Stay Fit this Year with an Awesome Training Routine

 Stay Fit this Year with an Awesome Training Routine

Stay Fit this Year with an Awesome Training Routine

Have you ever wondered how pro-athletes or even college athletes manage to stay fit and healthy all Awesome Training Routineyear long? Well, most of them train alongside fitness coaches who tailor workout regimens that help them maintain top fitness levels for the best performance.

Other than a training regime, you should follow a strict dieting schedule—eating nutrient-dense foods at the right times. Also, supplements and performance enhancers such as testosterone cypionate can be a good choice to ensure you train effectively.

The science behind designing training routines that bring out the best during specific seasons is known as periodization.  Awesome Training Routine, Take, for instance, professional soccer players: They exercise during the off-season before starting preseason in early July. They peak at the ultimate level of fitness when clubs are pushing for the title. Once the season is over, the players retire for vacation, where they do personal light training before going back to the regular routine.

Even though you may not be lining up on the grandest of stages to compete for a medal, you can still use the periodization technique to achieve your fitness targets. Coming up with a periodized scheduled isn’t that hard; all you need to do is change the tools you use for training. In a nutshell, you can maintain the same training regimen but use different gym equipment to avoid hitting a plateau.

Below is a straightforward and simple training routine. It is split into four sections of twelve weeks—the average amount of time your body needs to respond to training.

Awesome Training Routine

January – March, Awesome Training Routine

Overall Targets

  • Adopt a bodybuilding routine tailored for building and toning your muscles.
  • While you’re at it, prepare for spring/summer outdoor physical activities.
  • Incorporate exercises to boost your cardio health and endurance levels.

April – June

Overall Targets

  • Switch to high-volume training with average weights to maximize muscle tissue growth.
  • Start taking part in outdoor training activities.
  • Do not forget to do some conditioning to maintain your body muscle mass and power levels.

Awesome Training Routine


July – September

Overall Targets

During this time of year, you will get to enjoy the summer weather and the freedom of showing off your abs and well-toned muscles.

  • Your training routine should be aimed at muscle segregation and should be boosting fast muscle growth.
  • You should plan for at least two days of high-intensity training sessions per week, reserving light exercises and recovery for the rest of the week.
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the best form of exercise during this time of year. Nonetheless, you should avoid overtraining as it may lead to muscle injuries.

October – December

Overall Targets

This time of year can be equated to “off-season.” Similar to pro athletes, it is time for you to tone down on your training intensity. Most importantly, your exercising routine should be aimed at improving your stability and mobility.

Good luck with your Awesome Training Routine!!

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