. To be continued…

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