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Thai Friendly, (The Best Dating Site in Thailand?)

Thai Friendly, with over 1 million members, it's one of the top two dating sites to find a Thai Friendly girl. In terms of the number of members online at any given time, it is arguably the most active.

Thai friendly brings together an great variety of women: There are young and bubbly “fun-time girls”, to the girls going to school looking for something casual but financial help, to the 30-somethings who'd like something more serious, and some 40+ women looking for romance and adventure. Thai friendly has them all and they want to meet you.

Thai friendly


Here's a great article on Traveling and meeting Thai Girls: 

Historically, Thai friendly has been considered more of a “hook-up” site, but this is slightly unfair and mostly attributed to its rather amateur appearance and broad range of members – and indeed some of the men who use the platform to seek out dates while in Thailand. Fair enough.

Here's  great educational video for hooking up in Thailand: 

But as you'll see later on, there are a number of success stories on Thai friendly reported from members who have dated and in many cases gone on to marry women from the site.

Whether that's your thing or not, relationships of all kinds do arise from this Thai dating site.

The average quality on ThaiFriendly isn’t very high.  To get the real stunners, you’ll have to be affluent and also speak Thai and meet them offline.  This isn’t to say that there aren’t attractive girls on here.  It would be very hard to put a score on the average quality but I’d say it’s somewhere in the middle of the road.  I prefer the Philippines or Indonesia for looks actually but that seems to be different for everyone.  Coming to Asia for girls is usually equally about the quality as it is the ease of landing a date or girlfriend.  

Thai Friendly

Thailand is one of the best places to get a date with an above average girl in the entire world if you’re a Westerner. Thai friendly brings together an great variety of women: There are young and bubbly “fun-time girls”, to the girls going to school looking for something casual but financial help,

to the 30-somethings who'd like something more serious, This is especially true if you use dating sites since they are really out to meet people like us.  The quality here if I HAD to put a number on it: 5 of 10.  The other top site in Thailand gets a 7 out of 10 though!

This article  compares Vietnamese girls to Thai Girls: 

 Fake Profiles on Thai Friendly?– Is it a Scam?

In short no, not on Thai friendly from our experience.  There are plenty of girls on here that will try to sell you real estate or try to recruit you to their singles meetup event.  There are also a few ladyboys and bargirls/escorts on the site.  Last but not least, there are some fake profiles where you know the owner of these profiles just has to be bored and craving attention.  The sheer size of the site makes it tougher for admins to police it but if we all do our part it will help each other out!  This should in no way stop you from signing up but our #1 site for this area will be FAR better.  The percentage of profiles that are fake and active is fairly low in general – just know that there’s a site out there that you won’t have to deal with as many scams.  You can usually tell what’s up pretty quickly though.  Anyways, what’s wrong with a bargirl every once in a while anyways?


Thai Friendly

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Thai Friendly Review – Pros & Cons

Thai Friendly has a no frills platform, as you’ll see from the interface. That makes it friendly to non-tech savvy users.

I totally get why the owners of Thai friendly have left this interface design as it is for so long and not really changed much: it's because it makes it accessible for all. There are women on here from all levels of educational background, and some may not be very good when it comes to navigating websites like this.

This video will help you use Thai Friendly:

I really enjoy the fact that there’s none of this ‘dating compatibility testing' that takes  a long time to fill out, and ends up matching you with unsuitable matches, anyway! I guess that can have its downside because you don't get as much information on a person as you'd like,

Sexy Chinese girls

 but at the same time, that would probably put a lot of the women off registering – Thais don't like to give away much personal information too quickly!

Thai review

 Is it Worth Joining Thai Friendly?

In a nutshell, yes. I have really enjoyed using Thai Friendly. Its easy going in so many ways.

The community of women on there are open to chatting and generally polite and friendly; I genuinely believe many women and guys are on there just to shoot the breeze and flirt a bit sometimes.

In a way that can be a bad thing, as it may suggest some members already have partners and are engaging in extra curricular activities, so to speak.

But that's life. You can soon suss that out if you move to deeper communication. If you're looking for a date when in Thailand, though, TF could be your best option.

Another great Thai Dating site is Thai Cupid, check out this review

I find that on average there is usually around 4,000 members online, but it depends on the time of day. Consider your time zone when logging on, and most Thai women could be asleep – at least the good girls anyway, hah!

One great plus point about Thai Friendly is that you can start sending emails immediately for free, without upgrading. We recommend Thai Friendly and welcome your feedback, 

                    Thanks, MP


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