Successful Women (4 Tips On How To Date Them)

Tips for dating successful women

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When it comes to dating tips for successful women, direct and highly independent, you have to learn much more before asking her out as it can be rather difficult to date strong women, who don’t need saving, who knows exactly what she wants and what she deserves in the life. Remember the only thing, strong women don’t spend their life to find a man because her life is busy enough without one. But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t open to dating! Successful women aren’t against finding someone in her life, it’s not just the center of her world. And in most cases, that makes us annoyed! Of course, some more useful information you can learn from independent women quotes or different women’s blogs. But if you really want to know more about successful women in relationships, you should continue reading this post. Here you`ll find the most important things that you need to know when you’re dating powerful women. Depending on where you are on the globe, the Cupid Dating Site has proven to create great results for the men we work with here at MP. Click here to check it out, any region in the world. Here’s a link to an MP article on getting the phone number: Read The TInder Template for great insight on finding these Successful Women online, click here Successful women are commonly self-reliant women: Thus, don’t be surprised if she tries to control everything on your date, allow her to handle a situation on her own.   Successful women appreciate effective communication: Communication is the main thing for any relationship to function well and she understands this like nobody else. Don`t dance around when you talk to her, get straight to the point, successful women will appreciate that.   Successful women value creativity: She likes variety and has a bit of adventurous streak. She`s going to try new places and go on unique vacations. So dinner at the same restaurant every date won’t interest a strong woman for long, and if you`re a person who prefers to sit on the couch in front of the TV, she isn’t the right type of woman for you.   Successful women like to care of themselves:  She’ll love having you around, but she pampers herself when she feels like it, she doesn’t wait for somebody to make her feel special and she won’t wait around for you to do it.   Successful women need to be taken seriously: She wants you to take her seriously as she has invested all her life into making people acknowledge her ability to perform excellently wherever and whenever. If you undermine her or doubt her abilities, self-sufficient women regard this as an insult.   Successful women might accidentally offend you: Get ready for the unexpected. If she has a thought, she`s going to let it fly. Unfortunately, she won’t even notice that she has offended you. If you have an awful haircut and ask her how she finds it, she`ll tell you it`s horrible!  Strong women are simply honest, not mean. Here’s another MP article on the beginning stages of dating: The Tinder Template will be a great help as these busy successful women use online dating as it can save time, Click Here  Successful women know what they’re worth and know yours too: Firstly, she wants to be treated with respect and she adores people who have integrity. If you stand in her way, she won`t be afraid of getting rid of you. Powerful women are in control of their own life.   Successful women want to have a strong man around: If you’re in the relationship with an independent woman, you shouldn’t compliment her by being overly dependent. Her independence requires independence from you. So to date successful women, you have to be also successful!   Successful women need to spend some time alone: Don’t worry if she tells you she needs alone time. It means that she loves being with you, but not all the time and successful women really need some time to relax and recharge. Try to understand her. The Cupid Dating Site has proven to create great results for the men we work with here at MP. Click here to check it out, any region in the world.

Make Her Screem With Dekight

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Court Successful Women

Although you may see successful women as powerhouses, they’re still women and want to be treated as such. Whether you’re just trying to get a date when you’re pursuing successful women or you’ve been out a few times, don’t be afraid to offer her your jacket, hold a door or pick her up for a date. If you want to learn how to make her very happy in bed, get your copy of The Red Pill Orgasm, CLICK HERE. Pursuing a strong woman doesn’t have to be intimidating…powerful women are fully capable of doing these things for themselves, but everybody likes to be taken care of sometimes. She likely works in a hard-nosed, male-dominated and stressful workplace. So when you’re pursuing successful women take the opportunity to make them feel pretty and special. You’ve dated women before, you know what they want — just relax and have fun.

How To Pursue Powerful Women

Healthy women are fully capable of doing these things for themselves, but everybody likes to be taken care of sometimes. She likely works in a hard-nosed, male-dominated and stressful workplace. So when you’re pursuing successful women take the opportunity to make them feel pretty and special. You’ve dated women before, you know what they want — just relax and have fun.    

Respect her career

Strong women don’t get to where they are by being overly compromising about their careers. Her career matters to her, and if you make her choose between you or her career when pursuing powerful women, you may just lose. If you’re trying to win a date, show some interest in what she does. Listen and ask questions — this rule stands even if you’ve been dating for a while. Successful women spend a great deal of their time at work, so to know their career is, in large part, to know them. Don’t start whining or pouting about her working late. She will make time for you in her own way, and making her feel guilty about working late will put more stress on her, and the relationship you’re trying to build.

Don’t show intimidation

Even if you have no idea what to say when pursuing successful women, be cool. Not many people want to date somebody who’s afraid of them, and even fewer want to date somebody who lacks confidence. No matter how formidable she may seem, take the reigns and talk to her. Be sure of who you are and what you say. Speak your mind, be honest and engage her in great conversation about things that matter to you: books, movies, sports or even politics. Successful women don’t want to be seen as business moguls when they’re on dates; they want to be seen as attractive women.

Ok, Guys, I thought I’d include a list of 4 things that are said to create problems for these successful women when they are trying to date. We feel that knowing the problem from the other side sometimes helps us change our game plan to adjust, or recognize certain situations. Here’s a link to a great MP article about online dating: This is written by Dan Silverman, the Miami Matchmaker

The Top 4 Reasons Why Successful Women Fail at Dating

Have you noticed the trend that many successful women have a lot of trouble when it comes to finding a husband? Many try to enlist the help of a matchmaker to find them someone, but even then, they have trouble with the dates they are set up on. Financially successful women have it really good for themselves. They can pay their own way, they don’t depend or rely on anyone for financial support. They are smart, hard-working, and responsible and in my experience working with them, usually very physically attractive. So why do they have so much trouble with dating? They are low maintenance, self-supporting, and independent. On paper, it seems they’d be great for any guy. But alas, it always seems to be the successful woman that comes to me seeking dating help. After working with several dozens of successful women throughout my matchmaking and dating coaching career, I have discovered many patterns that cause their lack of success with dating, and no, they are not what you think. Here are a few of them: 1. Too Picky – I have found that although most single women are too picky, the vast majority of successful single women are far more picky than the average woman. Why shouldn’t they be? They have a laundry list of awesome traits that should make them have a line of suitors to their door. But they don’t. So with the combination of being too picky and having limited choices, it’s a recipe for perpetual singledom. I’m not saying that someone should go for someone they aren’t at all attracted to, but the notion that there is a perfect guy out there is completely wrong. Every man has their faults and weaknesses. What’s important is that the man who is courting you has good intentions and has faults that you can tolerate and accept. Being an inch shorter than you when you’re in heals, having a bald spot, or not being a wine drinker are not that important. Learn how to make her very happy in bed, get your copy of The Red Pill Orgasm, CLICK HERE.

Make Her Screem With Dekight

2. Bad Behavior Around Potential Suitors – Many professional women make the argument that men are insecure around a confident, independent woman and that men just want women they can control. They’ve been saying this to defend their bad behavior towards men in order to not take responsibility for their off-putting behavior. Please remember that I am not categorizing all professional women, but particularly the ones who defend themselves with the belief in this stereotype about men. In reality, the “strong personality” is in fact abrasive and offensive. Specific examples of off-putting dating behavior is how some of these women will obviously screen and question men like the police, order them around, or point out every flaw and mistake the man may make. While a dominant, take no crap persona can work wonders in a work environment, particularly jobs populated mostly by men, it almost never works attracting a mate. Most men aren’t looking for a boss or a new mother as their wife or girlfriend. They want a partner and someone they can respect who also respects them. So if you are guilty of this, learn to take it easy with men. Also, allow a man to be himself and don’t tell him what to do. Allow him to take charge and court you. Men need to do this or it ruins the courtship process for him. Would you want a man to boss you around and judge you all day too? I didn’t think so.


3. Immediately Screening Out Men Who Don’t Make as Much As You – Just because a man doesn’t make as much as you, doesn’t automatically make him a lazy bum. Guys aren’t intimidated of you because you make more, you just refuse to date them. If you are proud of your independence and have money already, why do you need a man to financially support you? Look for a good man who loves you for you, not a rich man. This goes for women who aren’t professionals as well. 4. Too Busy – Another irony is that many lonely professional women are single because they simply don’t make the time to meet men and date. Your work is very important, I agree, but your happiness is more important. You don’t need to have a man in your life to be happy, but at the very least you should enjoy your single life and date. Happiness isn’t all about your financial means, it’s also relationships, experiences, mental and physical health, and personal growth. Balance your life and make time for the other important parts of your life. You make enough money already, what’s a little less money each year for a whole lot more happiness? I don’t normally take on female matchmaking clients, but I do provide dating coaching. If you are interested, get in touch with me. Otherwise, go fill out my women’s matchmaking database. It’s free to join!

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