Seven Traits Women Really Appreciate in Men

Hey all this is a guest post from my buddy Vlad! Read on and enjoy his take on what the traits women appreciate in men

We all look for love. Well, the vast majority of us does (in some way or another. However, even if you are trying to convince everyone around that you are just seeking “your” person, like the one who would match you and become your soulmate, nobody’s going to believe you. Everyone has their own surreptitious or obvious favorites when it comes to characters and features other people possess (especially dates!). Of course, we cannot claim that our list is sufficient – it would be a lie. However, our team in a collaboration with Russian Brides Bay have done our best to gather merits that women really appreciate in men. Keep on reading to become a ladies man!

1. Respect

In the world of men’s supremacy and patriarchal traditions, women sometimes feel under appreciated and taken for granted. Even though the Western world has been remarkably affected by the sexual revolution and is now seemingly emancipated, girls still do not manage to win equal rights (which is, nevertheless, is a misconception at times). Girls don’t look for providers and moneybags. What they really need in relationships is respect. Take the time to listen to them – don’d do all the talking. That’s how to NOT get a second date. Instead listen and understand them. Make lots of eye contact and they’ll appreciate it.

2. Sharp mind

Intelligence and wisdom are much less frequent than you assume. People often use bravado and impressions instead of just being smart. A brainy man is not the one who knows many facts and information; a truly intelligent man is the one who knows how to implement the knowledge and take advantage of it. Your ability to keep the conversation going means much more than you imagine. As well, intellect somewhat determines your life success.

3. Humor

Being blessed with humorous attitude stems from your intelligence. You see, only a smart man can be ironic about himself and the entire world. We are not talking about sarcastic misanthropes who always try to make fun of everything just because of their severe lack of self-confidence. A humorous attitude makes you a better person in general, while in particular your jokes and punchlines amuse girls and comfort them.

4. Transparent intentions

In the modern world, we communicate with a much wider range of people. In fact, it’s not always obvious why we want to make friends or just hang out with them. Same here – women don’t always understand what you incline them to and what kind of relationships (or whatever) you want to initiate. Your sincerity about the aims you pursue makes women relaxed. In the end, you both might be interested in a weeklong fling – and it’s totally fine if both of us are on the same page about it.

5. Manliness

There’s a stereotypical way of thinking about manliness – it has something to do with roughness, emotional constraint, sturdiness, and so on – while the real manliness comes when you pay attention to your beloved ones, focus your efforts on success, and pay respect to everyone who deserves it.

6. Freethinking attitude

When it comes to attractive people, you may think of one thing that really distinguishes them – they are not limited by any stereotypes or dysfunctional concepts. You must always be ready to indicate your issues and work on them and never focus on implanting your ideas and rules without discussing them.

7. Cheerfulness

Why do men like to be sullen all the time? Is it, once again, something about social stereotypes? Cheerfulness and kindness make your extremely attractive. The great majority of women won’t ever fall for perpetually depressed and unenthusiastic guys because women know that such persons can make their life a living hell. Smile more, create an aura of positivity around you! 


Most people DON’T have all of these traits – it’s hard to be perfect (or at least close to it). However, it’s good to be aware of these so that you can gradually improve yourself. The best approach is to just work on one at at time. Lacking focus could be bad and probably won’t help so just make sure you work on gradual improvement you’ll be sure to build up these traits and look like a quality man!

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