The Benefits of Fish Oil for Men

The benefits of fish oil for men have been discussed throughout the Internet. Adding omega fatty acids to your diet through supplementation is one of the more popular mainstream health tips. Men of nearly all ages (and women) are encouraged to take fish oil because it’ll do this and take care of that. If any supplement has been considered a “miracle” pill from the mainstream health and fitness fanatics – it’s fish oil.

*I must note that this is not medical advice. I’m not a doctor. My speculation on the benefits  for men is just that – speculation. Always consult a medical professional before taking any supplements. 

What is Fish Oil?

While the many of the claims about fish oil being God’s gift to man are untrue, there are a variety of benefits of fish oil for men. Fish oil is a derivative of the fatty acids found in tissues of oily fish. Offered in liquid or pill form, the supplement contains omega-3 fatty acids. As the common diet of Americans (and most westerners) is omega-3 starved, the benefits of fish oil occur by providing he body with these vital fatty acids. The most important omega-3 fatty acids found in most fish oils are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

My Experience with Fish Oil

Before diving into the benefits for men – I wanted to break down how my body reacted to fish oil. I began taking the supplement after reading “The Four Hour Body” by Tim Ferris. Tim suggested that a combination of cod liver oil and raw almonds would send a man’s testosterone levels sky high. Like many of his suggestions, I found the results far less impressive.

benefits of fish oilI did notice a slight boost in energy, less joint pain, and an overall better mood. Could my testosterone have went up a bit? I’d say it did. Did I feel a huge difference in my sexual energy or ability to add lean muscle? Not exactly. Overall, I believe my testosterone went up slightly and I experienced less mood swings. Joint pain was reduced a decent whenever I squatted or ran.

Overall, I found fish oil to be a beneficial supplement to take. I still take fish oil to this day. However, I was swindled by the Tim Ferris hustle and led to believe that my testosterone would be sky shy after taking a few fish oil pills a day. That’s just not going to happen.

The Benefits of Fish Oil for Men

  • Emotional Benefits: Overall, I found my mood to be fairly improved and positive while supplementing with fish oil. This seems to be due to the fact that fish oil supports the body’s natural serotonin levels. Serotonin is a hormone found in the body that helps people to feel good. Proper management of this hormone can help many people to handle stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • Testosterone: I don’t believe taking fish oil significantly raises a man’s testosterone levels. That being said- popping a few cod liver oil pills each day won’t do any harm to your body. I’d suggest men may find some minor benefits from a testosterone levels point of view when taking this supplement. I wouldn’t supplement with fish oil and expect a huge boost in sexual performance.
  • Joint Health: The fatty acids in fish oil did seem to lube my joints and keep any arthritis-like symptoms from rearing their ugly heads. My knees and hips both found noticeable improvements while supplementing with fish oil. If you’re looking for minor help with joint pain – then starting to supplement with fish oil is  a great idea.
  • Brain Function: When I first began taking fish oil, my brain functionality was of low priority for me. I was more interested in sex and muscles. So I didn’t monitor many of the potential benefits on brain functionality from fish oil. After taking fish oil for years, it’s hard to say how much of a benefit I receive from fish oil from a mental perspective. I will say that my mind feels a great sense of clarity when consistently taking fish oil. Certain studies claim fish oil to be a minor nootropic, but I wouldn’t go that far. The mental benefits seem to stem from balancing the ratios of omega fatty acids in the brain.
    • Skin Care: This is another potential one of the benefits of fish oil for men that I wasn’t aware of when I first began taking the supplement. However, I was turned on to the benefits of fish oil for the skin from fellow blogger, Seth Rose. Check the video below for a better breakdown:

  • Immune System Booster: Overall, fish oil offers general immune system support for men. While the science of this claim could be made into a book, the gist of things is that taking fish oil will significantly improve the overall health of your immune system. This will lead to you getting sick less than before you started taking the supplement. For young men – this may be an irrelevant benefit. I don’t get sick much. Older men may find this benefit fairly useful, especially for guy braving cold climates in the winter. It’s important to note that super dosing fish oil can actually lead to a weakened immune system.

The Benefits of Fish Oil for Men – Overall

Fish oil isn’t necessarily a “must take” supplement for all men. Fish oil is a supplement all men could benefit from. I’d highly recommend the supplement to any sexually active man who lifts weights and is working to better himself. Men suffering from moodiness (aka prone to acting like a bitch) may find great benefits supplementing with fish oil according to 

If you’re looking for a sexual boost – I’d start here first. If you want to find out the benefits of fish oil on you own, I’d recommend trying this fish oil first. If budget is no concern, I do still like this cod liver oil. If you’re broke, this fish oil is a great budget option. Just remember to not take a little more than the recommended doses. Fish oil is not a supplement to experiment with super dosing. If you want other supplements check out

2 Replies to “The Benefits of Fish Oil for Men”

  1. The whole “miracle supplement” thing seems to go in cycles. Fish oil just happened to be the pick at the time. Like those acai or whatever berries were/are. Great article. I had always heard that fish oil was pretty much a cure all for anything, including testosterone. Good to see some common sense advice on this supplement.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. The “miracle supplement” stuff is always hype. Some supplements work, but not as a standalone cure for pretty much everything (unless steroids). Fish oil is a good supplement for men, but it won’t cure any small problems unless you cover the basics of diet, exercise, and sleep first.

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