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All of us have heard the abbreviation FKK, but very few people know what it means. FKK, the word abbreviation “freikörperkultur,” is the same for all German-speaking countries which literally translates as “free body culture” and is used to refer to nudism. Though this term may seem to apply to the seaside and beach only, it is quite applicable for most modern saunas as well. Apart from a standard set of facilities comprising a pool, bar, solarium, fkk saunas have also a room for privacy with a girl as well as a massage studio. All the details are intended for the maximum comfort of a client.

Initially, FKK sauna clubs were born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, under the name “Termas,” but later they have been transformed to the format they are now. The main advantage of fkk club Austria is that a customer can not only have a rest tasting his favorite drink or enjoying a professional and relaxing massage, but also spend time well with a beautiful girl. Since there are many women who men can talk to, a client is free to choose a girl estimating her when she is naked. In such a way, he can choose a partner who is interesting to him.

Although there are many establishments of this kind all over the world, FKK club in Austria has long been proven as one of the leaders. So tourists who prefer this kind of entertainment can get the maximum pleasure in Austria. Owing to the fact that there are many these types of saunas in the country, to choose the one that is close to you is not difficult. You can select a sauna where girls are completely naked, or where they go in a variety of outfits.

In particular, being known as a hygienically clean establishment with a quality service, beautiful girls and a special attention to a client, Wellcum has already occupied the leading position in this market. Although it has been recently opened, the establishment has already got an army of fans from every corner of the world. Wellcum is famous for its big territory, thematic events, tasty cuisine, and highly professional personnel. Multiple saunas, pools, a big garden, fashionable restaurant, comfortable massage rooms and, of course, gorgeous girls – all is at your service. It is no surprise that there you can rest not only with your body but with your soul.

So, planning your trip to Austria? Do not forget to explore Wellcum along with visiting the Vienna State Opera, the National Library, and the Hundertwasser House.

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