The Colombian Diaries, Part 1: Copious Amounts of Cocaine, Near Orgies and More

It was my first night out in Colombia. I’d been on three Tinder dates and gotten two bangs in my first two days in the country, but I hadn’t tested the nightlife yet. However, I wasn’t too concerned. Nightlife in Colombia is famous for being difficult to pull chicks from. People apparently go out in big groups and it’s hard to make too many approaches. So I approached the night with an air of caution. No expectations. Just going out to have a good time with a few members of the Roosh V Forum, one with a near-legendary reputation. I figured the worst that could happen is we shoot the shit and get wasted.

The Beginning of the Colombian Diaries

We met up at my friends place and the three of us instantly started downing drinks. Tales of travels instantly became the topic of the pregame and soon phones were brought out and photos shared. Drinks and nudes go hand in hand when chilling with fellow traveling players, along with a number of laughs.

Eventually, a copious amount cocaine was dispersed on the countertop and cut into lines. I watched on as my friends took line after line. This was going to be a fun night. High as fuck and/or drunk – we stumbled into a taxi and made our way to the nightlife district. Plans had not been made. We were going with the flow.

We finally made it to the club district and picked a spot that looked good. However, the spot we hit wasn’t as good as we had hoped. It was just average. Beers were downed and approaches were made. Numbers were grabbed, but nothing was sticking. The girls didn’t want to look like hoes in front of their friends by going home with a gringo.

Game Changing Moves

My friend had his cell phone loaded with data and a grip of numbers from Colombian Cupid. We had nearly burnt the club and decided to chill for a minute. He wrote a few of his girls, while our other friend and I just chilled. A few minutes later and two girls were on the way to the club to meet us. I guess three gringos at the club on a Friday night was an enticing offer for girls on Colombian Cupid.

Colombian diaries

*Definitely not this hot ;(

The girls showed up fifteen minutes later. They certainly weren’t stunners, but they didn’t look like someone had hit them in the face with shovels, either. So it was a win. Our group of five started dancing and instantly one of the girls was on me and the other girl was all over my friend who invited them. Dancing commenced for about 15 minutes before both of us were making out with our girls. They were giving us doe eyes and it was time to bounce. I looked over at my friend and yelled his way:

“Yooo! Let’s bounce them NOW.”

He looked down at his chick and she was staring at him with some “fuck me” eyes. Then he turned back to me:

“Yeah, let’s get a taxi and get the fuck out of here.”

We grabbed the girls’ arms and pulled them out of the club rapidly. Words were not exchanged, but there wasn’t any resistance either. Outside the club, we hailed the closest taxi and threw the girls inside. I asked my friend if it’s ok to get inside a taxi on the street in Colombia and he said it was fine. So we hopped in and headed back to his place.

I had no idea what our plan was. I figured we were going to drop him and his chick off at his place, and then I would go to my spot with my girl. That wasn’t ever the plan. We got to my friend’s place and he hopped out with both the girls. I decided to just go along with the ride.

Not an Orgy

Inside, we poured some whisky with the chicks and things began escalating quickly. Within five minutes of being inside his small studio apartment, we were back to making out with the girls. Fast-forward five more minutes and clothes were flying off. My boy took his girl to the bathroom and my girl started to suck my cock on the bed. I was wasted and wanted to fuck, but she said she couldn’t. So I decided to start face fucking her hard as I could. After about a minute of face fucking, she came around to the idea of sex. I don’t think her throat could handle much more 😉

She got on top of me and began riding my cock like a good little Colombian girl should. After 3-4 minutes on top, we heard the door from the bathroom open. My friend and his chick ran out of the bathroom naked. He proceeded to bend his girl over the kitchen countertop and go to town on her.

As this began happening, my girl threw the blanket over us – my cock still deep inside her pussy. She was getting nervous. So I picked her up and took her to the bathroom. Shutting the door – I bent her over the sink and proceeded to rabbit fuck her for a while. Her pussy began to get sore and I was too drunk to cum. So we left the bathroom and went back out to the studio. My friend was still fucking his chick, so my girl got down on her knees and started blowing me again.

The Attempted Orgy

After a bit, my friend and I attempted to switch girls. All four of us ass naked in his studio – we tried going after the other girl. I started making out with the girl he had fucked and grabbing her fat ass. He had mine pinned in a corner and was kissing her neck. Yet, the girls were not up for the orgy. He couldn’t get mine to make out and I couldn’t get his to suck my dick.

Two minutes of attempted orgy and the girls said they needed to get home. It was almost four in the morning and all I wanted was sleep. An Easy Taxi was called and the chicks left. We laughed over a quick whisky before I walked home as the sun came up. A good first night out in Colombia 😉

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