The Best Homemade Sex Toys for Men

The Best Homemade Sex Toys for Men (DIY Using Household Items)

Masturbation has always been a subject avoided by people in general, despite it being quite an important topic. What is more, not only men have been associated more with the act, but they also get instantly labeled as perverts; among a plethora of other names. Now, get ready for some revelations, the first being that, believe it or not, women masturbate, too! Secondly, there is nothing wrong with the act; we as humans need sex, it’s one of our basic human instincts. Third, sex is basically masturbation. Now, having said this, not everyone has someone to…help them masturbate. Sometimes, it has to be a one-man job which gets pretty uninteresting after a while; but, it doesn’t have to be. Here are three DIY sex toys we gathered as we were scouring the internet, that we think will make your experience much more fun.

  1. Homemade Fleshlight

The original version needs no introduction. Instead, we’ll dive straight into the making process of a DIY fleshlight.

You will need to to cut a plastic bottle as you will only need the top part. To avoid injuries, make sure you smoothen the edge of the bottle by slightly melting the plastic with a lighter. Then, put in a condom through the bottle, and out of the top. Finally, fill the space around the condom with cut up sponges. If it’s still unclear, you can watch this simple homemade fleshlight tutorial which outlines 4 different methods to make a homemade fleshlight.

  1. The Toilet Paper Vagina

This little contraption can be easily made from material available around your house. It is fast to assemble, and it has also been approved by people who are so experienced, you would think they went to masturbation school.

To make the Toilet Paper Vagina, all what you need is a roll of toilet paper, and a condom. First, you have to pull out – no pun intended – the cardboard tube; you should be left with a soft roll of tissues. After that, just put a condom in place of the tube and roll the edge around the tissue roll; it should look like a pussy…sort of. Then, you’re good to go – or come.

Here is a good video that outlines how to make it:

  1. Makeshift Pocket Pussy

Well, it will not fit in your pocket, per se. It ruins the point of the name but, you will get the same effect. Simply, fold a towel a couple of times until it forms two thick sides. Then, put a latex glove between the two sides, and tighten the whole thing with a piece of rope, or an elastic band. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Final Thoughts

Taking all of the above into consideration, make sure that you stick to one thing – excuse the phrasing – safety first. Meaning, make sure you use a lubricant if you need to, and even more importantly, be careful not to damage your penis; you can’t buy a new one. Another last thing to keep in mind, make sure you’re not using masturbation to fill a certain hole in your life; it’s healthy but, up to a point. Take care and have fun!

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