The Benefits Of Online Dating

Originally posted in 2013, I feel that this post deserved a revisit. The topic, "The Benefits of Online Dating" is more significant than ever, as the online dating world has vastly grown in the past 4 years. The suggestions that are stated ring more true than ever, and we still push the time saving aspect very strongly. One site that makes things happen is the Cupid dating site. No matter where you are in the world, Cupid can find you the hot girls you're looking for. Click here to check it out

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book… bond poker The argument has been made that online dating is not good for men, or society as a whole. There is some to truth to these thoughts. Relying on online dating as the only way to meet women is not what a successful man should be doing. A successful man should be meeting women in all facets of his life. A man should meet women from his social circle, from nights out on the town with his buddies, from his trip to the local supermarket, and online if he so chooses. A man should use online dating to supplement the ways he meets women in his day-to-day life. Using online dating as the only way to meet girls is not healthy. All that being said, the positives of online dating far outweigh the negatives… Time: The largest benefit online dating offers to the single man is timesaving. Online dating is the most efficient form of game. Think about this: Can you approach 20 attractive chicks in a bar? Maybe, but it’s fairly unlikely. Not only because it would take quite sometime to make 20 approaches in a bar in one night, but it is hard to find a bar with 20 attractive chicks inside. With online dating you can do 20 approaches in ten minutes. Sure, you won’t be able to convey everything online that you would in person. And yes, your chance of rejection online is higher, but you easily can compensate for these factors by simply casting a wider net. Money: Another benefit online dating provides to the single man is money savings. With online dating, a man could get a woman into his bed without any cost associated. While far-fetched and rare, it does happen. The equation is simple: use free online dating site(s), message girls for free, have them meet up with you at your place, bring them into your place, and proceed to escalate the interaction. As well, one does not have to use the above method while online dating to save money. A man can use free sites or paid sites. It depends on the man and his situation, wants, and needs. The main cost savings associated with online dating is not having to go to bars and clubs to meet women. Lining up a few dates online on a Sunday afternoon is free and easy. A man who hits the bar a couple nights in a weekend can spend over $100 easily when cover, drinks, and taxis are accounted for. girl money Access: Online dating gives men access to women he typically would not meet in his day-to-day life. A typical male only interacts with a few types of women each week. A man may work 40 hours a week and meet a couple girls in his profession. That same man goes to a few different bars and clubs each weekend. He interacts with the type of women that frequent these types of establishments as well. Then this same man may have a group of friends he watches sports with and he chats with the couple of girls that are in his social circle. Yet, there are a variety of women out there. Think about all the different types of chicks there are: hipster chicks, fitness girls, party girls, bookworm women, and so many more. No man will have access to interact with every single subset or type of girl. That is until they begin to date online. Online dating gives men access to women he may have never had the chance to interact with before: The cute black chick that has a thing for accountants… That sexy librarian that lusts for musicians… The Christian schoolgirl that needs a release outside her peer group… The list could go on forever. The different type of women you find online is never ending. Online dating gives men access to women they never would have otherwise. Once your online game is perfected, online dating can be a buffet of different types of girls. sexy librarian Connection: Online dating is one of the easiest ways to build a fast connection with a woman. Studies have shown that online dating leads to a stronger connection on the first date than other forms of dating. See, for women the Internet gives them a low pressure channel to explore dating. It gives them an opportunity to explore different types of men than they are accustomed to. It also gives them a level of control they typically don’t possess in their lives. This is especially true with regards to the dating world, specifically their dating world. Thus, because they think know a lot about you by looking through your photos, your profile, and your interaction online, these women feel more connected to you before you even meet. Ease: Lastly, online dating is easy. Once a man has his online game down, there is no simpler way to meet women. A man can work full time, hustle on the side with a small business, hit the gym consistently, and still have time to line up multiple dates each week with online dating. In the cutthroat sexual marketplace, it does not get much easier than lining up two or three dates in 30 minutes on a Sunday evening. And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.

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