short man dating

Tall Women Dating Short men

Tall Women Dating Short Men 

     Just like in real life, your height matters online, tall women dating short men is happening all around you, short men dating need to have a plan. No matter what people say, the fact of the matter is height plays a role in all facets your life.

One huge common mistake that the height-deficient make is assuming that they’re rejected in advance. This pre-rejection theory quickly becomes either an excuse to not approach (thus guaranteeing that nothing happens) or colors the entire interaction (ditto).  They don't believe that tall women dating short men actually happens.

Approaching anyone, whether online or in person, with the attitude of “I know you don’t like me” is going to kill any potential attraction, no matter how awesome you may be otherwise. A shitty attitude, whether angry and aggressive or defeated and negative, will nuke any chance of sex or love faster than telling them that you eat live puppies.

Dating a Short Guy 

You have to look at it from her point of view also, dating a short guy is something she must accept. Tall women dating short men must talk with her friends which often dictates who she will date, so for a hot chick, dating a short guy is something the will talk about with her friends

The thing is, as with many other masculine insecurities, this is predominantly in our heads. At 5’8″, I’m short for an American Caucasian male.

Worse, I’m the shortest of all my friends who range from 5’10” on the short side, to 6’7″ on the tall side. But my height has only been as much of a problem as I’d let it be. 

Over the years, I’ve dated and slept with women of all heights, ranging from 5’1″ to six-foot tall amazons. Tall women dating short men there's trick, it's understanding how to make height less of an issue.

The Casanova Protocol will help you gt over the challenges and get with tall, beautiful women.

Ditch the Short Guy Attitude

One of the worst things that guys can do to themselves is to get defensive about being short.

 Look, I get it: you’ve been getting Oompa Loompa jokes since forever. You’ve been called midget, Tiny Tim, Grumpy and all the other names.

You watch women – even women who’re around your height– pass you by to date taller men. Society tends to equate height with masculinity and power; when you are lacking in one, you feel that people assume you’re lacking in the others as well.

 You’re understandably resentful about it. I completely sympathize with it. Tall women dating short men will be not happening with this attitude.

But you know what’s unattractive on everyone? Bitterness.

Short men dating online can be tough... Using The Tinder Template online self help online dating guide will help you in many ways.

Tall Women Dating Short Men
Short Man Dating

*Here's is an article on self-help books for men that can really be an asset:

Your height does not make or break you, only YOU make or break you. Your actions or lack of, lead to your success or lack of.

If you are tall, take advantage of your blessing.

If you are short,

don’t make any excuses. 

Analyze the market and find ways to achieve your goals no matter what. I know two 5’5” men that absolutely kill it dating online.

On average each of these ‘short’ men smash 2-3 new cute chicks each month strictly through online game.​

If done right, short men dating can do great.

Dating a Short Guy, Tall Women Dating Short Men

“Swipe left if you’re under 6 foot”

“Tall guys only!”

“I would date you, but you’re just too short.”

Almost all shorter men (around 5’9″ and below) have heard similar phrases, or seen them posted online. Statistics and scientific studies back up this information too: women do prefer taller guys.

Tall Women Dating Short Men Dating Obstacles

       **"I use the 'genetic superiority' excuse. I'm not one to date casually, so I figure that if my 5' self dates a short guy, and I were to have a son from said relationship, the poor child wouldn't have a chance.**

But in all honesty short guys tend to have over-the-top personalities. The Napoleon Complex is real." — Massiel Ortiz Espinal**

If you’re a short guy reading this article, then I don’t have to tell you that the odds are stacked against you.

Every short man can tell a story of the obstacles he’s faced in the dating game.

From being filtered out of searches online, being told he’s perfect, but not tall enough, to outright hostility from women who think short=inferior.

Tall Women Dating Short Men Online

Ok, so how do I minimize the effect of my height, therefore maximizing my online dating opportunities?

Well let’s think about this…what is the average height of a girl in North America?

I think the average height of a North American chick is about 5'3"-5'5" or somewhere around there.

However, when I scroll through profiles online, I see a vastly disproportionate amount of girls listed in the 5'7"-5'10" range.

 Short girls in the 5'0"-5'3" range seem to be especially rare online.

This leads me to estimate that the average girl height of online dating women is 5'6"-5'7" or the statistical equivalent of 6'0"-6'1" for men.

Here's a  video clip on dating taller women dating a short guy:

Tall Women dating short women

Here's an article from The Huffington Post about Tall women Dating Short Men:

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have been together for almost a year and a half and the couple have been engaged for about three months, which seems like enough time for Turner to get used to feeling like she’s in a “fishbowl,” as she once told Glamour. It is not enough time for some onlookers to get over a simple fact about this couple: At a reported 5’9,” the “Game of Thrones” star is taller than her 5’7″ DNCE fiancé...

So what gives? Why are there so many tall chicks dating online? My guess is that it is due to one or a combination of the following factors:

*Girls do not live in reality. Due to their ego, poor spatial perception, or whatever, girls are widely mistaken about their heights – For example: a girl at my office who’s no more than 5’3″ thought she was 5’5″

* The SWPL/hipster white girls who make up 80% of online dating women tend to be taller than the average woman.

* Girls are lying. They are not being honest about their heights, listing what they’d be in heels.

* Taller girls are pickier or unluckier in love and have to resort more to online dating.

* The human race is just getting taller with each passing generation, survival of the fittest and all.

But, I put my money on one of the above. The fact is that women do not live in reality. Typically, they legitimately have no idea how tall they are and in turn, how tall you are. Short men dating need to take all these into account.

As well, what one might conclude is that taller women have a harder time getting dates in real life and have a greater need to go online looking for love, dating a short guy.

If you think back to high school, who were the shy chicks, the “wallflowers” so to speak? If your high school was like mine it was usually the taller girls (minus athlete chicks).


The International Cupid dating site has helped many men, short and tall, meet beautiful women, click here to check it out.

As well, I believe there is a study somewhere that showed that women who are a few inches shorter than average height breed more — so that might play into it too.

center;”>Eliminating The Height Factor, Short Men Dating

Still, how do short men dating combat the fact that they are not a tall men? Getting women to understand that dating a short guy has it’s advantages

First, lie.

Seriously, just Lie. Online dating for short men is not easy. Remember when I said women do not live in reality and usually cannot even tell how tall you actually are…

Use this to your advantage and add 2 inches to your height on your online dating profile. These girls will NOT notice it or call you out on it.

  • Here’s another video clip showing girls response to the question about dating a short guy, would you date a shorter guy:

See, multiple women I met through online dating have commented about my height. They said I looked taller than my photos or that they were not expecting me to actually be close to the height I listed on my profile. I listed myself as 6’1” on my profile when without shoes I am 5’11” and maybe could pass for 6’ with shoes on.

Another way to skip the whole height debacle while still dating online is to use Tinder. Tinder does not force you to list your height. Therefore, height is a non-issue when securing numbers and dates using Tinder. This makes it an easy start for short men dating.

Short Men Dating, Actually Looking Taller

Ok, but what if I actually want to add a few inches?

That’s the easiest part. You have to wear shoes that add an inch or two. And no, not some crazy platform shoes that look like shit. Nope, just a nice pair of boots.

In order to add an inch or so to your height, you need to invest in a good pair of boots that go well with dark blue jeans. Then you simply wear them on every first date.

Here are a few pairs I’d recommend:

Mark Nason Fulton Boot

Florsheim Gaffney Boot


Here’s a link to some great boots to give you a LIFT:

Here are some great insoles for a little BOOST:


Lastly, if you are looking to squeeze every last drop out of your height I recommend looking into insoles. I started wearing these after an injury a while back. They are comfortable and add about a quarter inch to any pair of shoes. They are definitely worth a shot if you want to appear as tall as possible.Short men dating


Short Men Dating

Latin Amerian Cupid Awesome if you’re heading in that direction, or if you already are there, click here to try free.

This article is from Cosmo,

Explaining to girls why they should date shorter men. We are including this article here to show shorter men what points they might have as attributes that they can subtly point out in order to get a taller woman.

7 Reasons You Should Date Guys Who Are Shorter Than You

You’ll never look at short guys the same way again.


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