How to Seduce Hot Thai Girls Without Paying

 This guest post about Thai girls is by El Conquistador.

Now, while Masculine Profiles usually drags me out of my cave in Latin America to ask me to write about big bootied Latinas, my first trip overseas searching for the "pussy paradise" was not to Latin America - it to was to Thailand where I fell in love with ​Thai Cupid dating site (you can read a review about it here). So I'm back to give you guys an insight into sexy Thai Girls and getting laid in the "Land Of The Smiles".

cute thai girlThe smiles are legit. In over seven years of traveling the world, the two friendliest nationalities are, in my opinion, Mexican and Thai. The ordinary people are great, but those in control of the country are a bunch of idiots. The Thai government collapses every couple of years, and the country is always in political turmoil.

In fact, when I was there, in between watching terrible Thai soap operas on the TV, I saw political leaders being shot on the news and I got out while the going was good. I also remember the early curfew enforced (because of the political strife) that put a hold on my drinking and banging for a few weeks.

Despite all this, Thailand is well suited for tourists. So id the Thai Cupid dating site. So it’s an easier first trip for a newbie than Latin America. You'll find lots to do, from training in Thai Boxing/Muay Thai (check out Fairtex Gym in Pattaya) to eating Thai food on the street.

Speaking of which, Thai food is never fantastic, but never terrible. The food is never "wow" but better than most countries - Thai girls are similar, as I'll explain in this post.

Danger And Play in Thailand

Overall, Thailand is very safe (unless you're a political leader). I had one friend jumped by five guys while riding his motorbike through the rain in Bangkok but that was an exception. Violent crime is virtually non-existent, and the worst that will happen is a taxi driver or a restaurant owner swindling you out of an extra $10. Overcharging you for being a "farang" (foreigner) will happen and don't get in a huff when it does. Remember that the average salary is $180 a month. Take the same precautions as you do in other countries and you will be okay. Asian Dating is another highly recommended online dating site.

The lifestyle in Bangkok is FUN and crazy but beware because it can wear you out. The idea of a "sober, quiet night" doesn't exist in Bangkok. There will be lots of booze, sex and late nights but that can have a detrimental effect on your health so make sure you limit the alcohol, always wrap up, get some good supplements and keep up the gym habit.

Where To Go In Thailand

If this is your first trip to Thailand then Bangkok is the best place: Yes it's overplayed, but you can't go wrong drinking gin and tonics on the street at 1 am every night. To make it easy on yourself, use the Thai Cupid dating site.

sexy thai womanThe islands in the south of the country like Koh Tao or Koh Samui are full of expats, location independent workers, and backpackers. This can be good if you want to target backpacker girls, or hang out with other travelers at some of the most fabulous beaches anywhere, but not good if you want Thai girls. Having said that, you can find some super hot backpacker girls on these islands. If you're missing the girls from back home (or the tits and ass in my case), you can find what you like.

Here are some other places I've visited in Thailand:

  • Pattaya: sex tourism capital. I would avoid it.
  • Chang Mai (in the North): A bit like the islands but with more Thai people and more modern. More chill than Bangkok.
  • Phuket: Great for extreme sports and outdoor types but it gets super hot there so be prepared to sweat.

Foreign Men & Thai Girls

Thailand has way more of a "white god factor" than the Latin countries that Masculine Profiles usually writes about, and many guys get addicted to feeling like a celebrity for the first time in their life. You will get lots of smiles, eye contact, and girls sending their friends over to tell you that that her friend likes you. When you first arrive, all these beautiful Thai women will jump on you, so don't go for the first one you like: take your time and look at the whole menu before tasting it.

Next to white skin, height is a big a big advantage too. I remember a bunch of teenagers getting their tallest Thai friend to stand along side me and take pictures; I'm less than 6 foot, and he was about 6-1.

Be Wary Of What Appears Easy

thick thai girlBut don't think getting laid with Thai women is all about being a foreigner and turning up. The Thai Cupid dating site will make your seeking easyThere are many nuances that you have to be aware of if you want to get great results and avoid frustration. You can get laid in Thailand no problem, you don't need to read this article, but there are many mistakes and missteps along the way that I guarantee you will make.

If you are not an experienced international playboy with many notches under your belt, then these girls will play you, and they will win. The aim of this article is to prepare you. Whatever you do, don't be one of those pathetic guys who pays a girl to be his girlfriend and spend the night with him. If you are, please stop reading Masculine Profiles and take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror.

Personalities Of Thai Girls

Like the majority of Thai people, the girls are kind, positive and generous. You can meet many of these girls on the AsianDating website. Thai women are very nurturing and just like a dog, as long as you take care of her physical needs, she will be devoted to you. If you are used to the ruthless dating game in the West - you are in for a treat. Thai girls can be GREAT girlfriends...if you find the right one.

While girls in the West see you as somebody they are dating, Thai women see you as a life partner and a part of their family; this is so endearing and alluring that no wonder so many men fall hard.

In contrast to Latinas, who will bang a foreigner, but date and marry a local guy, girls in Thailand want to date and marry a foreign man. Trust me, she will move the relationship forward very quickly so set expectations accordingly (more about this in the “dating a Thai girl” section).

What Are Thai Women Like Physically?

If you are a fan of tits and ass, you will be disappointed. You're better off sticking to Dominican girls, Brazilian women or Colombianas. However, if you like thin and petite, then you will be a jubilant man. It is tough to find a fat, or even thick Thai person. If you do find one, I'll bet my bottom baht he/she is from a wealthy family and westernized. These girls on the AsianDating website, and looking to meet foreign men.

stunning girl in thailandRegarding skin tone, Thai girls are usually darker than Chinese and Japanese girls. They are similar in color to Filipinas, but are a little less sexy.

What sticks in my memory most about sex with Thai girls is that they are docile and submit very easily to a masculine man. ThaiFriendly is awesome for meeting hot Thai Chicks. Use AThis is good if you are tired of head games and you don't want to fight LMR (last minute resistance), but you won't have the same passionate sex that will have with a Latina. I do like watching those innocent eyes and expressive faces they make while they are taking pipe, though.

Is There A Language Barrier?

Thai girls below the age of 25 will have learnt English in school but they will not be fluent so keep your calls and texts super basic. I often assess a Thai woman's suitability as a girlfriend by finding out how much English she knows. If she only knows words like, "fuck," "sexy," or "handsome" then run a mile because you have a Thai bar girl on your hands.

99% of foreign guys don't even bother studying Thai so knowing a few words can help you stand out. It's worth the 10 hours or so that it will take you to learn a few basic words and phrases.

Online Game In Thailand

Bank robber Willie Sutton was once asked why he robbed banks, "because that’s where the money is," he said.

Well, you should use online dating sites in Thailand because that is where the girls are. These girls on the AsianDating website, and looking to meet foreign men. Thai people love sharing and connecting on the Internet and most importantly, Thai girls love online dating. Thai Cupid dating site is a must while here. While on dating sites in the Anglosphere, it is the men who have to make the first move and the girls get bombarded with messages from guys, in Thailand the girls will message you first. It’s not uncommon for your inbox to be full with unsolicited messages from Thai girls just a couple of days after you signed up to the site.

You should definitely be swiping on Tinder when you get to Thailand. Pay for Tinder Plus. But watch out, Tinder game varies throughout the world. If you want to know how to tweak your Tinder game when you go abroad, I would check out, The Tinder Template - to ensure you have some girls from Tinder in Thailand ready to meet you when you land.

The best-paid site is (by far) Thai Cupid. For the price of one night out in Bangkok, you can have two dates lined up every day for a month solid. For efficiency and value for money - you can’t beat it. Thai Cupid is a must for men on a short trip (one week to one month) through the Thailand hoping to seduce a few women in Thailand.

Here are a couple of other sites I had good results using:

Quick tip: get her off Thai Cupid or Tinder and on to Line soon as possible because the longer you are on there, the more she will think of you as just like all the other guys sending her messages. Yes, I said "Line" not "Whatsapp" - that is what they all use to send their smiley faced emoticons.

Day Game In Thailand 

I recommend day game in Thailand because night venues can be full of pros and dating sites can have scammers messaging you.  ThaiFriendly is awesome for meeting hot Thai Chicks. Finding spots around the colleges is ideal and "do you speak English?" should be your default opener.

fairly cute thai womanIndirect works better than a direct style because Asians are more reserved and many of these girls will be shy to speak to a handsome foreigner like you in the street. I know guys who discreetly hand out business cards to make the girls feel less uncomfortable.

Night Game In Thailand

The name of the game here is avoiding the pros. Lots of foreign guys with no game fall for these girls. If you are reading this site, you're already too smart for that.

Here are few tips that will help you avoid being disappointed after you pull a girl back to your place and she tells you to pay:

  • Be very wary of girls in bars that has lots of foreigners
  • If a girl approaches you, be very wary. You want to approach the shy girl making eye contact with you
  • Be wary of the girls in Soi Cowboy in Bangkok and on Walking Street in Pattaya. If she works in a bar or goes out many nights a week - that's a big red flag.

All that said, not all girls in bars are hookers looking for sponsors so don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The Best Date Routine For Thai Women

Firstly, keep the date cheap and basic. Confirm that she is not brining anybody else or you will get a nasty surprise when she shows up with friends and cousins.

Once you've built up enough rapport, tell her that you want to show her your Instagram/Facebook/Family but you don't have Internet on your phone. You have to lead; she does not know where you are going, what you will do and what the plan is. It is all down to you. Once you get her back to your place, it won't be difficult to get the bang.

Lastly, wait until you get back to her place to go in for the kiss as PDA's are not common in Thailand.

My General Game Tips For Thailand

My golden rule for getting laid with quality women in Thailand is "don't be like all the other idiots out there". Do this: Watch what all the foreign guys do, then do the opposite. If they wear baseball caps and shorts, you dress in a nice shirt and shoes. If they get blind drunk, you stay sober. If they pay for drinks, you don't. If they grope girls, you keep your hands to yourself. If they are loud, you are shy, and so on. I've found this to work really well and it has gotten me quite a number of hot Thai girls. ThaiFriendly is awesome for meeting hot Thai Chicks.

boobs thai girlMost foreign guys in Thailand are fat, loud, rude, poorly dressed and have no game. If you do the opposite, you'll get laid more and spend less. Act well, dress well. You'll stand out a mile because you are so different.

Once you get the sense that she is attracted to you - be direct. I don't mean direct in terms of game so much but rather in your language. Ask yourself: Am I playing word games, flirting, using doubleentedres, hiding my intentions behind clever puns and giving multiple meanings? If so, stop. Simplify your language. This is not so much because of Thai girls’ English level but because of the girls' personalities and Asian culture. They like like men who take charge and direct. Don't forget, ThaiFriendly is awesome for meeting hot Thai Chicks.

Beware The Craziness

It just wouldn't be Bangkok without some crazy shit going down so here are a few things for you to watch out for:

  1. Lady boys. They can be tough to spot and I've fallen for that trap myself...but that's the subject of a whole other article.
  2. Bar girls (prostitutes) are easier to spot but lots of guys fall into the trap, especially if they have no game and are drunk.
  3. The semi pros are notoriously tricky to figure out: Look at her skin tone, how she dresses, her English level and go with your gut.
  4. Listen out for the "sick grandmother". Many Thai girls you meet online and in bars will try to get money from you by giving you some sob story. I had a girl tell me all 3 of her kids had asthma and she needed money. Harden your heart and don't fall for these ploys.
  5. When you bring a girl back to your place, be careful with your stuff. Be smart about where you leave your laptop, phone, wallet, etc.
  6. Be ready for drama to go down once you get a girl back to your place. I had a friend who caught a girl texting other foreigners so he told her to get out - cue lots of kicking and screaming. Make friends with the doorman at your place.

Last Tip For Thailand

You will get some judgment (in the US and Europe) if you tell friends and family that you are going to Thailand. This is because of the prevalence of sex tourism but remember that western girls are fearful because, despite all their hamstering, they know that deep down, men prefer a girl who is thin, sweet, caring and polite.

Just make up a good reason for visiting Thailand - snorkeling, Muay Thai, etc. Alternatively, you can make China or Japan your main destination and hop off to Thailand, as the flights are fairly cheap.

If some fat, bitter white girl hits you with: "those hot Thai girls just like you for your money," just hit her right back: "so they're just like American girls then".

Un abrazo,
El Conquistador

P.S.: If you're looking to hook up or date a girl in Thailand or three, like I previously stated, Thai Cupid will keep your scheduled filled. This is particularly the case if you only have a week or two in the country and just want an easy way to meet some cute Thai women. The site costs a few bucks, but it's worth it.

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  1. El Conquistador, good info on dating in Thailand. How long were you in Thailand for? Where did you stay in Bangkok?

  2. Bullshit. Hookup in Thailand is hard as fuck, especially if you are not white. The country is packed of tourists who mostly come with couples and that Thai kindness is bullshit. If you want to hookup go somewhere else bro

  3. I love Thailand and Thai chicks HOTT as hell
    The guy is talking sense.
    Do t be a “bad lad”
    Be smart and you’ll get your Tart!
    Okay it rite then get the whole lot.
    I have I sorted so well now that I have marriage offers. Video calls are recommended. As all other profiles they can be a bit different to photos but don’t we all.
    I have had women on phone having sex. Yep it’s well HOTT. Lol
    Her phone was soaked. It cut out while she came!!!
    But I am 6’3” Latin looks and a ex player.

    Have fun xx

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