A Beginner’s Guide to Seducing Sweet Nicaraguan Girls

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*This is a small excerpt about Nicaraguan girls from my Central American travel guide for men. The last part of my Central American jaunt had me in the capital of Nicaragua, Managua. I rented a hotel room for the month, but schedule a few weekend side trips.

One of the best ways to meet these sexy girls is with Latin American Cupid, click here to check it out. So I was only in Managua for a total of 23 days – which was fine. The city itself is somewhat of a shithole. It’s not pretty by any stretch of the imagination and there’s really not any center to speak of. However, I enjoyed my time there.

You can really have fun with some Nicaraguan girls in Managua on the cheap. For some help feeling more at ease while hunting Latina hotties, use these great guides for help. Now most travelers completely skip Managua, as there is nothing touristy or backpacker-wise to do in the city. Again, it looks like a complete shithole. However, this presents a great opportunity for the aspiring playboy.

As Managua is low on gringos, you’ll have a high value in the city. This means you’ll find the Nicas take a liking to you quickly. A player’s heaven, if you know how to work it. Just be cautious – Nicaraguan girls are on average, less attractive than girls in Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

 The key to having fun in Nicaragua is to smash a few sixes while digging deeper until you find the beautiful Nicas. If you find them, Nicaraguan girls will come, as will you. Even though Managua is ugly and a bit boring, Nicaragua also offers numerous cities that are much better for backpacker activities.

 The country is full of beautiful mountains, volcanoes, beaches and colonial cities. Checking out the capital along with San Juan del Sur and Granada are musts for any man traveling through Nicaragua. Leon is great for volcano boarding and $0.40 beers, but the girls in Leon are finicky. 

What are Nicaraguan Girls like?

I’d be lying if I told you Nicaraguan girls are as attractive on average as the women in Panama or Ticas. Don’t even get me started on Dominican girls or Colombian women. However – you shouldn’t let this deter you from a trip to Nicaragua because you can find some absolute stunners in the capital.

Nicaraguan girls have somewhat of a native look. You’ll not want to have sex with the average Nica – I promise! Yet, we don’t travel to have sex with “average” women. Fuck that. You’re traveling to sleep with beautiful girls and every single country in the world has some beautiful women.

Nicaragua is no different. I’ve found Nicas with giant butts and amazing natural tits. The average girl in Nicaragua doesn’t possess either. To find these types of girls you’ll have to do some digging in Nicaragua. Spanish would be useful as well.

The good news about some of the hottest Nicaraguan girls in the country – they can be incredibly sweet and caring. I really enjoyed spending time with my two favorite Nica girls. They were two of the sweetest women I’ve ever spent time with.

Where to Find Nicaraguan Girls? Start with Latin American Cupid

As the average woman you see during the day in Nicaragua is simply not attractive, your best bet to meet a sweet Nica or three is by going out at night or through online dating. I met about half of my Nicaraguan girls online and the other half I met in nightclubs.

You can meet Nicas all over Nicaragua (clearly). Yet, you’ll find the best options in major cities. If you’re hoping to get laid while visiting Nicaragua – then I highly recommend sticking to Managua, Granada, and San Juan del Sur. One of these cities is head and shoulders above the rest for the playboy.

The Best City for Seducing Nicaraguan Girls

girls in Managua Managua is a great city for a man looking to rack up some notches on his belt while living on the cheap. While there are gorgeous girls in Managua, you really have to search to find them. I had a great time here and was able to find a couple of these gorgeous Nicaraguan girls.

I recommend men spend at least a week in Managua. However, I wouldn’t spend more than a couple months here. The sheer shittiness of the city can wear on you. You can alleviate this by taking side trips throughout Nicaragua during your stay in Managua.

Positives of Managua

You Are Exotic: There are not many foreigners in Managua. Occasionally, a backpacker will stay in a hostel for a few days, but would typically skip the capital and head to the beach or a colonial city. This means you have a lot of value here. The only issue is finding the hottest girls.

Once you find them, they will want you. Cheap: Managua is dirt cheap. You can get a good and filling meal for $2 at food stands or $3 - 4 at the food court in the mall. A nice meal in a restaurant ranges from $5 - 9.

A meal at the nicest restaurant in Managua cost me $18. A beer in bars like Chaman is less than a dollar. In the nicest nightlife district in the city, a beer is $2 and a mixed drink is $3 - 4. Hotels can be found for $20 - 30 a night in decent areas around the city.​

Fairly Safe: I never felt threatened in Managua and I walked all over around Metrocentro mall during the nights. I even walked 20 minutes to Chaman wasted one night chasing Nicaraguan girls and never felt nervous. 

I played basketball with the locals at the park and everyone was friendly as can be. Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America and for good reason. The people rarely resort to violence, gang life isn’t omnipresent and most are too poor to afford guns.

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Negatives of Managua

Quality: The women of Nicaragua aren’t on average exactly gorgeous, In fact, out of the 4 Central American countries, I visited they are at the bottom of the barrel in terms of looks. However, due to your exotic value you will be able to reach the upper tier here.

Just don’t expect to see a ton of stunners during your day-to-day activities. I found the women online to be on average more attractive than what I saw during the daytime. Day Game Opportunities: While I am not a big day gamer, you will not find many opportunities in Managua to day game as the average girl on the street is hideous.

Even girls working in the mall were not very impressive. If you prefer to day game, Nicaragua may not be a country for you. City Set Up: Lastly, Managua has no real center. This makes navigating the city somewhat of a pain. Everything is fairly spread out. While this can be negotiable due to cheap taxi fares, a city without a center is always lacking.

Where to Stay

Due to the sheer shitiness of Managua, your lodging options are limited. You'll want to stay near Metrocentro mall or Gallerias Santo Domingo. There really are no other good options. However, the area around the Metrocentro mall is filled with lodging options in all directions.

There are not tons of options available online apartment-wise. I would check Airbnb.com, Craigslist.com, and Encuerta24.com. However, don’t expect much. I didn’t find any apartments online that suited my needs in the locale I desired. However, due to Managua being so cheap you can find reasonably priced hotels in nice areas fairly easily.

There are three hotels around UCA and close to Metrocentro mall. These hotels offer a good start in your lodging search. Hotel Aloha, Hotel Casa Real, and Hotel El Almendro are all good options. Expect to pay $600 - 850 a month if you can negotiate a monthly rate.

Nightly rates at these spots range from $35 - 70. A taxi driver I met said he knew of a few hotels in good locations that were nice for around $15 - 18 a night. By nice, he meant in a safe area with air conditioning. I never looked into these claims, but I wouldn’t doubt it.

 The main hostel in the city, Managua Backpacker’s Inn is located in a good neighborhood. Reparto San Juan is one of the best-located neighborhoods in the whole city. It’s close to malls, nightlife and gyms. If you choose to rent an apartment, I suggest starting your search here.

 Day Game

Like I previously stated, there are not many day game opportunities in Managua. I am not a big day gamer, but I make approaches if I know I would regret not talking to a girl. This didn’t happen once during the day in Managua, apart from at the gym.

 If you want to try your hand at a day game here, I recommend hitting the nicest mall only, Gallerias Santo Domingo. The other malls simply do not have great quality. I visited Metrocentro every single day. Apart from the girls meeting me for dates,

 I only saw one girl I had to talk to in Metrocentro my whole time there. There were a few cute Nicaraguan girls working promos or in stores, but nothing too impressive. Outside of the malls, day gaming is limited because again, Managua really doesn’t have a city center. UCA is the best university to try your hand at, but sometimes the guards need to see a student ID to get in.

Tell them you need to go to the basketball courts or some shit and they should let you in. Remember to use broken Spanish and look confused. Once inside, you’ll want to stroll to the back. There’s a covered walkway where all students hang out. It’s also a great spot to run a dumb gringo game (aka act lost and smile a lot, bonus points if you’re blonde).

 Lastly, the main park in the city has a few day game options on occasion. Parque Luis Alfonso Velasquez Flores is the name, I believe. The park has 8-10 basketball courts, 10-12 soccer fields, and a few volleyball courts. It is packed with people in the afternoons and early evenings.

The park is guarded by armed security, so you’ll be safe here. The park is on the main street towards the lake about 10 minutes in a taxi from Metrocentro (a $2 - 3 USD taxi ride). Walk up and down the sidewalk in the park and chat up any cute Nicaraguan girls you see.

Just don’t escalate quickly. Be friendly and if she’s keen take her number. Chances are her family or boyfriend is somewhere in the park, so you’ll want to move quickly.

Night Game

I enjoyed the nightlife in Managua, but I limited myself to a few main spots.  You’re not going to find much variety in the city. After a few weeks going out hard, I’d put money on seeing Nicaraguan girls you’ve gotten with before every night you go out.

Still, for a shitty city like Managua – the nightlife is really good. Use our "Bachelors Guide to Central America" to help get around, CLICK HERE Like all Central American cities, there are bars, nightclubs, and discos all over the city. However, you’d do yourself some good to stay out of any that aren’t in nice areas. I had heard a club named Moods was fantastic.

However, when I got to Managua this club had been moved to a different location. Instead of being in Galerias Santo Domingo (the best nightlife district in the city), Moods was located in a somewhat ghetto area. It wasn’t considered any good when I began talking to the local Nicaraguan girls.

Apart from the four clubs listed below, there isn’t much in terms of nightlife for picking up girls in Managua. Zona Hippos features a bunch of bars, but they aren’t too big and are more of the bar & grill type of places. They get packed on weekends, but I wouldn’t waste my time there.

A chick brought me to an awesome late nightclub before we hooked up one night. I can’t remember the name, but it was close to Reparto San Juan and stayed open all night. We left Alta Bar at 3 and ended up at this place until around 5 in the morning.

Everyone in the club was dancing to deep house and chilling. Everyone was also getting stoned out of their minds. While I don’t like weed or the weed culture, the vibe of this place was spot on. If Nicaraguan girls invite you to check it out, do it! It’s not a place to meet Nicaraguan girls, but it’s awesome. Chaman: Chaman is a great spot.

I had a great time every single time I went. The beer and drinks are soooooo cheap. Cover ranges from $4 - 8 and it’s an extra $1 to get “VIP” access in Chaman. The “VIP” is worth it as you can go upstairs to get drinks. While beer is cheap, you can also get a bottle of decent rum for $18 with mixers. Alta Bar: This is the upper-class bar in Managua and it’s a different sort of place.

The bar/club is located in Galerias Santo Domingo where the legendary Moods used to be. However, Alta Bar hasn’t gained the same level of following as Moods once did. The bar is partially a lounge and partially a nightclub. You can visit the lounge for free, but there is an $8 - 10 cover to step foot into the club.

This is the highest cover I found in Managua. Yet, Alta Bar can be worth it. The club often has the hottest Nicaraguan girls in all of Managua. Wednesday is ladies night, but it’s not exactly jumping on Wednesdays. I’d only check it out on Friday and Saturday nights after midnight.

The set up is ideal for a player. It has a dance floor, upstairs lounge area and a number of nooks and crannies. If you find a girl who digs you at Alta Bar, you’ll have a pretty good chance of sneaking her away from her group to escalate and make out. Karaoke Bar: This bar is located in Galerias Santo Domingo on Level 2 of the Zona Vida. The bar fluctuates between a karaoke bar and a nightclub every hour.

One hour Nicaraguan girls dance and act like they’re in a club, the next hour everyone is taking turns singing karaoke. It’s pretty fun. Entry is free and you can find some people here on a Wednesday. On Fridays and Saturdays, it is often packed.

There’s not much of a dance floor or mingling area, so it’s best to get to the couch area with some friends and order a bottle. If alone (which I was a couple times here), you should post up at the main bar or check the outdoor smokers section.

This is the best spot to take a girl that wants to “go out” with you. It’s intimate, but still has the feel of a club. Karaoke Bar starts a bit earlier than Alta Bar. Many groups start their nights here and then venture to Alta Bar later.

The Reef: I never went in here as Karaoke Bar and Alta Bar kept me quite entertained during my nights out in the Zona Vida at Galerias Santo Domingo. I actually thought it was an extension of Karaoke Bar as The Reef is right across a little walkway from Karaoke Bar.

However, this place is always super packed during weekend nights. It’s more of a group spot, but guys with a good verbal game in Spanish could kill here. I always spotted a few cuties as I walked by. The indoor area seems better than the outdoor tables at The Reef, as it looked like there was a dance floor inside. It didn’t seem like there was a cover here.

Online Game

The online options in Managua are quite limited. However, the girls using online dating will meet up easily. These girls online are also often hotter than the ones you will see during the day by far. In Managua, you should use:

  • Tinder is another way to meet Nicaraguan girls, click here to get our Tinder Template
  • Latin American Cupid is a fabulous site to meet the Nicaraguan girls even before you get on a plane
  • OkCupid

They all worked well for me. I think Tinder is the best option in Managua for meeting Nicaraguan girls, but both Latin American Cupid and OkCupid will throw a few more prospects your way. I would advise all to avoid Badoo in Managua.

Luckily, I noticed this before ever meeting up with any chicks from Badoo there, but most of the good-looking “chicks” on Badoo in Managua are trannies. Just avoid it. There is no Plenty of Fish in Nicaragua. The site isn’t available in the country.

However, if you have the Plenty of Fish app on your phone then you can check the “Locals” feature on the app. Occasionally you’ll find a chick or two using the app on her phone. I recommend opening girls in Spanish if she doesn’t have any English in her profile. If she has English in her profile text, you can use whatever opener you normally would back in the Western World.

You can try to get Nicaraguan girls to come straight to your place from online dating sites, but I found the practice more hassle than it’s worth in Nicaragua. Instead, meet for a quick drink in walking distance to your place and then bounce her back.

I didn’t have a single Nicaraguan girls reject an invitation back to my hotel during my stay in Managua. P.S. If you’re on a short schedule (for example, a two-week vacation) in Managua and looking to date or hook up with some hot Nicas, (Nicaraguan girls) Latin American Cupid is a site you'll want to invest in.

 The combination of Tinder, night game, and LatinAmericanCupid will give you the best chance of meeting some sexy latinas. While you do have to put down some cash - Latin American Cupid will be worth it in Nicaragua.

Date Spots

As always, the best date spots for a man will be as close to his place as possible. For me, I ran 90% of my dates in the Zona Hippos area or at the lounge in the Real Intercontinental Managua. Zona Hippos: You really can’t go wrong grabbing a quick drink or two in pretty much any bar in the Zona Hippos district.

When you arrive in Managua, I suggest you take a walk through the district and find a bar or two that you like. Take as many Nicaraguan girls as possible to these bars. Beers are cheap and you should be lodging nearby. girls in NicaraguaNau Lounge: This is an upscale lounge inside the Real Intercontinental Hotel in Managua, which is right next door to the Metrocentro mall. The lounge is quite upscale, especially for Managua. Expect to pay for the luxury as well. However, you can grab pitchers of sangria for $17.

 One pitcher will ensure both you and your date are tipsy. Two pitchers will ensure you’re both wasted. Only take upper class girls here. A lower class Nicaraguan girl will feel out of place and uncomfortable. Alta Bar: If you live near Galerias Santo Domingo, I suggest taking your dates to Alta Bar on weeknights.

 Head towards the lounge area and have drinks. You can bounce her to Karaoke Bar during a weeknight if you need another venue before getting these Nicaraguan girls back to the crib.

Recommended Itinerary

Nicaragua is a country you could spend a significant amount of time in. While 2-4 weeks are sufficient for a quick backpacking trip, you could spend 2-3 months living in the capital on the cheap, and have a great time. 

Recommended Time in Each Place

Managua: One week to two months. If you’re backpacking around, I suggest you spend a week in Managua. I’d stay from a Thursday to the following one. Go out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Then run dates from your night game and online dating efforts during the week.

 You’ll get the flag. If you’re a location independent type, you can easily spend a month or two in Managua. Catch up on work during the day, and then head out at night. You’ll rack up some notches with Nicaraguan girls and save money.

San Juan del Sur: Five days to one month. You’d do yourself a disservice by not spending a decent chunk of time in San Juan while in Nicaragua. The worst thing you could do here is learn to surf, party a bit and live on the cheap. If you’re backpacking around, spend 5 days here. Make sure one of them is a Sunday.

You don’t want to miss Sunday Funday with some Nicaraguan girls. I spent a week here, but I could have easily stayed a month. The party, surf, and pricing can be somewhat addicting. Leon: Two days to one week. I’m not a huge fan of Leon, but volcano boarding makes the town a must to check out for at least a couple days.

The nightlife is marginal but incredibly cheap. Only stay a week if you’re taking Spanish lessons. However, I’d recommend taking those in Granada over Leon. Granada: Three days to one week. Granada deserves a little more time than Leon, but I wouldn’t stay too long.

Check out the nightlife and chill out in the colonial city during the day. Only stay a week if you’re taking cheap Spanish lessons for 20 or so hours. Isla de Ometepe: Two days to four days. If you’re backpacking around Nicaragua, take a couple days on Isla de Ometepe.

Enjoy the beauty of the volcanoes and nature, as you recharge your batteries after partying in San Juan, Granada or Managua. Location independent travelers may want to skip Isla de Ometepe.

If you enjoyed this post and are thinking of visiting Nicaragua soon - you need to check out my book, A Bachelor's Guide to Central America. Jam packed with all the information you need as a MAN to enjoy your time in the region, you can get your copy by clicking here.

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  1. We’ll I’m thinking about going Nicaraguan trying decided . I do like that is cheap and might be pert to take Spanish classes here. Went to Panama last year was cool but expensive coming from Texas. Looking

  2. You must be one ugly mother fucker. If you ugly you can get not girl and that’s any where in the world. I have met some of the most beautiful women in Nicaragua.

  3. Well, this was such a nice blog! BUT I wouldn’t say that about Managua… it’s true that it doesn’t have many beautiful places as in the other cities of Nicaragua, but there are many touristic places to go to! Maybe you should’ve tried to learn more of it. There’s even a cruise, you could hike Momotombo volcano, there are few beaches around and many other things! However, Managua has its beauty.

  4. Unlike the other CA countries the upper class is what emigrate from Nicaragua during the civil war of the 70’s and 80’s. The members of that upper class are in general less mixed with native. I think that exodus explains why in 2017 th girls and guys in Nicaragua are average in looks, with darker skin and shorter height. I am a Nica woman living in Canada and the Nicas I know here look very different from what you see in the streets of Managua.

  5. There are countless gorgeous women in Nicaragua, specially in the north central mountain region, also Granada, Leon, and San Juan del Sur… but the thing is… contrary to what your self-delusional ego would have you believe, you being “white” doesn’t make you special, sorry to burst your bubble.

    These beautiful women will not pay attention to some average looking or below-par “gringo” trying to live out their “player” dreams in the tropics Lol

    The reason you probs thought most girls are “native looking/ugly” (which is incredibly racist btw) is because that’s all you have access to with your unimpressive looks and class. Nicaragua is unfortunately very socially segmented and if you are some random foreigner (white or not) you would never get a second glance from middle and upper-class women, only poor girls trying to desperately climb their own social class would give you the time of day as they figure you may just be another “nobody” like them, but at least you look white which plays well into the upper class lifestyle.

    Nicaragua’s population is approx. 20% Caucasian (Spanish, French, German, Italian) overall, there’s also a large group 70% of Mestizo (mix of 3/4 Euro, 1/8 Native, and 1/8 Afro) people, one of the most beautiful and diverse group of people.



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