Striking the right balance between a personal and professional relationship

In our stressful modern lifestyles, there comes a time when are faced with the dilemma of trying to balance our personal and professional commitments. Because of the hectic professional lives we lead and the burden of work, there are times when one feels not being able to devote ample time to oneself let alone family or friends. This could lead to strained relationships not to mention negatively impacting your physical and mental well being.Nicholas Cage

Our modern lifestyles take a toll on personal relationships as well. Professionals who work in large metropolitan cities are rarely left with time on their hands to cultivate relationships. So the alternative for many is to opt for an online dating service. While this is a great help the fact is that you have to try and succeed in getting the right balance between your personal and professional commitments if you want healthier and happier relationships.

A few ways to go about it are as follows:

Step back and do a self-review: The very first step is to carefully identify which area of your life needs to be in better synchrony. Perhaps you are devoting way too much time to work while neglecting your personal commitments or vice-versa. The only way you will get things sorted out for the better, is if you sit down and do a careful self-review before you make the necessary changes to your lifestyle in a successful manner.

Get your priorities right:  This is the keystone to leading a well balanced life. You need to single out which areas are more important and which can be relegated effectively without being to your detriment.  And you need not share your priorities with anyone else, as it is more important that you get them sorted out in your own mind.  Follow your gut feeling and you are bound to know what areas need to be given more significance over others. Do not let other decide what your priorities are for you.

Get better organised and make schedules: The secret of all successful people is that they are well organised and maintain an effective schedule. While you enjoy your first cup of tea or coffee in the morning make a mental checklist of your personal and professional commitments for the day. And try to stick to it as much as possible. Over time you will realise it will help you to maintain the right balance needed and reduce stress levels considerably. It will help you to handle things in a more effective manner and not leave you in a muddle!

Learn to compartmentalize effectively: This may prove a bigger challenge than others but you need to compartmentalize your life in a very distinct manner. That means leave your professional worries behind when you are at home and vice-versa. While that may seem impossible initially, the fact is if you put this into practice with time you will notice that you are far happier and able to focus better on things at hand.

Learn to delegate: While we often hear this refrain often, the fact is that a large segment of people do not follow it. If you really want to lead a happier life stop trying to multi-task constantly and instead learn to delegate responsibilities, where possible. This is applicable both in your professional and personal life. Having people whom you trust share your workload will succeed in giving you more downtime.

Know when to say No: This is really an art form that you need to master to be successful in both spheres of your professional and personal life. In our desire to please other frequently we end up saying yes to things we actually do not want to do. This tends to strike an imbalance in our own life. So if you want to maintain the right balance, learn when to say no if necessary!

Take time out for yourself:  In the hustle and bustle of life learn to take out time for yourself. It could be as simple as keeping a few minutes aside to meditate or even taking a stroll in the park alone. After all you need to be content and happy with yourself first, if you want to give your best to other areas of your life.

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