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How to Tell if Your Girlfriend Is a Marriage Material

There’s a huge difference between serious relationships and just another romantic fling. You know, when you cannot actually understand if you are dating or being just friends with benefits. Of course, no one is able to calculate the depth of one’s feelings. However, we still can come up with some external indicators of how serious your partner’s intentions are. With the help of our Russian wives online who know literally everything about dating and relationships, we have gathered some of the sure signs that your current girlfriend is a marriage material.

She’s focused on your relationship

You might ask a totally understandable question: How should you know if a woman is focused on the relationship or not? It’s quite simple, in fact. The point is – she must have no plans B. Women (and men, likewise) often have those people that they keep as close as possible to start another relationship if the current one does not work out. It has nothing to do with cheating, well, maybe a bit of an emotional betrayal. It’s just the simplest way to ensure you are not going to be alone for a long time.

She talks about US

Listen closely to what she says and how she says it. IF “I am going/I will” formulas prevail in her speech – well, your partnership isn’t doing that well. If she often refers to herself as “we are going/we will” – she’s totally hooked and you are going to have a nice future together. This subliminal message means much more than you can imagine.

She sees her future with you

Once again, listen attentively to the way she talks about her plans. They might be super diverse and encompass such dissimilar intentions as having five children and spend a life trying to visit every country in the world. The point is – does she include you in her future? Does she want to do all that trivial and odd stuff together with you? That’s how it works.

She wants to have children

Well, you might immediately admit that modern couples often stick to a concept of a childfree family, and it’s true. However, post partnerships still want to have children and just a standard family. If a girl you are dating right now is into children and wants to raise one or two, she’s almost ready for marriage. But remember: Don’t ever force girls to have or not have a child. This kind of behavior won’t make her believe you are a marriage material.

She’s a great cohabitant

Living together is a great experiment that helps understand if you are designed to be together or not. Many couples feel totally okay about each other but eventually find themselves absolutely unhappy when they start to share an apartment. Yes, living together might be a specific occasion (especially after many years of being bachelors) but it demonstrates readiness to become a legal couple. In fact, those formalities are not that necessary.

The modern world lacks sincerity, and if you feel that marriage is just another useless challenge to prove your love, omit it and just do everything the way you want. In the end, it’s your life.

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