Do You Need Spanish In Peru For Dating?

Out of all the countries in Latin America (besides Brazil), Peru is the country where knowing Spanish matters the least for getting laid. This is due to the fact that, similar to the Philippines, there has always been a big emphasis in Peru on "whitening the race".

In the same way that learning Tagalog in the Philippines or Thai in Thailand will make little difference to your lay count, knowing Spanish in particular areas of Lima is not as important as physical characteristics such as height and white skin.

The Importance Of Spanish In Peru For Dating

But I don't want you to get the idea that knowing Spanish is useless in Peru, far from it. Here are a few instances where being able to speak Spanish for dating in Peru will help:

1. Expanding your Dating Pool

If you were looking for a wife or even long-term-girlfriend material in Peru, I would definitely learn Spanish. Trust me, after a week of digging through the garbage pit of gringo chasers found on Tinder in Lima, you will start looking for higher quality girls, and that's where Spanish is a must.

2. Running Dates and Closing

Not being willing to learn any Spanish in Peru will hurt you. Many of your dates will revolve around you and the girl teaching each other your mutual languages, so at least be interested in learning a few words of Spanish.

3. Off the Beaten Path

While knowing Spanish for dating isn't a big advantage in the gringo infested areas of Miraflores, if you venture outside of Lima then you definitely will need Spanish. Here are the two cities that most guys will visit in Peru and the value of knowing Spanish there:


peruvian bootySpanish knowledge would be an advantage in Lima if it were a good day game city. Unfortunately, there are very few good day game spots and very few approachable girls walking around. This leaves online and night game as the two best options for pulling in Lima – you can do well in both with aggressive dance floor approaches and Google translate.

On Tinder, you will see many girls with their profiles written in English. If they message your first, it will usually be in English. Tinder will have all the middle-upper class Peruvian girls, Badoo the lower-class girls and Latin American Cupid somewhere in the middle.

In areas such as Miraflores and Barranco, the majority of the girls will know some English. The only downside with Miraflores is that you will begin to see the same faces out every night. After a couple of weeks, you'll be itching to escape the backpackers and gringo groupies.


Spanish is no significant advantage for night game in Cusco as there are so many other foreigners out in the bars and clubs. If you want to cast your net wider and game some girls during the day in the old city, you will need to know Spanish.

Learn Spanish Resources

If you don't want to get deep into Spanish, and you just want to learn enough to communicate, approach, get numbers, run dates and get laid, Pickup Spanish is the best course. The course contains many resources for hacking Tinder and Latin American Cupid - they will be your staples for online game in Peru.

However, if you want to go deeper, I would recommend in-person classes.

Spanish Classes in Peru

The best way to go about finding a good Spanish class in Lima is to ask around at the many hostels around Miraflores and Parque Kennedy.

Beware, in any city where there is a massive influx of foreigners and backpackers, many questionable language schools will begin sprout up. These schools specialize in ripping off foreigners wanting to learn Spanish and often hire poorly qualified teachers.

If your only goal is to improve your Spanish level, find a local teacher and negotiate one-on-one classes. If you are traveling alone and want to meet new people, joining a class will help, but keep in mind that you'll be surrounded by the type of people you tried to escape from.

Peruvian Spanish

Peruvian Spanish is not as easy to understand as Colombian and Mexican (one characteristic of Peruvian Spanish is putting "pues" at the end of every sentence). However, it is significantly easier than the Caribbean accents found in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

Spanish In Peru For Dating

Knowing Spanish in Peru for dating is not the deal-breaker it can be in Colombia, Paraguay, Argentina, Cuba or the Dominican Republic. You can still rack up an impressive amount of notches knowing little more than "si, por favor". For those more ambitious and adventurous souls out there, however, knowing Spanish is essential if you want to explore other parts Peru or date the local dime pieces.

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