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My first trip to meet Thai girls in Bangkok was very interesting. I spent two weeks in China with a group, then I asked the guy that ran the group if he knew anyone in Thailand. I wanted to go there after the China trip to learn about the women in Thailand, he said he happened to have a friend that was going to be in Bangkok and that he would hook me up with him.. We communicated via email and then I met him and Bangkok and we started hanging out and finding Thai girls. makes it very easy. The chasing really didn’t happen as we simply went to massage parlors or met them online and had them come to our hotels. He also liked to go to the massage parlors which I enjoyed very much also, He taught me how to do online dating there.

  I highly recommend Thai Cupid, Meeting all of the Thai girls and also about going to different massage parlors was explained, it's easy, but when you are new, in a new country, it can be daunting. I enjoyed the massage parlors very much and there’s a lot to learn about going to these massage parlors. Each one has its own set of rules and then each girl also has her own set of rules, and you never know what you’re going to get, but usually get at least a great massage plus, very often, you got a fabulous happy ending, whether it be with be with her hands or with her lips.


Tinder can be great here, and our guides The Tinder Template and Traveling with Tinder can be a big help. You also have to be very careful about getting taken advantage of here. This was during the day so I never felt in danger but definitely could be taking advantage of financially.   **If you were going to be out at night drinking or doing whatever, please take Extreme Caution at all times. In any City you never know what’s going to happen. If you’re going to get stupid drunk, you can get robbed or beat up, or worse**

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When getting a massage, you need to make sure that you are in agreement of what you expect up front with the girl at the massage parlor. Most of the time you give more than you asked for, but if you’re expecting something, you'd better make sure you’re clear about it up front and also make sure you’re in agreement how much money it will cost. Of course, for westerners, is very inexpensive either way. Thai girls are very proud they are also normally educated at least High School. Always treat everyone with respect, and usually you will get more respect than you are used to back. HOT OIL MASSAGE.

The hot Oil massage was amazing and the right girl will just do everything so awesome and touch you in the right places, and rub you all over and just make you feel fabulous. Many of the girls on will come to your room and give you massage, have her get lunch, if you like, she might be hungry also and will appreciate eating a good meal with you, of course you'll be paying for everything, but that's why you're here.

When You are all oiled up, in many cases, so this tends to lead into an easy happy ending. What is really nice is that I met a couple of guys there that really showed me how to do things and stay safe. None of us were big drinkers so we didn’t have that element of danger added into our endeavors. We used a couple dating sites, Thai Cupid was very good at meeting girls here, tons of beautiful Thai girls are on Thai Cupid.

Having them to come back to the hotel for dinner and a massage, our goal wasn’t to find girls to have long-term relationships with, even though that’s very common and there are many girls there looking for foreigners to have relationships with. There are good girls that want to just meet guys and have relationships as there are Thai Girls that want to find men to marry, there are Thai women there that don’t know what they want they just want to meet someone and let things happen naturally. Many Thai women marry foreign men they fall in love with. The age barrier really does not exist. I found that these girls want a man who is going to be respectful, caring, loving to her, and also be a good addition to her family as family values are very strong in Thailand.  It’s known to Thai ladies that an established, older man who treats her and her family well can make her very happy and support their children well. Don't forget, or thaicupid have many girls looking to come give you a massage and make you happy. Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai’s in Northern Thailand and it's really a cool area. It’s more of a rural area and it’s very pretty and there’s a lot of cool stuff, you got the backdrop of the mountains and there’s a lot of outdoor activities going on. They have the night market that it's famous for, which is really exciting. It's just an enormous Market in the streets at night and lot of activity and just a lot of amazing food, of course Thailand is known for its Street Food. Again, the easiest way to meet girls here is with Thai Cupid, or another dating site.   Street Food

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This is an awesome experience that everyone must try. There’s so many different varieties of Street food so many different things been offered a so many different options. Many different people selling, sometimes you go to a stand simply because they look like they’re friendly.  Always go to a street vendor that’s busy so you know the food and it has not been sitting long. I was in there for 2 months and only had one bad experience, but it was because I went to a vendor that wasn’t busy so the food and probably been sitting there for a long time. I got sick 10 hours of terrible stomach pain, Not FUN !!! LOL Afternoon massage .

I want to tell you about the most fabulous massage I ever got. It was due to miscommunication and it was my second or third day in Bangkok getting a Thai massage. I was so nervous and shy and the guy I was with can only tell me so much, then I was on my own, the curtain closes in the massage room and you don’t want to shout through the curtain that you don’t know what’s going on. The girl communicated with me told me what she wanted and how much to pay and I didn’t realize how much I actually Agreed to.

 It still wasn’t a whole lot of money by American Standards and it was an unbelievable servicing that she gave me. I'm smiling about it as I write. Again, Tinder can be great here, and our guides The Tinder Template and Traveling with Tinder can be a big help.

                                                                                                                  It was about triple what I should but it worked out amazingly for me because she gave me a unreal massage and tossed my salad, if you get my drift, it was a wonderful experience she was a pretty Thai girl and it was awesome I made the mistake of arguing with her a little bit in the end when I realized how much money I had agreed to but I paid it and walked away with a huge smile. 

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In reflection

Thailand women are fabulous, in so many ways and they are some many different and fabulous Thai girls. It's a very diverse country with many different landscapes and areas to explore. There are unbelievably beautiful girls in every area, and these women on Thailand are very intelligent, warm, sensual, giving, helpful. The Thai ladies can also be quite crafty, selfish, and dangerous. As they must be careful when meeting foreign men, the foreign men must also be careful. The culture is proud, it's a Kingdom, and you must respect that or leave. Any derogatory statements or actions towards this Monarchy can lead to a jail cell. They welcome us, we need to cherish that and give that respect back to them.     Enjoy all  Thailand has to offer, MP



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