Singapore Sex, (Dating in Singapore) 3 Rules

The dating culture in Singapore has a unique way , and Singapore sex seems  like a low key subject. The Asian Cupid Dating site will help you greatly if you are there or going there, Click Here.  A good deal of the expectations and ideals here are not unlike the ones in a major USA city (pop culture and its depiction of dating , which is a big product in the US, probably has something to do with this). Singapore sex is something that you need to understand the rules of before you start being aggressive about it, 

like you can in other Asian countries, But there are a some points of great difference between dating ideals and expectations here (as they have shown up in my very experience and that of people I've interviewed, at least) and those in the USA.

tinder consultation

Tinder Consultations

For lack of a better word, the dating culture here is “not as relaxed” and so getting Singapore sex is not as relaxed. But let me be more specific:

Singapore Sex

 Until they find a partner,  live with their parents. This is a very unique culture, so Singapore sex is sometimes a slow process. Singapore is a small island; the supply of available housing is limited. Small inefficiencies  and one-bedroom  apartments are in the minority (to encourage multi -unit-building). And demand is high, with foreign funds constantly creating inflation pressure on prices. This is some of the most expensive in the world. Single Singaporeans, also, are not given government assisted living until they are 35. Most single Singaporeans, accordingly, live with their parents, inhibiting Singapore sex. As one might imagine, this has fairly wide consequences for single living in Singapore. The largest effect, there isn’t much of a quick date culture with the locals here (if you were a girl how could you get a man alone if you lived in a small house with your parents). But there are less obvious consequences too. If you live with your parents, you have to deal with there day to day activities.

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PDA is a NO-No when looking for Singapore Sex

Touching in public is not well accepted here. A small island, Singapore is, again, gossiping family members are everywhere. You can get in trouble with the authorities for access affections in public. Couples are rarely found touching each other over affectionately.

Man and female roles are largely old fashioned by USA means Men are expected to initiate many or most interactions. Men  pay for everything as this is the culture. You can be disapproved of quickly if you don't follow these rules.  This can greatly reduce your chance for Singapore sex. Aggressive women can create confusion and embarrassment as men don't understand that they are actually being hit on. Going Dutch on dates will leave you lonely. Younger Singaporeans  who have lived abroad or who have spent a lot of time with foreigners (at, e.g., international schools) have come to realize that in many places women have taken on more control and also can be the aggressor.

When a couple in public hold hands, it is the woman who has their hand on top, this seems a mans roll in the USA, not a huge deal, but wanted to point that out.

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Even with 5.3 million people, Singapore can feel quite small at times. It is not odd to take an MRT ride to the other side of the island and on that ride to see people you recognize. If you want to keep your dating life discrete, you’d need to  be careful about what you’re seen doing in public (and with whom).

With a  ban on touching in public, you need to be careful if you are an affectionate person visiting the area. You never know who might be taking a picture of you for STOMP or who might show your boss.

Singapore Sex with no Booze to loosen things up?!?!

Dating without alcohol ? Oh, no, no social Lubricant. Having Singapore sex without the aid of this social lubricant, Hmmm? Despite Singapore’s liberal alcohol policies (there are virtually no open container laws, and booze is widely available, though expensive), many people who live here (especially those who are from China) don’t drink at all. Of course, dates lack one of the usual sources of social lubrication, and therefore, Singapore sex. Those sprawling and booze-fueled Cupid first dates that creep into the early morning (common enough in, say, NYC) simply are not a fixture here. It can take time to get in a girls pants here, if you're going for a decent girl.

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You're not supposed to use Online Dating?

Online dating is looked down on. The Asian Cupid dating site WORKS, and it will help you get some Singapore sex, and it sees tens of thousands of Singaporeans looking for love, or just Singapore sex. They are at least mildly embarrassed to be on there.  You can seem desperate to use online dating(or something like that). Even though everyone is doing it, it can be a topic not talked about often.

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The Global Seducer wrote:

3 Stereotypes of Singaporean Girls that are (Kind of) True

International Cupid Dating Site is Fabulous, it gives you so many options and you can talk to girls before you go.

I would love to say that none of what they say about Singaporean women is true. But I can’t.

Not because I don’t want to but because one of my best female friends is Singaporean.

Whenever she visits me in Thailand, she wants to go to someplace that’s stylish and hip. She would rather die than go to any other café than Starbucks.

Of course, not all Singaporean girls are like that. But some of them are. And even though she’s stunning, I would never date a girl like her.

Here’s why…

tinder consultation
Tinder Consultations

1. Hot Singaporean Women are Not into Self-Improvement

My girlfriend is Thai and one of the things I love the most about her is her hunger for knowledge. She loves to read, to watch documentaries and to improve her English skills. She takes an effort to become a better person.

I know that it’s not easy to find such a girlfriend, no matter where you are searching. But no matter where you live, it’s ten times harder in Singapore.

These girls don’t even know how to spell self-improvement. And it’s their parents fault.

Approximately 74% of the people who live in this country are Chinese. They have the most beautiful daughters and their daughters are more open to dating Western men than the Malays and Indians. They also have the most money.


Getting Laid In Singapore, this book will help:

In other words, your future Singaporean girlfriend is…

  • Beautiful
  • Rich
  • Into you

Can it get any better?

Well, there’s a snag to it.



She grew up rich and she has everything and her parents give her everything she wants. All she has to do is to snap with her cute little finger.

How can you get some Singapore sex witha girl like this

So, why should she get off her ass and improve herself?

The Singaporean girl I’m friends with would rather spend $1000 on a nose job than $5 on a book.Singapore Sex

Singapore Girls2.. Your Singaporean Girlfriend is Beautiful and Materialistic

Singapore is one of the three richest countries in Asia.

Some of the older Chinese immigrants know what “we made it from the bottom now we here” really means. These people are, unlike their spoilt grandchildren, hard workers who were proud to give their children everything they never had.

What’s the result of this mentality?

Young Singaporean women are more materialistic than Kim Kardashian.

Okay, not all of them. There are a lot of sweet girls who are sick and tired of their superficial culture. They are looking for men who are not materialistic. Some of them are rich, others are not so wealthy.

I hope you can find a girl like this to have Singapore sex with.

Enter your text here...

I chatted with dozens of them.

Even though your future Singaporean girlfriend can be materialistic, the hot Singaporean girls I chatted with wanted to go on a date with a minimalist.

3. Rich Singaporean Girls are Still Feminine

What comes to your mind when you hear “career woman”?

You probably think of a woman who looks like her…

western career woman

When I hear this expression, I think about a woman who….

  • Walks like a man
  • Talks like a man
  • Looks like a man

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It can really help you get some Singapore sex.

I think of a woman who has lost touch with her femininity.

Singaporean women are different.

Most of them are very career-oriented. They earn twice as much as the average career woman in the USA, but they are 100 times more feminine.

No matter if the girl you meet is a secretary, a manager, or a CEO of a big company, she’s also proud to be a woman. Earning more than $100.000 a year doesn’t stop her from looking like this…

singaporean career woman

The Brutal Truth about the Singaporean Dating Culture

Dating in Singapore is not hard, but it’s harder than in other parts of South East Asia.

The women don’t need your money. They don’t need to get married. They can provide for themselves. And yet, Singaporean dating sites have thousands of female members.

Isn’t it strange that in a culture that is so focused on material gain, so many girls are looking for love and affection?

Their culture made them successful, but it won’t help them to find love.

The Singaporean dating culture is the reason why thousands of hot Singaporean women are looking for a man online.

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You Don’t Need to Be a Sugar Daddy to Date in Singapore

Singapore is an expensive place and a lot of the girls are materialistic. But that doesn’t mean that they expect you to buy them stuff. They have enough money to buy the designer knick-knack they want.They don’t need a sugar daddy.

And yet, the local men try to buy their attention, affection and love.

singaporean men

That’s the Singaporean way of courting a lady. Buy her stuff and she will sleep with you. There’s just one problem. It doesn’t work, at least not with all girls. Not with the kind of girls you and I wantto date.

Do you want to know the secret to dating success in Singapore?

Do the opposite.

I’ll show you how in just a few minutes.

Not All Asian Girls in Singapore are Singaporean

You are looking for girls in a multiethnic country.

No matter if you look for them on an international dating site or at one of the places that I’m going to share with you later, she might not be Singaporean. You can find all kinds of girls in the financial hub of Asia.

You can find…

The Asian Cupid Dating Site works great here, Click to check it out.

Just because you booked a hotel in Singapore doesn’t mean that you have to spend your nights with a local girl. The choice is yours.

Interracial Dating in Singapore Is Only an Issue If You Are Black

I don’t want to sound racist. I just want to tell you the truth.

The truth is that most Singaporean women would not date a black man.

Some of the Malays or Indians might, but when it comes to Chinese girls, most of them won’t. It’s not because they aren’t attracted to black men. I’m sure that some of them are. They just know that their traditional Chinese parents wouldn’t accept such a relationship.

Remember that these girls grew up in an extremely superficial culture. It’s all about showing status and status has many faces.

    • It can be the car you drive.
    • It can be the apartment you live in.
    • It can be the person you date.

Click Here to view a great group of books on getting laid and the sex industry in Singapore and other Asian countries. And according to my beautiful Singaporean friend and Forbes Magazine, the highest status in this country is white skin…

Here's an article on Hong Kong Girls: 

Singaporean Women are Seeking White Men

I have good news for you, at least if you are a Caucasian man.

Singaporean women love you!

All over the internet people ask themselves the following question:

Singaporean women love white men

Well, it’s a simple question but there’s no simple answer. I mean, it’s no secret that white men are sought-after all over Asia, Mostly because Asians are obsessed with fair skin.

But there’s more to it.

According to my friend and various Singaporean girls on the internet, there are plenty of reasons why they prefer dating white men:

  • They are more confident.
  • They flirt and don’t just show their black credit card (like many Singaporean guys).
  • They are more romantic.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe that this is true. Singaporean girls believe it. And they will continue to seek white men.

Where to Meet Girls in Singapore

But where do you meet all these Singaporean girls who are looking for a guy like you?

You have two choices:

1) Get off your couch and to the airport

2) stay on your coach and go online

Unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars on an airplane ticket and an overpriced hotel room, you should choose the second option.

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